Top 10 CEOs of the year 2022 – Oluwatobi Ajayi

Mr. Oluwatobi Ajayi, founder and CEO, Nord Automobiles Limited, is an astute and highly creative entrepreneur, who is behind the vision of one of Nigeria’s first automobile brands. Launched in December 2020, Ajayi has since then run the indigenous automaker with the quest to become the biggest in Nigeria.

This is his big dream of 2016 come to reality, which is to give Nigerians the best of automobiles from a remarkable made-in-Nigeria automobile brand. He makes bold to state his confidence that the Nord vehicles would soon become household names in Nigeria. The Lekki-based Nord Automobiles has taken its place as a welcome member of a growing list of Nigeria’s home-grown automotive manufacturers. The list includes Innoson Vehicle Manufacturers, Obasa Specialty Vehicles, Proforce and Bennie Technologies.

Nord Automobiles is Ajayi’s positive response to the federal government’s effort to take its prime position among automobile manufacturers in Africa. He sets out on a mission to meet the need for a remarkable made-in-Nigeria automobile brand of which not less than five different car models were unveiled right from the official launch.

His company focuses on design, development, assembling, distribution, marketing and provision of sales and after-sale of premium vehicles at relatively competitive prices. The company has its assembly plant on a 2,100 square metres of land space in Sangotedo, Lagos with another 3,400 square metres of land at Epe, providing robust capacity needed to capture the biggest share of Nigeria’s large automotive market. For the company, it is a grand plan for total industry transformation by rolling out a model of cars for Nigerians, built by Nigerians.

Ajayi envisions a broad market focus for his organisation, covering the low, middle and high ends of the automobile market spectrum. His aim is to meet Nigeria’s vehicular and mobility needs for both the low and middle-income earners, including corporate organisations. His desire is to make it normal for hardworking Nigerians to buy and use brand new vehicles.

Nord Automobiles CEO gives a long list of models that will roll out of the company’s assembly plant, which include Nord Tank Pick-up, Max Pick-up, Flit bus, Aso truck, Lasgi big bus, A3 sedan and A5 SUV. The list also includes Yarn family/business shuttle, Tripper bus, Bolt bus, Ben SUV, Urban sedan, among others in the pipeline.

The advantage of home-based auto manufacturer is taking the local environment into consideration and this, according to Ajayi, has been given priority in his company’s product roll- out. He assures that market specific features will reflect in terms of durability, elegance and low-cost advantage.

The assurance is backed by his company’s collaboration with some of the biggest automotive firms in Europe and Asia, which gives it an edge in delivering durable, safe, reliable and affordable vehicles that give buyers good value for money.

Nord Automobiles’ uniqueness is in bringing in high quality expertise in the value chain of the entire auto assemblage, which includes the design, sourcing, development, assembling, distribution, marketing, provision of sales and after-sales service for all of its automobiles. Ajayi has engaged his entrepreneurial skills to set his business gaining momentum in defiance of the difficult operating conditions of the Nigerian economy in 2022. He has expanded into new businesses and markets, including transport, real estate and banking.

In the automobile market, he has introduced new models over the past one year with improved design, engine and general performance that are evident in the 2022 Nord Max edition.

Nord Automobiles also increased its market network and customer reach through the establishment of branches and after-sales service centres, including its state-of-the-art Abuja service centre.