THE TOP10 MAGAZINE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2023:Bowmenn Technology, Most Innovative Logistics Company of the Year

Mr. Ugochukwu, an entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Bowmenn, a tech-enabled logistics platform that connects shippers with carriers to move freight and is poised to transform Nigeria’s supply-chain industry.

Ugochukwu had his higher education at the Federal University of Technology Owerri. His technology journey began when he delved into computer programming at the National Universities Commission at the age of 12. The urge for entrepreneurship took over and he started a farm after working for his mum and getting a loan from her, The proceeds from this farm endeavour enabled him, at 21, to purchase his first car which he drove from Enugu to Abuja to launch a taxi service. Throughout life, his passion has gravitated toward transportation.

Growing up, his father, a lawyer and teacher, engaged in trucking as a side hustle. Witnessing his challenges, particularly issues of trust regarding the number of trips drivers undertook daily, ignited his interest and he started working on ways to use technology to solve the challenges truck owners faced with drivers. As the director of CUCTOU Trucking, he gained first-hand insight into how disorganized and inefficient the trucking and supply/chain was. He became convinced that only technology and a shift in driver orientation through training drivers on how to use the company’s App could solve the problem.

Before Bowmenn’s inception, Ugochukwu had served as the Director of CUCTOU Trucking, gaining invaluable insights into the woes of the Nigerian trucking industry. The industry’s fragmented nature, along with its time-consuming and costly processes, posed substantial obstacles for shippers seeking to move their cargo efficiently.

Recognizing the need for disruption, Ugochuckwu founded Bowmenn, a tech-enabled logistics platform that connects shippers with carriers to move cargo. Bowmenn seamlessly bridges shippers with carriers, delivering substantial time and cost savings. Its innovative approach deploys technology as a driving force for positive transformation, eradicating the bottlenecks that once hindered logistics.

The company’s vision extends to utilizing technology to streamline and organize the supply chain industry across all market sectors. It aspires to witness the platform become the global standard, enhancing the experiences of both shippers and truckers while contributing to the overall advancement of the supply chain industry.

It has combined its expertise in logistics with cargo owners and carriers to service an entire supply chain while keeping shippers in the driver’s seat.

The company’s experience in Logistics and its technology match every load with the right truck. Bowmenn is currently accessible across Nigeria and is growing fast. The company’s proprietary technology includes mobile and web apps used for seamless delivery and moving experiences.

It is committed to making a lasting impact on the trucking industry by leveraging technology to solve real-world problems.

Bowmenn was selected by the Top10 Magazine for the award of Most Innovative Logistics Company of the Year in recognition of the rising profile of the company as a leading game changer in logistics solutions and maritime services in Nigeria.