Cosmas Maduka – Top 10 Igbo Business Moguls Shaping Nigeria’s Economy

Dr. Cosmas Maduka, founder and president/CEO Coscharis Group, is a brand icon and a corporate leadership model that demonstrates rare business acumen, doggedness and expertise that run from up to down and across Nigeria’s economic space. The group is a conglomeration of businesses across many sectors and industries in the Nigerian economy.

The conglomerate is Maduka’s systematic approach to be part of every strategic sector of the economy and a big player everywhere he is present. He is in charge of a large corporate entity that is a force to reckon with in Nigeria and beyond. The portfolio of his businesses includes automobile, medicals, foods and beverages, information technology, engineering and agriculture.

Maduka boasts an iconic brand portfolio that takes a strategic place in Nigeria’s economy. He started the business in 1977 with importation and distribution of automotive spare parts, vehicles accessories and other automobile related products. This was the foundation for today’s towering Coscharis world of automobile business and the subsequent launch into other key sectors of the Nigeria’s economy.

Coscharis Group is the ambassador of the BMW brand in Nigeria. Its portfolio also includes other great brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, Mini, Morris Garages and finally the luxurious Rolls-Royce brand of which Coscharis is the second franchisee in Africa. Coscharis holds the sole franchise of the Abro automotive care brands and the car rental franchise for Sixt Rent a Car through its subsidiary Coscharis Mobility in Nigeria.

Maduka’s business interest is spread beyond automobile into many other sectors. Its operations in these sectors are carried out through subsidiaries. These include Coscharis Technology Ltd that is a big name in the ICT sector representing various global brands in Nigeria.

Coscharis Motors, the flagship company of the group, has become a household name known for its dealership in luxury and value brands of vehicles. The company has made significant investments in state of the art auto service facilities across the country, providing automotive spare parts with specialized personnel in attendance.

In 2014, the group opened Coscharis Motors Assembly Ltd that assembles Ford rangers [pickup truck] in Nigeria. The first units of locally assembled trucks were rolled out in November 2015, making Nigeria the only location outside of South Africa where Ford assembles cars in Africa. The company has fully fitted equipment, technical support and training sufficient to assume full control of production within the shortest feasible time.

Coscharis Medical & Foods Ltd and CG Biostadt are the channels for the group’s professional services in the healthcare sector. Established in 1997, the company has made its mark in providing medical consultancy, pharmaceutical and diagnostic solutions to hospitals and homes. It furnishes hospitals and other medical centres with modern equipment and consumables. It also provides maintenance services for medical and laboratory equipment as well as training of medical personnel in minimally invasive surgeries and the use of modern technology.

Coscharis Farms Ltd is the subsidiary operating in the agricultural sector. The company developed 2500 hectares of farm land in Anambra State in 2016 with anticipated 5000 hectares of out-growers scheme in the first phase of the project implementation. It produces cultured rice grains into 100 percent Sortexed long grain parboiled rice for mass market supply and consumption.

Coscharis Farms is on a worthy mission to bridge the wide gap between local consumption and production of rice in Nigeria. Its rice output in the first phase is planned to grow rapidly from an initial 3,000 metric tons in 2016 to 20,000 metric tons at the end of 2018.  The second phase of the project involves an expanded cultivation of 10,000 hectares of land with a production capacity of 70,000 metric tons of rice.

Coscharis operates in the manufacturing sector through its subsidiary – Coscharis Beverages Ltd established in 2002. The company produces and distributes table water and beverages. It has attained a distinctive mark in beverage production and has conceptualized customized beverages for companies, restaurants and events.

Coscharis Technologies is an information, communication and technology hardware distributor and service solutions provider that caters for ICT niche markets in West Africa. The company operates from Nigeria and Ghana.

Coscharis Mobility was incorporated in 2013 as a forward integration vessel for providing solution to consumer specific needs beyond the purchase and service of luxury or value brand vehicles. The services of the company include car rentals, leasing, logistics, haulage services, outsourcing of drivers and staff and fleet management. It is the sole operator of Sixt Rent a Car in Nigeria franchise. The company’s service support takes off non-core activities off its clients, affords substantial cost saving and enables the organisations focus on their principal activities.

Coscharis Group has a large operation in Ghana through a subsidiary – Coscharis Ghana Ltd, which was set up in 1992. From initial distribution of auto spare parts, the company has expanded into various distributive trades. It holds Abro franchise in Ghana and has firmly established the brand in the auto care industry in the country. The company also holds the Ghanian government’s license for the importation of lubricants into Ghana.