Why I Would Like To Choose Mr Austin Okere As My Business Idol.

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Topic: Why I Would Like To Choose Mr Austin Okere As My Business Idol.
By: Umeodinka Amanda

Those called to greatness in life are first subjected to the crucible of preparation and through seeming disappointments, they chart a new course for others to follow. Our World is punctuated with people who refuse to stay down when beaten down, but rather make lemonades with the lemons life serves them.

I found someone in the business world, a self-motivated gem, a beam of hope and a source of great inspiration to the society, a gem in the business world and Technology industry; Mr Austin Okere, Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, CWG plc and Entrepreneur in Residence, Columbia Business School, New York. He is one of the leading lights in the Nigerian Technology Industry also Ausso Leadership Academy, a leading executive training institute based in Lagos.

A rare characteristic that made me idolize Austin Okere, is his blatant refusal to drown in the ocean of self pity after his fair share of disappointments. During his cradle days, he had received a ‘Regrets Letter’ from Arthur Anderson, the Leading Audit and Consultancy firm, after several levels of tests and interviews for a well deserved and merited position. He self motivated himself to grow and become an outstanding personality in the Technology and Digital Network.

He has led CWG plc, from being a start up in 1992, to become the leading player in the ICT sector providing business enabling solutions across the financial, Telecoms and oil sector, with aspiration to be the largest cloud provider in Africa by 2020. He is a recipient of numerous awards for his unparalleled contribution to the digital and ICT industry. Some of which are; ICT personality of the year 2014, by the Nigerian Computer Society, ICT man of the decade by ICT Watch Africa Digital Network in 2012.

Another dazzling Characteristic that has me swooning over his personality, is his invaluable contribution in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Global Business School Network (GBSN), a body dedicated to advancing the cause of knowledge sharing to inspire and transform business education across the globe. He also inspires and mentors young people to achieve their potentials.   

Mr Austin Okere informs, inspires and evokes the creative and innovative abilities in me.  He also inspires me to self motivate myself to leave an imprint in the sands of time. These reasons are why I have chosen Mr Austin Okere as my business Idol.