TOP 10 PERCEPTION MANAGERS 2024 – Meksley Nwagboh

Meksley Nwagboh, Chief Marketing Officer, Fidelity Bank Plc

Dr Meksley Nwagboh is the Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Bank plc, a leading Tier 1 bank in Nigeria. He is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over 17 years of experience in banking, insurance, asset management, trust services, securities, private equity and venture capital.

Nwagboh is an accomplished, results-driven marketing and communications manager offering successful experience in driving market share, experiential marketing, brand recognition, and revenue improvements through strategic marketing initiatives and effective digital marketing plans.

Prior to joining Fidelity Bank in 2022, he had earlier worked with Guaranty Trust Bank as the Head of Corporate Communications before moving on to Coronation Merchant Bank in 2018 to oversee the marketing & communications of the bank. Since joining Fidelity Bank in 2022, Nwagbo has been responsible for the entire gamut of communication across the banking group; providing strategic direction, and overseeing the execution of initiatives covering stakeholder engagement, brand management, reputation management and market positioning.

He is also responsible for leading the function of translating and positioning the organizations’ corporate identity and messaging, developing and administering a comprehensive communication strategy to a multifaceted audience of investors, regulators, the media, corporate and retail clients.

He holds a Doctorate and Masters degree in Media & Communications from the prestigious Pan Atlantic University. He also holds a certification in Research Leadership from Birmingham City University, UK and is a member of several professional bodies such as the Advertisers Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and the Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland.

He is the author of the book ‘Building the Nigerian Dream’ and has published several academic articles on ethnic categorization and crisis communication in reputable international journals.

Fidelity Bank of Nigeria, whose reputation Nwagboh now manages, was incorporated in 1987 and began its operations in 1988. It initially started as a Merchant Bank.

The Bank converted to a commercial bank in 1999, in an attempt to grow, as a private limited company and became a Public Limited Company also in August 1999. It re-branded to Fidelity Bank Plc that year.

It secured its Universal Banking Licence in February 2001 and also obtained its International Banking Licence in 2011. Fidelity Bank of Nigeria has now grown to a stable banking institution. During the 2005 Nigeria Banking consolidation, Fidelity Bank acquired FSB International Bank Plc (“FSB”) and Manny Bank Plc to become one of the leading financially stable banks in Nigeria.

 Fidelity Bank currently has presence in all the states and major cities in Nigeria and the UK. Over the years, the bank has been reputed for its financial stability and integrity and continues to rank among Nigeria’s most capitalized banks, with tier-one capital of nearly USD1 billion (One Billion US Dollars).