Yanju George – Top 10 CEOs of 2021

Yanju George is founder and managing director/CEO of IBIC Investment Holdings, one of Nigeria’s leading multifaceted service providers. He established the company in 2013 as a financial brokerage firm and has since diversified into real estate, agriculture and lately, hospitality.

IBIC Investment Holdings is structured as an investment firm with primary engagement in real estate development and brokerage, cryptocurrency investment and exchange. It functions as a one-stop investment and Crypto currency solutions provider in Nigeria.

Its diverse business interests cut across farming (poultry, piggery, plantation, snail and fish farming), logistics and haulage as well as cleaning and fumigation services. Its competitive edge in the market place is draws from its domain expertise, track record of performance, excellent management, innovation and strong corporate values.

George is driven by a central purpose in all his company’s business offerings and that is to deliver superior value to chosen markets. He oversees a business conglomerate ranked as one of the largest independent multifaceted investment companies in Nigeria’s business space, providing the most sophisticated investment and exchange solutions for all types of investors.

The company assures that clients’ satisfaction is paramount through which it has established proven track record of giving value for money in its services. It is for George a business driven by passion to contribute to nation building. He has expanded business interests rapidly with presence across sectors and industries.

“Although widely traveled across several continents, I have vested interests in Nigeria and in the African market. I am staunchly committed to contributing to the dream of a ‘New Nigeria’ and the sustainable development of African economies.

“I sit on the board of a number of companies, including the Trinitas Foundation, an NGO that focuses on providing social support to less-privileged women and children in Nigeria. They have over 20,000 beneficiaries since their inception, whom they assisted with food items, clothing, medical supplies and job empowerment”, he said.

The company’s agricultural project is a state-of-the-art facility along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway operated by IBIC Acres. Acres is substantially invested in poultry with 10,000 birds and counting, snail and pig farming as well as a plantation of major food crops.

Its large capacity is designed to supply private and commercial needs across south-west, Nigeria and to offer long-term investment options to investors. The founder’s vision is for Acres to become the most efficient farm and agro-resource provider across the West African region by 2024.

IBIC Investment Holdings’ real estate investments are handled by IBIC Properties, a multifaceted real estate subsidiary, focused on providing real estate solutions to optimize value to investors. The company offers broad-based real estate and allied solutions in construction, property development, facility management, architectural consultation, short lets and interior design.

The services include raising funding for large scale development projects, vetted investment opportunities to investors, sale of commercial and residential properties, acquisition of real estate assets on behalf of investors and advisory services.

The company’s hospitality business has gone an extra mile ahead since the opening of its George Residence in 2020 – a premium shortlet located in Lekki, Lagos. The state-of-the-art facility with its five-star hospitality experience makes it one of the biggest players in the Nigerian hospitality industry.

George is leading the hospitality business to its changing future with shortlet. The Mathematics graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University believes that with the concept of shortlet, hotels are on their way out of the scene.

“Everyone wants to leave their homes once in a while but they also want to be able to do their own things, feel like they are home while experiencing a change of environment.  It’s like going to a hotel but it not exactly a hotel. Here, you have your kitchen, washing machine, ironing table and you could do every other thing you do in your home”, he said.

IBIC Investment Holdings also operates a fintech subsidiary – CoinNest Africa, which is headquartered in Lagos. The company facilitates exchange of Crypto currencies to streamline faster remittance to and from Nigeria with minimal transaction charges.

The company offers three products – Coinnest, Paylite and Coincash – all built to support micropayments. It has operated in the cryptocurrency space for over seven years and boasts an expert team of traders at its command.

The company assures of high speed of operation and robust ability to instantly fund clients. Its operations are complemented by a training platform that treats cryptocurrency trading at beginner and advanced levels and from simple techniques to the technical analysis of trading.

George Residence is the first Nigerian apartment-hotel and one of a few companies in the country to accept cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as a means of payment.  Intending guests at the shortlet apartment can make reservations and bookings using the digital currencies.

It said Bitcoin has all the benefits of fiat currency, plus added features of electronic transactions, swift payment confirmations and no physical handling.

The shortlet partners top cryptocurrency brokerage firm, Coinnest Africa, which offers services that allow merchants to accept Bitcoin easily from anywhere across the world at very minimal charges.

According to George, “It is clear to us that Bitcoin is the currency of the future and it is only right that we are strongly positioned, so we do not get left behind.”

George is a Mathematics graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University. After graduation, he set up his first business outlet in Ibadan, which he operated for three years before moving to Lagos in 2013.