(Unedited Compilation of Entries from The Top10 Magazine #Biz-Idol Challenge 12.0)

Topic: why I would like to choose Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah as my Biz Idol

Nwosu Ijeoma
Dr. Amb. Marksman ijiomah is nothing short of legendary. 
He is currently the chairman of “Chinmark group”.
Marksman as well as his brand “Chinmark group ” are unique.
Chinmark group as a brand is among the most popular brands in Nigeria today.
He owns ventures in over eight states across the county. 
Marksman diversified his ventures in five different sectors;

▪Agriculture.(chinmark farms)
Real estates .( chinmark homes and shelters)
loans (chinmarks loans)
Transportation. ( chinmark executive rides)

*Why I would like to choose Dr.Amb.marksman ijiomah as business idol and role model*

His life is one that inspires someone to expect more out of life.

His story of how God elevated him from a site labourer to a site supervisor is an example of “what God did not do,do not exist “.

His personal  principles concerning life, his business, his love for God, his love for his family,   employees and the brand he brought to life gave me a sense of direction in my dream to be among the best in business world…though I’m still a new in business. 

This is a man every person,can draw  a lot of inspiration from.

Marksman relates with people in a positive way and this makes him likeable to me.

He is a people person and targets to offer great customer service and had also built a great employee culture as well.
In his quest to help humanity, Marksman  has empowered  millions  of people across the country.
He works in a business that he is seriously passionate about.
His marketing strategies make him attract lots of media attention. 
He is not only a businessman , he is also  a public figure attracting interest from the young and old.
He is an icon ,i would love to emulate in matters of business. 
Many are inspired by him.

Dr. Amb.Marksmanijiomah is a business idol , not only to me but to many other aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Faith Omache ( Winner)

In a time when youths are perturbed to see a reformed Nigeria, one aspect of this reform will be entrepreneurs picking up the mantle of selflessness, identifying young men and women with potentials and helping them harness such potentials. As an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to live an imprint in the sand of time, I searched for someone in the business world, whom through resourcefulness has been able to render quality services to clients and constantly remaining a beam of hope to the community. I found a man who is self-motivated and committed to providing high quality technical support and have excellent problem-solving skills at all organizational levels.

He’s a shrewd entrepreneur with interest in many areas. He is Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijioma fondly called ‘Redking’ an astute engineer and the chief executive officer of the Chinmark Group, Africa’s fastest growing conglomerate.

As a result of Dr. Amb. Marksman’s leadership skills and keen eyes in spotting potentials, he has been able to assemble a winning team of capable men and women in pursuing his vision of touching lives through quality product and service delivery by the Chinmarks Group. The Chinmark Group has its businesses cut across various endeavour from Civil Engineering service, Chinmark Loans, Chinmak Fin Africa, Chinmark executive ride, farms and Chinmark foundation etc.

One attractive feature which has kept me glued to the Chinmark Group is their relentless fervor to cater for the most important needs of every human. Considering the epileptic economic condition caused by the global pandemic, everyone seems to be struggling to meet his or her financial target. In a time when entrepreneurs including the high and mighty grapple to maintain a good percentage of its staff, the Chinmark group is yet spreading its tentacles across the country. At the launch of the firms Lagos branch in July 2020, he came out to say that the Chinmark Group will be employing three hundred persons in its Lagos office, a remarkable move that will help reduce the number of unemployed youths on the street and cushion the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Nigerians and Nigerian economy. Indeed an entrepreneur does not only exist to make profit, but also to make impact.

Another dazzling characteristic of Dr. Amb. Marksman that has made me idolize him is his altruistic nature. His philanthropic acts as an individual and as a business man are second to none. The Chinmark foundation is the most active subsidiary that has positively touched lives. Among many of his generosities is the study scholarship he has given over five hundred students including the recent granting of scholarship to the four siblings whose difficult circumstance was communicated to him. He has also placed more than a thousand widows on monthly salary as well as giving monthly empowerment to his teeming followers. Indigent members of the society have benefited and is still benefitting from this humane gesture. Dr. Amb. Marksman does not only give fish. He also teaches how to catch fish and does this through his mentorship programme Chinmark Academy, a platform in which he grooms students on wealth creation, business sustainability and management of financial resources.

No doubt Nigeria is the giant of Africa, not because the natural resources it is blessed with, but also because of the giants living within this great country and Dr. Amb Marksman Chinedu Ijioma is a living proof. I hope to be named among these giants someday. I want to be an entrepreneur who will give hope to the hopeless and make the standard of living improved for as many as I can. These reasons are why I have chosen Dr. Amb. Marksman Ijioma as my business idol.

Edward King

“There is a man that rewards people huge amount of cash for their creativity and he has been helping people severally, he is on Facebook, a businessman and investment elite.”

Those were the first words I heard about Dr. Amb. Marksman Ijioma, the red king. His GENEROSITY struck me first and that’s a quality that’s rare among business tycoons. Despite the economic state of the country, Dr. Amb. Marksman Ijiomah still knows the way of generosity without being owed, that’s a trait I hope to learn.

Most successful men are known to be difficult to relate with, but I remember going to one of the Chinmark offices in Owerri, Imo State to present a portrait of the current family which I did, despite not meeting the Red King himself, the HOSPITALITY I got, showed that the man on top is very accommodating and DISCIPLINED to ensure that Chinmarkians display that act of hospitality until it is infixed in them. DISCIPLINE, a quality every aspiring business mind must develop.

The level of HUMILITY the Red King possesses is Prime, stretching from helping workers in the field to the ones beyond imagination. I have seen a picture of him passing round a plate of food to fellow Chinmarkians on a round table, a quality I will like to harness so as to instill in me the spirit of humility when I become successful.

His LOVE for his family is what places him on top of the ladder as a choice for role model, knowing the temptation tied to being successful, it didn’t stop him from being thankful to God for his family and that, I know, brings him success in all he does. Who wouldn’t like to get acquainted to success?

Finally, his RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD is something I wish to emulate; it is very obvious that it’s the secret to his success. How he does it, where and when is what I hope to learn, as I look up to his scripturally-backed advises. GOD IS WINNING FOREVER.

Jane Amaka (No picture)

I want to be financially free! I strive consistently to see that I win through my little business (Jaybon Digital Prints).  This gives  me a drive as to why I need to focus and build. The word build is very connected to my vision because I need to have an asset that is transferrable to my next generation.

The kind of business I do is such that requires the presence of schools to thrive, hence my reason of starting the business which is located on Ahmadu Bello University Main Campus Zaria. But as it stands, the covid 19 pandemic and the on going ASUU strike has really placed a halt on our business.

I love success stories and I was really motivated when I read about Dr. Amb. Marksman Ijioma’s  success story  from Amanda Chisom page on Facebook on how you turned from a brick layer to being in charge of projecst. Wow!. There and then I knew I would need Dr Amb. Marksman Ijioma as a  mentor  and a business idol.  His story depicts ,represents  and is relatable to  lots  of Nigerians  and especially me who have been struggling to make ends meet.

He has built a conglomerate and this could only be achieved through persistence and focus. These are virtues one would need to acquire from a mentor. In the future, I would love my business be linked to him as a major means of breakthrough. For my business to grow I have learnt from sources that I need two things, Focus and Persistency. And that I am sure are qualities in Dr. Amb. Marksman Ijioma.

Oma Ogbonna

Being a child from a substandard home, growing up in the kind of place I grew up from, I have grown to be taught and be inspired by some people that I have never actually met personally with Dr. Marksman Ijioma, chairman and the founder of Chinmark Group International, being the biggest source of inspiration of them all to me. To me, it is not just his passion to make a difference in the world that astonishes and inspires me. It is not just the way he  put his heart and soul into human endeavors, surpassing any personal goal he could have set for himself. It is also how small he started out; a poor and a common citizen like me from a substandard home.  He paved his way through the streets and literally through the never-ending competitive industry where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. He thrived in a society where the government gives a little or no attention to the needs of the poor masses. He succeeded in an environment where the rich do not want the poor to come up so they could get richer manipulating their hard work and faithfulness. Dr Marksman Ijioma was once like me. He was once like everyone else on the streets until his dedication, hard work and faith paid him back. He should be an iconic figure that depicts the fact that no matter what happens, hard work pays and will always pay.

You can spot Dr Marksman Ijioma any day wholeheartedly giving out charity aids to common citizens and the less privileged and all the same making sure that everything is in place for the greater good of The Chinmark Group. 

With all his achievements over the years, I cannot help but keep looking at him as a business idol and role model and maybe one day, by the grace of God, dedication and hard work, I will be exactly where he is today. God bless Dr. Marksman Ijioma and his family.

Dorcas Ote (No picture)

1. He is a philanthropist. Someone who is willing to give or offer help selflessly to others from what he has.

2. He is a successful businessman who has climbed the ladder of success in his field of business hence i chose him as my business model because i also want to succeed like he did. To succeed you have to follow the laid down paths of the successful.

Chinonso Okonkwo (No picture)

The reason why Ambassador Marksman Chinedu is my business idol is because he is a vast business mogul. He is the Managing Director of Chinmark group of companies. A conglomerate of fin Afrik. He is very consistent and persistent. He puts God first in everything he does. He studies the economic situation of an environment and try to bridge the gap. His business comprises of Chinmark homes, transportation, farms, rides, medicals, building and construction and a whole lots of other variety. A private sector of this magnitude should be applauded. So much growth has been achieved within 10 years. That can only be possible by a handworking, determined and consistent boss. He is an inspiration. Is it his humanitarian services he has rendered to the people, that is another topic entirely. He has touched many lives by empowering so many especially in the grass root level. I see him doing what he knows best and I just wish to be like him one-day.

A man that revered God and an inspiration to our generation is role model. I pray that God’s grace continually be upon him and his company expands globally.

Happiness Barnabas Ezinne

DR. AMB Marksman Ijiomah is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, engineer, president and the chief executive director of the fast growing multinational conglomerate called Chinmark Group.

I have been following him on all his social media handles for 10 months now and I must say he’s a man worthy of emulation.

I will choose him as my business idol and role model because of his unique approach to entrepreneurship, the way he demonstrates confidence and leadership, communicate and interact with everyone, show respect and concern for others, knowledgeable, well rounded, humble, meek and loyal. His passion, consistency, professionalism, knowledge, creativity, excellence, integrity, risk taking and reliability towards his brand inspires me a lot.

He first started his brand a decade ago as Chinmark home and shelters (a construction and building company) but today, the company has over 6 sectors which includes; Investment, Loans, Agriculture, Academy, Transportation, Interior decorations, Deliveries etc. His handwork in achieving this makes me believe I can achieve more and look beyond my limits.

He is a man that don’t just inspire and motivate but also empower.

He is a man God picked up and made a king and he’s blessing the world with it.

He has told stories of days of his little beginnings and how he toiled and suffered to become someone in life and it was really motivating and inspiring.

He once told a story of how he was a bricklayer who tried correcting a site manager at work of his mistake but ended up being threatened by the site manager. The owner of the site came later and saw the huge mistake and he sacked the site manager. The site owner asked if anyone can replace the site manager and he indicated. That was how he turned from a bricklayer to site manager.

He is a man of grace and I would love to choose him as my business idol because of grace he carries.

He is a man that has given hope to the poor, sent orphans back to school, empowered the youths, created employments, cared for the widows, developed places, gave home to the homeless, cared for the sick, cared for the aged, nor discriminating, accept all religion, races and background and above all, worships God in spirit and in truth.

I have never seen a man of his Calibre that serves food and drinks during his  ownoccassions, get along with all his employees, care and look out for all his subordinates, treat everyone fairly and equally, has a good assense of humor, spiritual and still balance his family life above all. I admire the way he talks about his family and he has made me understand family comes first. I have learnt, unlearn and relearn a lot from him. He has touched my life spiritually, academically and financially. He has made me to understand that God, consistency and hardwork is the key to success.

In conclusion, I will choose him as my role model and business idol because he is a man that inspires me to achieve and look beyond my limits.

Ndubuisi James (No picture)

Reasons why I would choose Dr.  Amb.Marksman ijeomah as my role model and business idol are because.

He is a good man with a pure heart, he is one person that always hears and listen to the people he does business with and also giving them more than what they expected. 

Dr marksman is one person that is trusted by everyone in terms of business which also states that he can’t scam or defraud the people he works with and that has gained him a lot of trust and respect. 

Dr marksman is one person that loves everyone around him and never hates anyone and also one person that loves helping the poor ones, youth’s, creating job’s for the people and nation. 

Dr marksmans is one person that loves God so much and he doesn’t joke with his work when it comes to God he is a devoted Christian and loyal to the core. 

Dr marksman is one person that have rules and regulations that when sets them don’t go against them and he stands with nothing but the truth always. 

Jerome Etim Ekeng

Every business thrives and grows on the core values of Integrity, Excellence and Transparency, Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is an icon of a modern world business strategy who exhibited the under listed attributes.

1. INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE AND TRANSPARENCY: this is one of the qualities of Dr. Amb. Marksman CHineduIjioma, after a close survey on his attribute, I see honesty, strong moral principles, uprightnesss, wholeness and undivided in his dealings, which commands trust and assurance of investors into his company. This reflects as one of the core value of his business/company known as Chinmark Group.

He is known for being outstanding and good in his business and this has drawn numerous awards of excellence.

2. MENTORSHIP: Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijioma is an exceptional icon who raised, mentored and watches young entrepreneur grows into their dreams. Over a thousand of businesses have been setup through his philanthropic life; mentoring and teaching young/upcoming CEOs through his teachings, live session, and nuggets.

3. DIGITALIZATION: This is a digital age where business flourishes on the platform of internet, Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is a digital business tycoon whose company has Online/Offline Staff and Representatives, thereby saving the stress of individuals who may be unable to visit the company’s offices for business transactions due to distance and other valid reasons.

4. GOD-FEARING: Above all he is a man with the love and fear of God, this is the drive for his total humility, submission to mentorship and guidance by spiritual fathers. He acknowledges God in his daily dealing with an aphorism “God is Winning”.

The few listed charisma is the reason why I would choose Dr. Amb. Marksman CHinedu Ijiomah as my business idol and role model.

Uche Susan

Amb Dr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is the Chairman president of the fastest growing company Chinmark Group

I started following Amb Dr Marksman Chinedu Ijeoma on the 15th of May 2020. The journey so far has been all about Learning, unlearning and relearning. I learn Everyday from him.

Amb Marksman is a well disciplined business tycoon.

“Business Opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming”

The way this brand grows every minute shows, everyone on this track is on the right track.

And I won’t say there weren’t challenges,theywere,from the time he worked as a labourer,to the time he  took the step of having his own , for every stage, there is a challenge.

Amb Marksman is “The little boy Jesus Raised from nothing to something”

Having him as a role model is a huge win on it’s own. Getting him to look into my business, advise me and see me through is a massive and huge winning…

I will make this Decision a ten thousand times.

Amb Marksman has passed every stage I find myself in today, he knows better than I do.

True Models are those who posses the qualities and skills that we would like to have and those that inspire us to do our best.

Amb Marksman is a leader, a Role model is recognized as a leader, someone who demonstrates confidence, someone who has made his mark, someone who is not afraid to go his own way, a very humble and excellent communicator and most importantly a man of God.

He is a well-disciplined and principled leader.

Amb Marksman has changed the narrative of big business owners,he didn’t just bring light to but he has she’d off the dark part in entrepreneurship,

Amb Marksman has given me reasons never to stop, rather to put on more efforts even in the face of challenge.

Amb. Marksman is the typical example of a Business idol and Role model. It will be a bliss to have him as mine.

All this Characteristics and more are reasons why I have chosen him and I’m still choosing him, his keen eyes on the market is what every entrepreneur should learn.

I still stand on it that He is and Remains my Business idol and Role model.

Arua Ujunwa Julieth

I have discovered that nothing worthwhile happens in a hurry, anything that ever commanded public attention was given adequate personal attention.

Dr. Amb Marksman Chinedu Ijioma fondly called the Redking. His story is one that inspires, motivates and gives hopes to people. He struggle with his wife to survive and God remembered him and changed his story, today he is a financial engineer, CEO of Chinmark group, a company that specializes on construction /real estate, executive transportation, medicals, agriculture, loans and investment services.

His words always inspires me so much; during the pandemic when we were sent home from camp I was so idle to a point that I was getting frustrated.one day I was just on Facebook and I came across his post with the caption “O Lord the boy you always help returns to say thank you father….God is winning forever”. It caught my attention that I have to browse through his profile to know how it all started I was moved and I started thinking in another direction and then I had a little experience on how to make hair so what I did was to go on YouTube watch more videos on it and that’s how I started making braided wigs and I was making money from it everywhere was redded to the extent I forgot am still serving my fatherland. Also as a finance students I have learnt so many things on investments and entrepreneurship from him…….it’s really good to follow who know road in other not to get lost.

Dr.AmbMarksmsn Chinedu Ijoma is also a philanthropist he has helped so many unemployed youths where he will always encouraged them to work hard. I admire that so much. This is my best quotes from him that “everyone was not design to be a CEO but each one is designed to add value to life, find your lane and stay there even if you are alone, stay there you will soon be discovered, stop pushing to realms that you were not design to feature in to avoid frustration and depression”.

Lastly from him i also understands that if you really trust in God there is nothing he cannot do, no situation he cannot changed. He is indeed a role model that’s why am following his step which I know that one day I will get there.

Chelsey Jacob

He is a Man with a roaring appetite to start business ventures and see them Excel.He enjoys new challenges, especially situations in which the market has a few large firms as the most dominant. That is Dr. Amb. Marksman chineduIjiomah, the great Entrepreneur.

  He is an Icon I would love to emulate in matter of business. He’s not only a business man but also a public figure attracting interest from both the young and the old alike. He’s life inspires someone to expect more out of life.His personal principles concerning life,his business and the brand he brought to life gave me a sense of direction in my dream to be among the best in the “world of business”.

 He’s a people’s person and Target to offer great customer service.In most of his companies ,if not all,he has built ba great employee culture as well.

 As for my ‘Role model’,there are many people in this world who blindly follow anyone, am one of them,”Idey follow who know road”(The Redking).Also, I admire and love him no matter what he  does. A role model is a person who inspires you to be like him.That is what he is to me,I choose him because of the certain qualities I saw: His demonstration of confidence and leadership, communication with everyone,being unique, showing respect and concern for others,treating everyone equally, willingness to admit mistakes and maintaining that same character inside and outside the Job.

 He’s words of wisdom are mind blowing,it can change someone’s mindset forever. Ever since I encountered him,I began to think globally. I know, am going to be like him one day because,”Idey follow who know road”.

Emmanuel David

As a young business man I love reading and listing to people success story, I read Dr Marksman Ijioma story from one of his digital marketer and it was very inspiring, a story of grass to grace, a story of doing your best in what so ever you do, a story of not waiting for a culler job even as a graduate, he started as a leboral  in a site and today he is an engineer, a business man, CEO of Chimarks group with branches all over the major cities in Nigeria.

He is a philanthropist that is one thing I love about him, he has no bondaring  in giving and helping people, building hospital wards, paying hospital bills, helping small business owner and giving hop to people, he is a pure definition of givers never lack.  he is a great teacher I follow and read all his massage on Facebook book and it has impacted my life and many other too. 

Doing business with him show that excellence  matter in all we do, as his investment plate form is non to other infact that is one of the best decision I made in life so far, owning a group as big as Chimarks with various platforms as loan, investment, Chimarks building, transportation all in one and proper managing facility is worthy of emulation.

Most importantly I have learnt how to show gratitude to God for every little thing he has done for me, I mean DR Amb Marksman Ijioma can’t make a post without thanking God for all he has, he is a God fearing man, a man full of gratitude to God, a man who uses every opportunity he has to praise and thank God for bringing him so far, I will love it if he will agree to mentor me because I will like to tap from his grace. 

I know by following his foot step I will someday be great like him and help people just like he does. 

Faith Paulinus

Dr. Amb Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, popularly called the RedKing by his teeming followers and supporters is an Engineer and property developer by profession, a philanthropist by nature, an apostle by divine call, a financial analyst and Doctor by Education.

He is the leader of a fast-growing Army and the brain behind business group called Chinmark Group.

A group charged with the duty of providing services such as granting loans to individuals and business under the auspices of Chinmark Loans, executive rides under Chinmark Rides, logistics, agriculture, etc.

He is my business idol because of his versatility, street sense, spiritual anointing, possessing a strong business acumen, innovation, expertise and intelligence.

Dr. Amb. Marksman is a proof that one can venture into different businesses and succeed in them all.

He is a diligent business man who not only blesses others materially but constantly transfer knowledge using Chin Bullets on his pages.

He is my business idol because I see the passion with which he is committed to empower and fund the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Away from being a business man, he is a multiple award-winning Leader par excellence with recognition such as the Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Leadership Award of Excellence and Integrity which was presented by ECOWAS Youth Council.

Dr. Amb. Marksman’s philanthropic nature is second to none as he constantly empowers widows, destitute, the poor and has granted over 1000 Nigerian Students scholarship.

Dr. Amb. Marksman is the definition of leadership, excellence, hard work, diligence, intelligence, versatility, and grace.

Okoye Promise

It is not undeniable that a Facebook page changed my life for the better.  Imagine gaining incredible business knowledge and opportunities in the same platform used for throwing banters by other users. Learning from the profound wealth of experience and business strategies, I have pushed beyond my limitations and heading towards greatness.

Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijioma is worthy of emulation by all whom sincerely desire to push through in business, lead a healthy and happy life and touch lives. A man from the most humble of backgrounds, who has developed himself to the top, yet still down to the earth, is indeed my role model. The RedKing has shown to the world that it takes consistency and ideas to build an empire. 

Unarguably, his ideas in business have shown to be well thought-out and prove his deep business intellectualism. From his businesses, Chinmark Homes and Shelters to Chinmark Rides to investment platform FinAfrica Investment have all proven a sustainable track record. The proof of a successful business is evident in its satisfied customer base and Chinmark Group has proved that beyond reasonable doubt. Having a business idol whose track record speaks loudly is already a step to success. I will confidently keep learning and source from the vast business knowledge of this great man.

A Latin quote says, ‘Non nobis solum natisumus’, meaning ‘Not for ourselves alone we are born’. The RedKing, although from a very humble background, has risen to the top and did not forget the people who are below; neither did he forget his God. His compassionate nature which is very evident in his daily activities has made him a man after the hearts of many. His generosity is out of this world and totally worthy of emulation. 

I will proudly say that my life has not been the same since I encountered the RedKing, Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijioma (CEO, Chinmark Group of Companies). He has made indelible positive impacts in my life and I will keep learning from him. 

God bless The RedKing.


The first time I heard of my idol AMB. MARKSMAN CHINEDU IJIOMAH was early this month in the news when he gifted 150k each to two street hustlers in enugu. I was in tears, oh my! I was so touched. Right there and then I quickly went to my Facebook and followed everything that has to do with the REDKING. He is a just a perfect personality worthy to be followed and emulated.

In his words “without financial intelligence, you can’t create wealth or be financially free. Financial illiteracy is the reason why many are struggling in life. He further explained that financial intelligence is all about developing investment mentality, and understanding the inner workings of money like how to Make money, Manage money and Multiply money.” The Three Ms.

Life wasn’t Rossy for him as a young man. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon but he purposed in his heart his children were going to be born with it. Dr. Amb. Marksman who had to do labour jobs in building sites to support his Family wasn’t just doing labour, but he was able to identify a financial intelligence in building and construction and then applying the Three Ms into it.(Make, Manage and Multiply money)

He didn’t just woke up and got to where he is today. He had vision, he planned, he took risks, he failed but one thing was he never gave up, he didn’t relent. For over a decade he has been building his conglomerate which started with Chinmark homes and shelter(Construction) but  has grown with five other sectors which includes Loan, Transportation, Investment, Medicals, and Agriculture. And today it has grown into the fastest growing company in Africa with a household name called Chinmark Group.

He was able to identify the needs of humans and ventured into it as business. Over the years he has won so many awards as a result of his contributions and added value to the society. Is the little boy God raised not too much!

My Idol has helped the society as a whole by  helping the orphans, the less privilege, the old o, the young o, empowered so many and created employment for thousands. The RedKing’s life has taught me so much. It has taught me that no matter how nobody you are today, God can raise you to become a somebody if you won’t relent. And his life has also taught me that no matter how much of a somebody you are, be humble, put God first, Family second before anyother thing. I really want to be successful and impact lives just like him. I dream to meet him someday either by appointment or by coincidence and tell him how much of a biz-idol he is to me.

To the RedKing Sir, The little boy God raised, The CEO of Chinmark group, Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, I wish him a Massive Happy birthday in advance.


Godwin Ogunjobi

Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is the founder and C.E.O of Chinmark Group, a globally recognized business conglomerate that has its branches across Africa and some other parts of the world.

There is scarcely anyone you’d come across that would say he/she hasn’t by chance or by mistake heard the name Chinmark. This is a business empire that has in no small way carved a niche for itself and it stands so tall amongst all other companies.

All of these might not have been so possible if there had not been a visionary leader like Dr. Amb. Marksman in charge of this multinational company.

Now, when we talk about looking up to someone as a business role model, We are not talking about the basic desire to imitate a business-person because of their wealth and success, but rather about being a role model, which entails a degree of awe and respect for a person’s methods and strategies for building successful and impactful businesses. They do things that others feel are impossible. The world’s best entrepreneurs are not looked up to because of their massive wealth, but because they do three key things: they solve big global problems, they survive risky situations, and they create massive wealth with limited resources.

Now, why would I need to choose Dr. Marksman as someone I’d look up to as a business idol?

1. SENSE OF PURPOSE: One major thing that drew me to Dr. Marksman months ago was his sense of purpose. There’s a vision on which he runs his business. He doesn’t run his business at any rate, his methods are systematically. There is a mandate on whom his gaze is fixed. The purpose of a business is greater than the success one makes in that business. Thomas Carlyle,the famous British historian, satirical writer, essayist, translator, philosopher, mathematician, and teacher once made a statement about purpose and it reads thus ‘The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder, a no man’.

A business must be driven by something,it must be purpose-driven. What measures the  success a business makes is not the amount of sales or profits one makes off such businesses,but the extent to which one fulfills the purpose on which that business was found. Clearly defining and articulating purpose can truly propel a company forward.  Purpose helps set long-term business strategies,creates a bigger competitive advantage and differentiation in the marketplace.

Without purpose, a business is useless.

In whatever place, Dr. Marksman is one man I can proudly say is a purpose-driven business magnate and this is one major reason why I would want him to mentor me.

2. ABILITY TO BALANCE: Being able to balance business and other things is something many business giants see as very cumbersome but I don’t know how Dr. Marksman does it. He’s a very successful multiple enterpreneur, a highly spiritual man, a faithful and perfect husband, a loving father and at the same time an excellent leader.

 In defiance of his tight schedule, he is able to balance career, spirituality and family so well without one affecting the other. In my own opinion,a successful person is someone who is able to excel in all facets of his life,and not just in one aspect.

What makes it important to balance other areas of ones life is because if other issues are not well attended to,it could have a negative impact on business.

 Dr. Marksman has excelled not just in business alone but in other directions of life. This is something that is extremely awesome and it will really be breathtaking learning how to balance things from this successful business mogul and billionaire.

3.  POSITIVITY AND PERSEVERANCE:Enterpreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It is not for people who are not strong.

There are times in business where bad decision making processes will affect business negatively. There are times there would be bad investments. Business can’t be rosy at all times.

I have made huge researches about Dr. Marksman in the past and I boldly say that  all of the hard and tough moments he has faced in life shaped him, he didn’t allow the challenges he experienced when he started as an enterpreneur to shake him. He’s a man who always sees positivity in every situation. He is always firm and positive about every situation. He sees success where everyone sees failure. He sees breakthrough where everyone sees setback. He sees possibilities where everyone sees im-possibilities or speculations.

His positive and persevering spirit is one of those things that has enabled and assisted him to keep making different ground-breaking landmarks in the business world.

   Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is an outstanding business tycoon which I learn from every single day and I believe that by applying his principles to my business in the nearest future, I will likewise be a force to reckon with in the business world someday too.

Uche D. Ewunonu

Growing up, I and my mates idealized the best way to channel our wealth in the nearest future.
While others opined that they will build mansions and mountainous skyscrapers with theirs, I was bold to say afront  them all that ‘my riches will be channeled appropriately,- Touching Lives, Helping the Underprivileged, Supporting God’s Work, Encouraging those that are Striving, Giving Scholarships to Children of Merit, and Building a Godly home within a ‘not so magnificent’ house.

When I clocked one and twenty, my youthful ears and eyes became eager to hear and see a man of benevolence who has been divinely crafted for these tasks. I had even began driving through the affairs of life without a guardian – model when the REDKING, Marksman Chinedum Ijiomah, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Chinmark Groups,  surfaced to offer divine help to the less privileged and struggling masses of Anambra, SouthEast , and Nigeria.  Alas! I found a perfect business idol and role model for myself.

I came across the storyline of the RedKing and my mindset changed. From his humble beginning and gentle rise, how he was unlucky to have been born without a silver spoon on 28th October, 1985, how he scaled through a ‘hand to mouth’ lifestyle, and how he diligently spent most hours of the night brainstorming on the best way to plant his feet on the ladder of success.  Indeed God makes a way where there is none. His story has inspired, motivated and given hope to many youths.

There is hardly any day that passes by without the RedKing extending his arms of charity to the poor masses in the streets, the hustlers of betterness, and the beggars of hope.
God is even considering rephrasing what He said in the Bible because of the RedKing, – about the easiness resident in the ability of Horses to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter His kigdom.

Marksman Chinedum is a teacher of principles. I’m still sitting under his experienced eye, learning the principles needed to succeed in life.  From the RedKing, I’ve learnt that one rises by lifting others and that the virtues of humility, diligence and patience are among the few things needed for God’s blessings.  Chinmark Group and all its six subsidiaries shall continue to grow and glow because their founder always acknowledges the fact that it is out of God’s making that the enterprise has come to stay.  And as continues to win forever, so does the RedKing continues to remain my business idol and role model.

Vivian Orleans

A popular adage says a man must crawl before he walks,this very person needs no introduction for the earth has surely scorned a few times due to his pertinent and fruitful toils.

  He is known and recognized as the man with the golden touch,the billion dollar smile and of course the man after God’s heart, he is the ‘Red king.

My role model is no other than Mr Marksman Chinedu Ijeoma. The Ceo of the Chinmark group of companies spanning into; 

Construction/Real Estate,

Executive Transportation,



Loan and Investments.

   He is one of Nigeria’s most intriguing, successful and enduring entrepreneul business leaders I know. As a founder of the Chinmark group,he has established a very interesting background and approach to both leadership and where he chooses to put his resources to work.

  I see him as an extremist in serial entrepreneurship and he has a very exciting leadership style seemingly rare amongst business leaders. What I see that I hand picked him out of several others as my role model is his love for God. He puts God first before himself.

  He works very hard, manages himself,hisfamily,his companies and is still able to mix work and pleasure. His sheer ability to listen to everyone and surely attending to everything all at the same time, are one of his numerous attributes,he is surely a full package.

His key principles has always been to be successful and happy while having fun at it,his drive is to be creative and become of great benefit to man and the whole world.

I can boldly tell what has happened to me since I made delibrate effort to pick Mr Marksman Chinedu Ijeoma as my role model, My beliefs and way of life has improved tremendously.

Mr Marksman epitomizes everything we all love about a man with a realistic dream.he inspires me to believe that dreams do come true,it more than incredible that he has helped thousands of people experience their impossible dreams become a reality.

The point is he has given to so many what they taught will never be possible. He has taught so many people the mandate that those who follow the right people stay on the right path. Who knows? anyone might be next in line on his little magic list. Now this is Mr Marksman’s genuis,he is the king of ‘blank cheques’ philanthropy at it peak.

Over the years he has maintaned a stellar reputation even with the vast companies he runs,it is an astounding achievement which speaks a lot about him.

Nothing takes away the different hurdles, failures,setbacks and weaknesses, he must have encountered along the line,but equally nothing seems to take away the strength of his brand ‘Chinmark’ that he has successfully maintained,it can never be over looked, he is a child of Grace.

His super powers has always been how much of a relationship oriented leader he is, who is good at aligning people and giving them support.

He falls into the segment of being a participative and consultative leader. His very strong charisma seems to indulge everyone to listen and follow him. He has broken the code that you do have to be agressive and arrogant to lead people.

Dear role model your entrepreneurial skill has won you a devoted admirer,you are a great inspiration to me. You are an exemplary leader with so much validation from the masses with your ever smiling face even in adversity. Anyone who truly decides to reach the next level should follow your footsteps. You are more than worthy of emulation yet humble to the core. I can’t be more prouder that you are my role model. I will end this here with a popular quote from you as words cannot describe how great of a man you are.

Mr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah once said

” I think if you treat people well, people come back for more….

All you have in life is your reputation and it’s a very small world. I actually think that the best way of becoming a very successful business leader is deal with people fairly, transparently and just.

And I like to think that’s how we run Chinmark”.

Soar high great leader the world has not seen enough of your greatness and charm.

Iloka Chinemelum (No picture)

History has shown us that there are different types of leaders, most of whom were propelled not notoriety by events and circumstances and were thus categorized by history as leaders. An even rarer type of leader is one who uses his astuteness, intelligence and leadership skills to produce events that shape life and consequently, history.  The most gifted leader is, however, one who does not shape on the present, but a good part for the future as well.

Engr. Dr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah has unique history in the business domain. And one who has shown countable times of not being interested in running any political post now or in the nearest future. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah as many other average Nigerians got his educational qualifications in Nigeria.

Looking at most of his achievements shows that we do not have to travel abroad for educational pursuit to become successful.

Viewing from Marksman Ijiomah achievements proves that we don’t need to vendor on one particular business as source of livelihood, we need to think wider about life and career to get desired goals and long-term fulfilment. Marksman is a civil Engineer and also was able to create a system working for him, unlike some youths who will depend their source of livelihood from one source.

Marksman Ijiomah is the founder of the leading Global brand, Chinmark Group of companies in which his changing the narrative of individuals and business through the service the company offers. His zeal to help people grow is second to none, it shows clearly his service to humanity, Marksman Ijiomah did not just fly to the top as a successful CEO of one of the global leading company, he began from somewhere. There was a time he worked as a cleaner in a big company where his wife was the manager, to a time he was a laborer, to the time he starting his own company, from construction to expanding other sectors of the business which includes Transportation, Investment, Loan, Academy, Foundation, Logistics, Medicals. And his physical offices are suited across many states in Nigeria.

Marksman Ijiomah has been known in changing people’s lives. However, it can be concluding that his passion for solving problems does not necessarily bring money back to him. Since February 2020 till date he has been empowering individual on a monthly basis, He donated 2 million dollars Amanda Chisom foundation in respect to October children feeding, all this act of kindness is very inspiring to me. I want Marksman Ijiomah to be my role model in order to follow his footstep to also contribute back to humanity.

In all his status he still serves people, he’s one of the people I admire so much. Countless times he has been seen serving in public, serving his employee.

He has taught us to know that whatever one’s aspirations may be either in business or other careers, weather the conditions are favorable or not, we should always be brave enough to go after our desired dreams and hold on to our aspirations until it is fruitful. And also, be ready to serve in all circumstance, just following him on Facebook platform has taught me many things in life, which include putting God first in everything I do, his daily and countless teaching about life states basically on commitment and dedication.

A man who believed his pick and raise by God who in return is giving back to humanity. I choose Marksman Ijiomah to be my business idol and role model because his life story has taught me to always learn to submit myself for tutelage and required instruction from proven instructors in my field and also be determined to be dedicated in what you do.

Finally, writing with facts, Marksman Ijiomah, founder and Chairman of Chinmark Group is an inspiration to me and every other youth in Nigeria who wish for the best.

Miss Ekwueme Angela Chidinma 

Naturally the said a seed sprout and grows into a plant, but without sufficient nutrients like sunlight, water, space and air this seed dies before fulfilling its purpose. The same principles apply to man.

Naturally God lifted him from grass to grace, they journey was not an easy one but he overcame by the grace of God, a lot of people persons have passed through that phase that can lead to one success but due to some circumstances and some personal reasons could not make to the top.

I have been in a situation where I feel tired of pushing through but at some point I came in contact with Dr. sir. Amb Markson Ijioma through a friend on my social media handle I went through the post and it caught my interest so I had no choice but to follow the page

Dr. sir. Amb Marksman Chinedu Ijioma who I see as my business idol and role model Because of so many reasons. After going through his post I saw the red flag  which to me signifies passionate, courageous, strong, confident, speed, spontaneous and determined  I had a rethink and told my self if #chinmark can make it this far with all this quality with the drive , passion ,courage determination and confidence of a man # Dr. sir Amb. Marksman Ijioma the CEO of chinmark group then I can too.

    For any organization to be successful the need God’s grace to move forward and #Dr .sir .Amb.marksonijioma is one person among many have singled out among all successful  Ceo of today to ask for God’s grace in their business he always says God is winning forever which of cause he has, this is one of the qualities one should look up to in a role model and I found that in him.

      Secondly I see him as a person that encourages hardworking, team work, steadfastness and excellence and also considers his client and workers as a unique part of his organization. This are qualities that makes a business grow when you treat your clients and workers with so much love and respect then your organization will prosper I see all this qualities in my business idol Dr.sir.Ambmarksonijioma.

         He believe in humanitarian activities like empowering people which i consider the biggest investment a man can ever make,he believes in rising a generation that understands honor and gratitude only a role model portray this qualities .

        Furthermore, you have to be deliberate and resolute in your actions because life and business are. Not but on sentiment, when you are sentimental you lost out this are wise saying that can change any perspective of a business.

       Lastly # Dr. sir. Amb Marksman Ijioma and the chinmarks group have moved viral because they also have the passion, confidence, courage and have brought them to a spontaneous growth chose your business idol and role model wisely I chose #Dr.sir.Amb Markson Ijioma as mine thank you.

Ruth Okani (No picture)

I’ve met people. I’ve only spent my life here on earth for two decades and few years into it but from the little experience I’ve gathered, I can say of the truth that I have been watching people closely searching for one whose foot print I can confidently follow and not go amiss

I’ve seen people who are financially fit but are dead spiritually, they don’t regard God and they feel they can Lord their lives. I’ve seen people who are financially fit but they can’t put up with their family life, they are unfaithful to their spouses and far away from their children. I’ve seen people who are financially fit but are never bothered about the less privileged, all they think about is their own selves and their relatives. I can’t even list them all here but I’ve seen financially fit people with lapses and having a dream of becoming financially fit tomorrow, I didn’t want to be found wanting and not balancing other aspects of my life.

I only followed Dr Markson Ijioma from a distance to know he is fit for the perfect lifestyle I dream of having.

 In him, I see a financially fit man who has a place for God in his life. In him, I see a financially fit man who has a bond with his family. In him I see a financially fit man who knows where it pinches the less privileged with a lot more of other good qualities he exhibits,

 As a well-meaning human who wants a bright and better future, you would see reasons with me why I have no choice than to choose Dr Markson Ijioma as my Business role model. I simply see him as an all-round man.


Opeyemi Obafemi

There is nothing more precious than looking towards someone who has a life that you want and also figure out how they got it, Someone who is like the light at the end of a tunnel, someone whose word and life chastise you to be a better version of yourself, someone who is ready to teach you how to fish rather than giving you fish, someone who motivate you to do more.

Dr. Amb. Marksman ijioma has been a great tutor and enthusiast of business, he is a teacher who has keys in breaking limitations in businesses.

All this quality of positivity I found in Dr. Amb. Marksman ijioma, the chairman, chin mark group, and I would say I am very pleased and willing to choose him as my business idol and role model

Christopher Amamba

In the present world today its really difficult seeing an honest business man, or rather a business man with an honest record.

Below are some of the reasons why DR. AMB. MARKSMAN IJIOMA is and remains my business Idol and Role model.

He has proven that everything has a process which must be followed, in every business you can’t skyrocket without following the process. Process never fails.

He has made me understand that patience is a virtue every business needs to grow. He will always say “do not hurry into the stage, unless you want to be hurried out”.

Even in patience he always encourages all to remain consistent in following the process. Consistency has been his most attractive quality.

He marvels me by his level of Servitude his humility is something that’s seriously lacking among most entrepreneurs. He will always say “follow who know road” no matter who he is that teaches you, stay humble and learn.

Finally, but not the least he has taught me how the reward system works, “you can’t gain from a system you do not service”, his teachings has helped me alot, even out of lines of business.

A business man who manages his time, actions and funds, to spend time with family, help the beginners, and invest in lives, that’s the role model I see in him. 

Pinky Everly

Like a saying ” the toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep being a success” that’s what I have learnt from Dr marksman the chairman of chinmark group, who has made me realize that; is not how you began, but how you are going to end.

I choose Dr marksman as my business idol because he possesses the character of a true leader and he had impacted the lives of many with his possessions and skills, giving  limelight to many who lost all hope. I will say he has become THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE SKY giving light to those in darkness.

Dr marksman with his sincerity has demonstrated to me that, to be a good leader you must first become a slave. He has demonstrated to all that change is constant but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be conscious of it, and the change we demand start from the Mindset.

Learning from him has become a blessing to all, it has encourage, enlighten and empower the youth of the country to keep striving no matter the situation. I have learnt that success in life those not come easily and the endpoint of it if you keep striving clearly shows in you Dr marksman.

Dr marksman has showed me that there’s is no better means to acquire fame and wealth than to stay focus and on the right path, especially for me that I’m into a business. He had given me reasons not to back off even though I’m tight to the ground, he would advice ” No matter the size of the bottle, the cream always rises to the top”.

Lastly, words can’t describe all about my role model, but I must say ” he’s a super GENIUS”  he is indeed an awesome role model to all and as he keeps on striving and earn for himself a golden asset, I will follow his principle’s to be somewhere higher.

ALUKO Elizabeth Damilola

James MacGregor Burns wrote, “Leadership is leaders inducing followers to act for certain goals that present the values and the motivations—the words and needs, the aspirations and expectations—of both leaders and followers”.

This statement really captures the person of Engr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah; my “Biz Idol”. Asides the hard work and sacrifice he put in to build the CHINMARK GROUP, he has also raised an excellent breed of workers and followers all over the world. He is actively making a difference and giving dedicated people around him, the permission to do the same. He has been able to transfer his vision and, relatively, his passion of touching lives.

He didn’t just invest in his business to get it established, he empowered and invested in humans, such that they work with his energy and passion. He has shown me how important, and invaluable it is to invest in people; train them, develop them and place them on an established path in life.

As a small business owner, I have learnt from Engr. Marksman that I should take actions and help others do the same with coordinated effort. No matter how small the resources are, impacting others should be my priority, even as I run my business.

One other lesson “My Business Idol” has taught me is maintaining business integrity and originality. He proudly shows he is Nigerian, and he expresses the authenticity of his company.

There has been a consistent pattern in running the business, such that clients do not think twice before entrusting the CHINMARK GROUP with their needs. This has been built over the years, and it keeps on getting better because he has never relented. Every successful business owner has to be resilient and tenacious; they must never stop working in any situation.

“Leadership is seeing opportunities in tough times.” —Jack Welch.

 Engr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah represents a man who generates ideas, solves problems, takes risks, includes people, and values humans, as well as opportunities.

I want to be able to add value to my community as I keep working at it and making a positive impact. I want to be able to serve people by giving my resources—monetary or not—relentlessly.

Truly, we all can’t hope to make global impact in the exact manner of Engr. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah. The most important thing is that we do all it takes to make positive impact wherever we find ourselves in life; that way we add value in the smallest way to others. I believe I would do something great and significant, if I consistently put in hard work and improve myself, just as my Biz Idol has done over the years. All I need is to learn how to grow along with my people, and we’d keep winning forever.

Ejike Rejoice

I can go on and on in enlisting several reasons why I would like to choose Amb. Marksman Ijioma as my business idol but time will fail me to do so hence the reason for highlighting just  two points.

Firstly, I’ll say that Amb. Marksman Chinedu is excellent in his business.

He is a business man with social media intergrity and transparency, his unique marketing strategy makes him attract lots of media attention. This is a man every person, not only those who are interested in business can draw inspiration from. He epitomizes a new generation of business entrepreneurs.

The CEO and Mastermind behind the establishment of the Chinmark group which poses to be Africa’s fastest conglomerate with standard services that has launched him into global recognition.

Through hardwork, consistency and faith became who he is today.

So remind me why you want to give up?.

Secondly, it’s pertinent to note that his Philanthropic nature is second to none!!. He empowers his team followers monthly. He placed thousands on Scholarships, thousands of widows on monthly salary, he empowers a lot of business brands and help them grow. His good deeds has turned many lives around, these are but a few of his charity deeds.

I can say that 60_ 70% of the people he has helped or empowered never met him in person.

It is said that it’s one thing for an individual to be successful, it’s another to have the heart of giving.

Truly Nigeria has gaints and AMB. Marksman is one those creating impact in this generation with visible proofs

This man is no other person that Sir. Dr, AMB MARKSMAN IJIOMA CHINEDU the great entrepreneur from Nigeria.

I choose him because his the Redking.
I choose him because he is CEO Chinmark groups
I choose him because, he is my Leadership mentor
I choose him because he is my boss
I choose as him my business Idol.