Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah -Chairman/President, Chinmark Group

Chairman/President, Chinmark Group

Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is chairman/president, Chinmark Group, a conglomerate that operates a portfolio of companies across the key sectors of the economy in more than 12 countries in six continents around the world. The group operates through subsidiaries in lending, investing, healthcare and construction. It also undertakes transportation, real estate and agriculture.

At Chinmark Group, Ijiomah has demonstrated an amazing track record of touching lives via a value chain that serves a global customer base of 100 million and counting. The visionary governs his business empire to deliver high quality services to customers but also lends a hand of help continually to the down trodden to empower them towards a decent living. 

Moving against the economic lockdown, he expanded business offices aggressively as well as client base locally and internationally. From the company’s headquarters in Enugu the group has spread out across Nigeria with branch offices at Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Onitsha, Uyo, Owerri and Kaduna.

His group has visible presence in Nigeria, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Japan. He also operates in China, Ghana, Gambia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, amongst others. In the counter cyclical move, he lightened up the burden of living for innumerable number of people around the world.

Ijiomah has shaped his conglomerate to run on high quality service, speedy service delivery and transparency. He has ensured the company maintains a track record of sustainability, customer satisfaction and profitability in every market it operates.

The group’s investment arm – Fin Africa empowers people through high return investment options for individuals that promise a 2 percent flat rate return on investment monthly. Another subsidiary – Chinmark Loans provides financing opportunities and funding for business owners.

It is positioned as a dependable source of quick business loans for individual and commercial funding for small scale and large, existing businesses. This is an effort by Ijiomah to encourage the hard working youth in Nigeria.

The credit delivery service comes handy as a bridge for reviving troubled businesses as well as tiding over critical business challenges in the storm created by the coronavirus pandemic. The Chinmark Group’s boss gives his word in terms of readiness to deliver financial solutions with top notch speed to whatever personal financial needs that people face. These include wedding, business, vacation/travel, housing renovation, medical expenses and payment of school fees.

The group also operates a real estate and civil engineering arm – Chinmark Homes and Shelters, which is reputed as a leading construction brand in Nigeria and the fastest growing construction company in Africa. The company creates a lot of direct and indirect jobs through its operations that cover building construction and design, interior designs, property management, land sales and purchase, estate development and consultancy.

Ijeomah also has a subsidiary company in agriculture – Chinmark Farm and Dairies, which produces healthy food products at an affordable cost. This is line with his commitment to meet the food supply needs of Nigeria’s teeming populace. The products range from grains, tubers, mutton, beef and other edible condiments.

Chinmark Farms also supplies high quality fertilizers and pesticides and hires out modern farm implements to farmers across the country. By channeling investors’ funds into diversified operations in agriculture for high returns, Ijeomah has devised an innovative way of attracting huge investments into the sector.

Other arms of his business empire include Chinmark Rides, which provides transportation services, Chinmark Medicals and Health – a subsidiary company in the healthcare sector and other businesses in consultancy and haulage. The group is on a rampaging growth to capture every segment of business enterprise in defiance of the Covid-19-induced economic downturn.

He opened a Lagos office in the midst of the pandemic, which he said is a mission to create easy access to loan facilities otherwise unavailable to micro, small and medium enterprises [MSMEs] from financial institutions as well as a good platform for people to investment for good returns.

With the opening of a Lagos office, Ijiomah said his company is set to breathe a new life in the economy of the south west region through empowering MSMEs. “We are set to collaborate with MSMEs in the region to offer loans at a very low interest rate and other management consulting services to dwindling businesses.

“We are open to partner with farmers in the whole chain of their businesses as well as budding entrepreneurs to make them stand out despite the economic challenges in the world. “Chinmark is out to touch lives across sectors with its cutting-edge technology and human resources”, he said.

Chinmark Group recently dived into hospitality with a Dubai multi billion Naira international restaurant that caters for Italian, Arabian, Indian seafood and African dishes located at Marina bay.