About us

Who we are:

The Top10 Magazine is a monthly publication by Toncam Communications Limited based in Lagos, which is conceived as a platform to celebrate excellence and individuals and organizations who distinguished themselves as the leading lights of their sectors. Other sections of the magazine include The Dynasty, The Founder, Corporate Succession, and Corporate X-Ray, The CEO and his Dream Team, Corporate spotlight, interviews, etc.

The Magazine came into being in 2016 to fill the void that was created by the absence of a credible platform on which to celebrate the men and women and organizations in Nigeria who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavor.

The magazine set out with the objective to highlight and celebrate the achievements of such people who are to be found in all walks of life, whose successes have had positive impacts not only on the lives of others, but also on the socio-economic life of the country. By so doing, the magazine sought to create role models for others by encouraging them to strive for success in whatever field of endeavor they may choose to pursue.

Each edition of the magazine features, as its main cover story, people who may be considered as the 10 leading lights (the philosophy behind the name of the magazine) in a particular sector of Nigeria’s socio-economic spectrum who have contributed in no small way to the growth of the sector in particular, and Nigeria in general. The story gives an insight into who they are, their backgrounds and activities, and how those activities contribute to the growth of the sector, with emphasis on how the sector impacts on the socio-economic well-being of the country.

Apart from the cover, The Top10 magazine has other high-profile sections that are also devoted to celebrating individuals whose life is worthy of emulation. There is The Founder, a section that traces the success stories of men and women from grass to grace; from obscurity to prominence, in different areas of human endeavor. The section, The Dynasty, looks at those that attained success as families, usually with the head of the family as patriarch. In most cases, each member of the family, including the matriarch, has contributed in one way or the other to the emergence of the dynasty. In The CEO and His Dream Team section, the magazine celebrates the success that results from the synergy and singlemindedness of purpose that obtains in a public and private organization where the chief executive officer is able to collaborate effortlessly with the executive management. In The Professional, the magazine celebrates individuals that could be described as round pegs in round holes because they fit perfectly into the offices they occupy – people who bring their professional expertise to bear on the jobs they are doing, with positive impact on their organizations.

Another section of the magazine that makes interesting reading is The Top10 Interview, which features extensive interview with individuals on their organizations, as well as a wide range of issues relating to the industries in which they operate. There is also X-Ray, in which the magazine does a comprehensive analysis of the performance of corporate organizations.


Our focus and target audience are the Executives, Achievers, CEOs, Young Managers, Celebrities, Professionals, Aspiring Future Leaders, Etc.


The magazine comes out every month.

Print Run:

We print between Eight to Ten thousand copies every month.


We circulate nationwide at selected premium outlets such as Airports, Big Hotels, High Profile Restaurants and Lounges, Recreation Centers, etc. For effective circulation, we have appointed newsstand agency and Magazine circulation Ltd, two leading magazine distribution agencies with circulation network across the country as our distribution partners.


We have high subscription base across various strata of the society, from corporate executives to government officials. Over 1000 and the list is still growing

Complementary Copies:

We have a robust data base of who’s who in the economy whom we send complementary copies to every month irrespective of subscription and those who buy from our sales outlets.

Print Quality:

We place high premium on our print quality. For this reason, we have chosen to print in one of the best printing press in Lagos with the selection of very high quality papers.

All these attributes have made our magazine a desired platform for those who want to reach out to a premium market audience of top executives, CEOs, young managers, celebrities, professionals etc.