THE TOP10 MAGAZINE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2023:BUKOLA OLATUJOYE, CEO of Zylus Group,Female Real Estate Leader of the Year

Bukola Olatujoye is a highly accomplished business administrator, entrepreneur, and leadership coach with over a decade of practical experience in the field. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Zylus Group International. Her strong educational foundation began with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Lagos State University (LASU). Continuously committed to personal and professional growth, she has earned many certifications in different spheres of business management.

In 2021, Olatujoye completed her certification in Entrepreneurial Management from Pan-Atlantic University, underscoring her commitment to staying at the forefront of entrepreneurial practices. She also earned a Proficiency Certificate in Human Resources Management from the International Strategic Management Institute. Her pursuit of excellence continued with a certification in Entrepreneurship Skills Development from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK in 2020.

 Mrs. Olatujoye also achieved certification in strategic management from the International Strategic Management Institute in 2021. Her impressive journey in business education manifests her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Her proficiency extends to diverse facets of business, including sales and marketing, capacity building, training and development, human capacity development, and market research.

Her leadership style is marked by a deep understanding of market dynamics, team management, and precise negotiation skills, all underpinned by an unwavering dedication to excellence. As the CEO of Zylus Group International, she has successfully guided the organization towards remarkable revenue growth over the past two years. Mrs. Olatujoye is not just a business leader; she is a beacon of inspiration and transformation in the corporate world.

With over a decade of practical experience, Mrs. Olatujoye stands as a seasoned and accomplished business administrator and entrepreneur. Her journey in the world of business has been marked by notable achievements, a strong commitment to growth, and a dedication to fostering a positive working environment.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the real estate industry, Mrs. Olatujoye was honored with the Distinguished Real Estate Practitioner of the Year award at the Nigeria Achievers Awards in 2021. This accolade serves as a testament to her exceptional leadership and accomplishments in the field.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Zylus Group International in Lekki, Lagos, Olatujoye oversees the company’s strategic direction and growth initiatives.  Under her leadership, Zylus Group International has witnessed remarkable growth and achievements, reflected in the company’s impressive revenue performance over the last two years.

In her previous role as the Executive Director of Operations at Zylus Group International, Olatujoye managed and controlled the company’s operations, overseeing daily activities in its subsidiaries. Her strategic insights and leadership skills played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the organization.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Zylus Group International, she continues to lead the organization toward new heights of success, making her a true trailblazer in the industry. She is the Co-founder of the Tosin Olatujoye Foundation.

Mrs. Olatujoye’s selection by the Top10 Magazine as the Female Real Estate Leader of the Year is in recognition of her milestone achievements as a game changer in the Nigerian real estate market.