Kennedy Okonkwo – Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2020

Kennedy Okonkwo
Group Chief Executive Officer Nedcomoaks Limited

Dr. Kennedy Okonkwo, is founder and group chief executive officer Nedcomoaks Limited, a company that specializes in real estate construction, development and management. Okonkwo has emerged an impactful real estate entrepreneur in charge of one of the leading real estate companies in Nigeria.

Nedcomoaks stands out as one of the fastest growing property companies in Nigeria and a leading player in the Nigerian real estate market. The company is known for its distinctive offerings in building construction, project consultancy, management, architectural and civil designs.

Okonkwo has travelled a long way in the housing market from below zero – when he lived under a bridge in Lagos to a hallmark of delivering properties with the latest innovations in design, comfort and affordability.

Having experienced homelessness, he made it a point of duty to incorporate affordability in his quest to provide the best properties to Nigerians. The perfect combination of quality and affordable cost has elevated his company to the position of one of the leading property development companies in Nigeria.

Okonkwo incorporated his real estate company in 2007 and rode on the back of two key factors to achieve his dream. These are his firm faith in God and application of pure hard work in expectation that one day, the reward would come.

He has over a decade experience in the real estate sector with expertise in development & construction, consultancy, architecture and civil designs and real estate coaching/training. Over the period, he has built a solid management team that has brought together various professional skills in key areas including housing development, engineering, finance, marketing and property management experience.

The perfect combination of expertise is Okonkwo’s winning formula in the business. His mission is to develop affordable landmark projects in key locations, designed and constructed to highest standards of quality with a commitment to ecologically sensitive urban designs.

He accomplishes this with the blend of expertise that is behind any development his company undertakes from the construction of a boutique enclave of villas to the compilation of its extensive integrated residential portfolios in Nigeria.

At Nedcomoaks, Okonkwo uses his strong business acumen to create first-class residential communities, providing home buyers and investors with a wide range of homes and townhouse options in highly desirable living environments across Nigeria.

Nedcomoaks has delivered over 900 housing units in Nigeria and is currently constructing 290 homes in different locations in the Lekki axis in Lagos. The company has made great strides in the industry, moving from construction of single family dwelling units to undertaking multiple buildings in different parts of the country with remarkable presence in Ikoyi and the Lekki axis.

The plan is to build the gap in the housing sector in Nigeria starting with Lagos and then navigate beyond Nigeria to become the leading property development and management company in West Africa.

Okonkwo is a man focused on a worthy mission of bridging the housing gap in Nigeria by making aspirational living affordable for everyone. He has ascended to the status of a housing developer per excellence through his contributions in providing affordable shelter to Nigerians and employment generation in the real estate sector.

The business runs on a vision of being an innovative market leader in providing affordable housing solutions that exceed customer expectations. Okonkwo takes painstaking steps to ensure he delivers high quality buildings of unmatched value every time and he keeps raising the bar of his quality definition.

Creativity is at the centre of his enterprise, using unique original ideas to excite customers. His projects come with modern innovations in the built environment packaged with total commitment to clients’ satisfaction and high quality workmanship and services. In this way, he has contributed to viable community developments and made his mark in the transformation of the real estate sector.

Okonkwo has built and perfected a process that has worked well enough to take him up the league of top 10 real estate disruptors 2020. The process begins by assessing the clients’ needs with minute attention to details that beats the competition. It proceeds with tailoring building development to fit into those needs and surpass clients’ expectations. Post sale contact is maintained to pave the way for satisfied homeowners to repeat performance.

The wealth of knowledge that Okonkwo has gained in the business, he is giving out to empower others. He carries out Property Education Mentorship Programme – PEMP Initiative designed to mentor and empower young people seeking knowledge on how to establish themselves in the real estate business/industry.

The initiative serves as a training and empowerment resource center for real estate entrepreneurs in the economy. This is a developmental role to see the real estate industry blossom to the point of leading economic development in Nigeria.