Alexandra West – Nigeria’s Top 10 Wonder Kids

The name Alexandra West came to limelight when she clinched the award for the most innovative idea at the 2017 edition ofbusiness fair for children organized by Kid Entrepreneurs, a non-governmental organization championing entrepreneurship among children. Alexandra West is 9 years Old and the CEO of Lexy Fashion House who started making Ankara prints sunglasses, hairbands and slippers 2years ago. Starting a fashion company at such young age has marked Alexandra out as real prodigy to watch.

She is somebody who has a lot of love for the African culture which made her to choose Ankara prints. She started by creating alot of things with Ankara fabrics for fun because she used to admire her mother’s lovely and colourful Ankara fabrics, but as time went on, she realised she could actually make money out of it. “I told my mum the idea I had and she said she’ll support me all the way” she stated. She said that her choice of line of business was as a result of her findings that people were not yet many in doing those things and since she wanted to be unique she decided to go into producing those things.

“In April 2017, I made my first product sales at the Kids Entrepreneur Business Fair. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I sold out all my products made alot of money” she said in an interview. Since that experience, she has not looked back, attending more and more exhibitions and people also order her products on Instagram and Facebook. “Sometimes it could be overwhelming but I try to stay calm and patient which has always worked for me”.

After winning the most innovative idea award sat the KENT fair,her mother gave her a diary and told her to write down all her ideas and thoughts no matter how big or small and that served to be a big motivation for her. She also receives a lot of support from her gran mother and aunties.

Mixing school and business is not so easy for the little girl but she said that always tries to balance things. “I get to produce during weekends, it could be tough but I always get words of encouragement from my mum, uncles and my aunt. Also,my products are not only for kids, it’s for everyone”.

“My prize for the most innovative business idea at the KENT fair has made me to know that people love what I’m doing,

it’s just so beautiful and amazing to know that my idea has become a reality. I am really hoping to grow Lexy Fashion House into a big brand that the world will recognize. I know I can do it. Like my mum always says “Stay positive”.