Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2022 -Benjamin D. Akhamere

Mr. Benjamin D. Akhamere is founder and managing director of DreamCity Group, a conglomerate of companies with diversified interests in real estate development, civil works, mining, manufacturing and hospitality. The Group is structured to achieve integrated operations from specialized entities in the key segments of the business. These include Substantial Construction Company Ltd, DreamCity Property and Investment Ltd, DreamCity Interior Ltd and DreamCity Ltd.

With extensive knowledge in planning, building and civil engineering amongst others, Akhamere has placed DreamCity amongst the leading and dependable real estate developers in Nigeria. The group is based in Abuja from where its estate development operations have spread to Lagos and Oyo States, Warri in Delta State and Benin in Edo State.

At DreamCity Group, Akhamere is on a mission to create exceptional real estate portfolio that guarantees high returns on investment, value for money and long term financial security.

The Group undertakes the development of both commercial and residential housing projects. It boasts a number of housing estate projects both completed and ongoing – that come complete with a promise of high-class infrastructures, satisfactory living experience and continuous value appreciation.

DreamCity Group is keen to ensure that its estates are situated in strategic and secured locations surrounded by developed neighbourhoods with valued-added advantages, which include ample internal and external spaces and well-developed infrastructures. The company insists on high quality standard building materials in order to achieve durability with very low maintenance cost. It is betting that its clients are sure to get value for every penny invested in purchase of its housing units.

The company’s assurances of high quality building materials, durability and low maintenance cost of its buildings draw from its active involvement in bulk importation and direct sourcing of construction materials from local manufacturers.

The company’s commercial projects are designed to offer attractive investment opportunities such as owning a business space (shop) in shopping malls and also a suit in hotel apartments. The company promises guaranteed return on investment of 100 percent on commercial property investments within 8 to10 years inclusive of 10 percent maintenance cost.

Apart from value creation through high returns on residential and commercial investment packages, DreamCity Group also offers contemporary design concepts in architecture and project consulting services that range from project planning to completion. Project consulting services include cost budgeting, civil designs and stage by stage advisory necessary for a successful project.

Akhamere’s business prowess in the construction industry started under the auspices of Dibrom

Engineering Company, a sole proprietorship enterprise he registered in 1993. This was followed by the incorporation of David Akhamere Investment Ltd in 2006.

His effort in propagating the enterprise attained a milestone in 2001 when he partnered with Same Global Systems Ltd (the first real estate development company to open-up Dakwo District in Abuja) as their primary contractor trusted with the construction of several housing units. These include duplexes and blocks of flat, all of which were successfully completed and handed over to the respect allottees.

For Akhamere, business successes led to new visions and bigger dreams, which found an expression in 2010 when he restructured the company for greater reach and bigger impact. He was prompted by a strong desire to fulfill significant long term goals in critical sectors and industries, which include civil construction, real estate development, mining, electrification/energy, production and manufacturing.

The insight gave birth to the brand name DreamCity Group, which has emerged as a conglomerate of companies and businesses with interests in sectors and industries that have enabled an integrated business strategy. The diversification has paid off in terms of an extended field of expertise and experience the Group has built in estate development (planning), civil engineering, mining (quarry) and electrification.

The company’s diversification strategy was to keep real estate development as the core of the business but to broaden the base of the operations across the real estate value chain.  By deepening the operating base, the Group builds in considerable economies of scale benefits that position it to deliver wealth creating assets to its clients on a continuing basis.

Civil works form a major part of the company’s housing projects in respect of which a construction arm of DreamCity Group – Substantial Construction Company and a sister company, DreamCity Property and Investment Ltd – were formed. The two companies undertake all construction and civil works in DreamCity estates.

DreamCity Group ranks high in cultivated professionalism and adaptability through the ever challenging economic and industrial conditions in Nigeria. The Group has also invested largely in construction equipment and human capital development – which have powered the fulfillment of its project commitments.

Akhamere’s vision is to be the leading real estate development and construction firm in Africa, delivering customers’ dreams by building the highest quality residential, and commercial properties around. His business leadership skill is ably supported by a highly experienced team of directors and senior managers, who have attained commanding heights in the real estate and construction industry. The company’s sound management and technical teams are recognised as the critical success factor in its enviable record of delivering on promises to clients.

The Group also provides mortgage financing options for its projects through its partnerships with Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and other mortgage institutions. It also offers National Housing Fund loans at single digit interest rates in its contribution towards affordable houses for civil servants.