Top 10 Election Petition Advocates in Nigeria – Chris Uche (SAN)

Chief Chris Uche is principal partner, Chris Uche & Co, a full service multi-sector law firm he has led for many years of successful practice to distinguished itself locally and internationally.

The firm commands expansive litigation experience and possesses a record of vast practices in all superior courts of records. “We are regularly involved in leading landmark cases in the Supreme Court and court of appeal in Nigeria” the company stated in its profile.

Uche is an acclaimed expert litigator, legal advisor and legal consultant, who has an exceptionally successful career at the Nigerian Bar to show for his services. He has distinguished himself by way of record successes achieved in both appellate courts in a range of election petitions, constitutional matters and commercial and corporate litigations.

He is a key member of the legal team of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 presidential election petition, a formidable legal team of 19 SANs that constitute top names with vast experience in election petition cases, constitutional law and litigation.

The challenge before the legal team of the former vice president is to convince the tribunal that the outcome of the election is invalid by reason of corrupt practices or non-compliance with the provisions of the electoral act that regulate the conduct of elections.

It is the duty of the legal team to lead the tribunal to a conviction that INEC failed in its duty to adhere to the provisions of the electoral laws and therefore failed to produce free, fair and credible election results.

No doubt, the duty calls for innovative approaches and technics in the questions of uploading election results to the INEC Result Viewing Portal (IReV) and to establish that incidents of corrupt practices and non-compliance with the electoral act influenced the outcome of the election.

Uche is also the counsel to the candidate of the PDP in the Ogun State governorship election petition tribunal against Governor Dapo Abiodun and the APC.

He relies on an accomplished legal team to bring a wealth of experience in addressing constitutional matters, unraveling the essence of a nation’s legal framework to positively impact governance, civil liberties and the balance of power.

Chris Uche & Co. assures its clients and the nation of insightful interpretations of constitutional provisions to challenging legislative actions that may infringe upon citizens’ rights – an approach it says is powered by strong research capability, strategic analysis and unwavering commitment to justice.

“We are dedicated to safeguarding the sanctity of the constitution and ensuring that the principles upon which the nation was founded remain unshaken”, the law firm stated in its corporate profile.

The law firm boasts a team of seasoned experts, who specialize in the intricate domain of electoral law and election petitions. This is informed by its purpose to uphold democratic principles while meticulously navigating the complex electoral processes.

The firm holds itself out with assurances to aspiring candidates and political parties seeking guidance on campaign compliance, concerned about potential irregularities or with puzzling questions about election petitions that it stands for all as steadfast advocates. “Our experience extends to challenging election results and ensuring that the integrity of the democratic system is preserved, the company stated.

The full service, multi-sector law firm extends its specialist services to general practices, covering all areas of the law. Its successes in all superior courts of record through numerous landmark cases serve as credible testimonies to its claims. It points to expansive experience in vast sectors of the law for its distinction in both local and international jurisdictions.

It underscores a major attraction of its legal services that compel clients to seek repeat performance if necessary: a genuine understanding of the importance of each case to the client and the meticulous attention to detail, personalized care and a relentless pursuit of justice that govern the approach of every matter it handles.

The company looks beyond courtroom victories in its commitment to top-notch service delivery by forging strong attorney-client relationships. It invests time in understanding the clients’ unique circumstances, objectives, and challenges by which it gets well equipped to tailor its legal strategies and deploy all resources at its command within the ambits of the law to ensure client satisfaction.

Uche is a 1980 law graduate from the University of Lagos with a Second Class Honours Upper degree and after excelling once again with Second Class Upper grade in the professional training at the Nigerian Law School, he was called to the bar in 1981. He is the principal and proprietor of Chris Uche SAN & CO., from where he has provided outstanding legal services for over 40 years and handled several cases of national interest and constitutional importance.

He was elevated to the prestigious rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria in 2003. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, International Bar Association and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association.