Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2022 -Chudi Kalu

Mr. Chudi Kalu, CEO, Middlechase Properties and co-founder/chairman Arkbridge Integrated Limited boasts 15 years’ experience in real estate and finance over which he has acquired, developed and financed real estate properties valued in excess of $100 million. His organisation focuses on urban mixed-use and retail property developments with an established track record of unique, high-quality residential destinations. 

“At Middlechase, our team has been at the vanguard of the real estate cash flow movement. We are committed to helping investors and potential homeowners to fully leverage every of our developments located in every part of Nigeria to build sustainable wealth.

“We are happy to deliver on our promise of affordable real estate projects using the best quality building materials and working with experienced construction professionals and artisans,” Kalu said.

He is on a mission to help people acquire rewarding home investments anywhere in Nigeria with an attaching stream of cash flow. Middlechase sets out to lead the way in rental income property development and Kalu, who is called coach in this field, holds a firm promise of helping property buyers become cash flow generating landlords.

Turning the property market into a cash cow is the investment message that Kalu is desirous to drive home clearly to change the industry narratives. It is a big part of his company’s mission that determines what to buy and where to invest and the reason why his clients make guided choices of properties of multiple rental apartments.

The company brings people to a simple conviction in the use of their money – that though they may want to hold real estate equity, what they really need is real estate that produces cash flow. The company guides intending property owners through the vast options in the marketplace and narrows choices down to real estate properties in locations that can deliver regular rental income with high occupancy rate.

Kalu’s coaching skill comes into play in guiding investors in real estate on key factors to consider before investing. His four-step investing process includes self-assessment test that identifies the financial status of the intending investor, followed by identifying opportunities tested and trusted to deliver good returns.

The next step, according to Kalu, is consultation, which is a fact finding inquiry on the identified opportunities before committing funds. To him, not having the right information about a property before investing in it makes it an extreme sport; a game of chance that is laden with risk of loss.

Where the first three steps have been properly considered, the real estate coach in charge at Middlechase says it is the right time to take the bold step into the real estate investing arena. Under the strict guidance of his investing, he assures that the investor is on a firm solid path to an unstoppable fortune in real estate business.

Middlechase has to its name a number of housing development projects completed and allotted to homeowners as well as ongoing in Lagos and beyond. These include Eastland Golf Estate located at Abijo, Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos.

The company is also developing FairField Apartments in the same location, which is a 600-unit flat development, offering one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in addition to penthouses. Other ongoing projects include Newtown Apartments springing up at Ijaiye, Easton Towers in Maryland, Eastland Terraces in  Ibeju-Lekki and Uptown Plaza at Ijaiye – all in Lagos.

Known as rental income coach and cash flow king, Kalu is the author of The Cashflow Landlord. In his words, “the book is too loaded. There is actually no value enough to justify a price tag for the book”.

He began his career as a magazine editor and later vied into property investment where he soon built a viable real estate portfolio. His experience in entrepreneurship and real estate investing inspired the creation of a chain of flourishing businesses.

Apart from Middlechase, he is co-founder and CEO, RORI Africa – Nigeria’s leading crowd-investing community. There, he undertakes the leading role of structuring strategic partnerships, deal underwriting, real estate development, public relations at the level of long-term strategy and goals setting for projects.

Kalu is also co-founder/president, Africa Property Investment Group, which is on a mission to inspire, educate and support its members to build and preserve real wealth through real estate. He was one of the founding members of Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria, a progressive investment and business collaborative group that saw the rise of over 200 successful young entrepreneurs in a space of one year.

He is co-founder, Arkbridge Integrated Limited, a leading inventor of diligently crafted communities with several estate projects to its name within the Lagos metropolis. He was behind the first crowd investing project in Agbara, the ‘Orange Heights Development’ and has been involved in the industry ever since. He is currently chief editor for RE-Invest, a property investment magazine.

Kalu brings in his highly informed views regularly on property investment issues in Nigeria and speaks at many investment and property events across the country. In his outlook for the property market in 2021, he foresees a boom for the Lagos market – raking in as much as $5 billion worth of investments in five years.

His prediction is premised on several opportunities he said are inherent in Nigeria’s property market – where about 48 million people would demand to build their own houses yearly and about 8 million people have the capacity to buy a house every year.

His comprehensive understanding of the property market, combined with his ability to deliver projects to multi-stakeholders, has helped to consolidate his company’s position at the cutting edge of the industry.