Topmost Diaspora Nigerian business icons – Daniel Moses

Dr. Daniel Moses, founder, Property Wealth Corporation, Property Wealth Education, Property Wealth Estates, and big-time investor in property income generated businesses, is also an author, podcaster, property trainer, speaker and mentor based in London, United Kingdom.

Property Wealth Over the years has grown from a simple idea of wealth creation through property and helping others do the same. Property Wealth has over the past 5 years become an expert organization providing investment opportunities, professional training, and professional property services to the industry. As an organization we primary deal in Property Management, Property Development, Property Education, Business Education, Property Investments and Partnerships.

Dr.Daniel has built a business empire comprising a real estate portfolio, management company, Education business and a property investment company with a total value of over £7 million and served over 1,000 clients across its Subsidiaries and counting since its inception.

The Nigerian-born, British Resident-groomed property management expert is an acclaimed specialist in creating wealth through the property market. “he specialize in creative strategies that is unconventional which allow many build multi million pound property portfolios. 

He is driven by a conviction that anyone can start in properties and make an exceptionally good business out of it. He brings in his vast experience in the industry to mentor a wide range of people, ranging from beginners with limited funds to working professionals, who want to make their money grow.

Moses has structured Property Wealth Education and its subsidiaries to deliver the mission of creating opportunities, developing people, and building generational wealth. 

His property portfolio service takes the stress and the headaches in acquisition of properties for those looking invest or build wealth through property and helps owners create truly passive income while they wait for capital appreciation.

Property investors can therefore create tailored, profitable portfolios without having to go through the stressful and time-consuming process. The company’s approach takes into account the critical elements of timescales, financial considerations and individual objectives. 

Its competitive edge lies in its extensive network that enables it to source great deals, which are not available to the general public – thus availing clients houses listed below market values. Its services also carry a distinctive feature of connecting investors with vast industry experts. 

Dr Moses ranks properties as an asset class with one of the most secure forms of investment at a time where demand for housing far outweighs supply. He has been in the business of Developing, managing luxury HMOs or living space market since 2017.

He traces the unique opportunity in the U K property market to the country’s growing population against a relatively small space of land – which sets property values constantly rising. He is positioned to make the most of the opportunity with the highly specialised approach he employs to rake in rental income and capital appreciation for investors. 

“We know if you buy a house in England, over time it doubles in value. You can create a cash flow monthly, or a full-time income, allowing you to live your life on your own terms,” Dr Danie Moses said.

The company’s Property Wealth Education services sprang out of his discovery that many people who went into properties lacked a sense of direction, which made it difficult for them to succeed. In stepping out to bridge the knowledge gap, he has launched his brand to focus on giving clients clarity and direction through training, providing mentoring and other services to build mindsets and businesses in property that will generate wealth for all involved.

Under its property wealth portfolio service, the company undertakes real estate investments on behalf of clients, who are limited on time either to invest or to learn the ropes.

Earn and learn is another of the company’s property investment product – a unique offering that gives large portfolio investors a chance to develop property empires with minimal stress. The programme avails investors everything they ever need to know about the UK real estate market under the company’s Property Wealth Education and yet offers a return on the money.

Moses’ property management expertise covers the entire spectrum of the housing market – single-lets, residential homes, care homes, assisted living spaces, HMOs or serviced accommodation with a promise to deliver superior returns. 

He also has great values to add to existing property portfolios by professionally analyzing content to make the money invested go further by applying his buy, refurbish, rent, refinance strategic options.

With over £7 million in personal net worth and Multimillion pounds with his clients’ property portfolio under management, Property Wealth takes a firm standing as the savvy investor’s ideal partner. It boasts a wealth of industry expertise fitted for highly personalized services.

Dr. Moses’ success has come after multiple failures that climaxed in a loss of over £150,000 in his Nigerian business in 2015. He did hit a brick wall and came to ground zero but refused to quit. Instead, he took on sweat and struggle, testing and trying every possible way. “It is a journey for the brave not for the faint hearted,” he said.

Dr. Moses is aiming much higher. “We aim to become the biggest name is property education primarily in the UK but eventually across Europe and further. My goal is to build the very first successful black property education company in the UK and possibly, globally”.

He isn’t hoping to travel on the property wealth road alone but is fully persuaded to give anyone willing to ride along the mindset it takes to hop in and stay on. “Mindset is something I am passionate about because I have seen the importance of how this can make such a massive impact on people’s lives. I want to be able to be a catalyst of wealth creation through the right type of mindset,” he said.

His message and his persuasion centre on the business he knows best – properties and the fertilizing ingredient of success – mindset. “I am passionate about being able to create an outstanding wealth through property business in the UK. I want to reach the entire world with my message and my story.

“With resilience and consistency, I do believe I have what it takes to spread a strong message around wealth creation through property, through mindset and I am really passionate to make that happen and whilst I’m doing that, build a legacy in the hundreds of millions”.