Topmost Diaspora Nigerian business icons – Echendu Ndubuisi Anthony

Lord. Echendu Ndubuisi is founder, Echendu Group, a multinational conglomerate based in the United Kingdom with a variety of successful business ventures. The Group’s portfolio includes oil and gas, real estate, and construction, contracting & engineering, industrial & commercial trading, freight services, megastores, agribusiness and travel & hospitality management.

Founded in 2009, Echendu Group played a pioneering role in entrepreneurship development in its domain and has maintained a prominent position of leadership among its peers. Echendu has nursed and nurtured the business enterprise to become a vibrant conglomerate, employing over 1000 personnel in more than 15 business operations across West Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Dubai region. 

The Echendu Group’s CEO is reputed for his wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering and construction, having served for several years at the executive management level with Corporate Energy. He has been recognized as a global leader by World Chamber of Business Leaders, in the field of engineering and business procurement for his contributions to the growth of entrepreneurship across the globe.

The chamber, which aligns its activities with the United Nations’ Decade of Action, is a global business think-tank with more than 120 countries in membership and Lord Echendu is one of the few Nigerians to be part of the select group of global business leaders.

The Rivers State-born entrepreneur attended the University College, London where he obtained a degree in chemical engineering. He also obtained a professional certification in engineering from the King’s Entrepreneurship Institute, UK. A professional certificate in Oil and Gas from Duke University, Another Global Diplomacy in modern world from University of London and professional business management certifications from Metropolitan Business School London, Harvard Business School and from the International Business Management Institute, Cambridge.

Lord Echendu has held various executive and senior management positions in the manufacturing and construction industries where he has established a track record of successfully establishing, growing and turning around business enterprises.

He is also an energy insider of Bill Gates Note on climate change and has worked as an engineering contractor and construction management for 13 years with Eshworld. He began his entrepreneurship at the age of 23, when he launched Esh Services, a warehouse construction company. In late 2009, he ventured into the oil and gas sector with the establishment of Echendu Oil and Gas Ltd.

The company is the group’s subsidiary for its operations in the oil and gas sector, which started out as an offshore servicing company and later expanded into oil refining, petrochemicals and water cargo handling and general petroleum engineering services in the United Kingdom.

The oil and gas company has emerged a key player in the oil and gas business across Nigeria, Ghana and the United Kingdom. Its operations cover upstream and downstream businesses, designed to optimise its role and contributions in the development of Nigeria’s huge petroleum resources for greater impact on the economy.

The group’s real estate business undertakes property development and management in its commitment to help bring into reality the dream of every African citizen to own a decent home. Esh Properties is the group’s member company set on a mission to deliver affordable houses to Nigerians and Africans on a consistent basis.

The group’s travel and tour operations are carried out through Skytravel, a member of the Echendu Group. The company offers a full range of travel and tour services, including international school placement, online services, ticket bookings and vacation planning. It plans to expand these services in the future to propel the aviation and tourism industries in Africa. It also holds significant stakes in the associated hospitality industry.

The group’s diversified business interests include manufacturing, which it positions as a primary source of inducing prosperity in the economy. The portfolio of companies and businesses also includes energy services, commodities trading and ICT. Other stakes are in logistics and supply chain, financial services, craft, sports, digital news agency, health care (procurement and supply) and charity operations.

Echendu has attracted investments into Africa, beginning from 2011 when he partnered with an Irish investor to introduce the Shindig energy drink in the Nigerian and Ghanaian markets, while also making investments in cash and carry stores. In 2014, he partnered with Masri Mohammed, the billionaire chairman and president of Mas El Masri Limited to establish an arm of the warehouse and office space construction company in Ghana.

The activities of the UK-trained chemical engineer transcend the business world to include help for humanity. Through his Charity Foundation, which operates as The Echendu Unify, Now Known and called Lord Echendu Foundation, he is uplifting lives in Africa through a number of charity projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire.

Some of the most recent projects include feeding of prisoners at the Ankaful main prison in Cape Coast, donation of foodstuffs to orphanages, distribution of food and relief materials to 10 communities in Rivers State. On annual bases Lord Echendu Pays and empower Rivers State Youth, He has carried out youth empowerment in Nigerian Ghanaian, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire.

He has been recognized by the United Nations as an ambassador for Modern UN and was a keynote speaker at the UN’s Peace Across Borders event. By this appointment, he joins a selected class of international business leaders that are committed to improving economic growth and a better society for all across the world.

He is a member of the Nigeria Society of Petroleum Engineers and a two-time winner of the Biz Awards in 2011 and 2018, as Young Creative CEO. He is also the recipient of Best Global CEO and Founder of the year Africa Foya Awards.