The Top10 Magazine Excellence Awards 2022:Abiodun Michael. O. Olufemi, MD/CEO of REHOBOTH STANDARD INTERNATIONAL LTD. (Electrical Cables Accessories Merchant of the Year)

Rehoboth Standard International Limited is the representative (Northern Area) to Nigerchin Electrical Dev. Co. Ltd which specializes in the manufacturing of electrical power cables. The pioneer manufacturer presently produces a range of electrical products, including Copper and Aluminium Conductors made primarily to British standard, Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), International Standard Organization, – ISO. These include:

Copper 600/1000v full range conduit wiring cable;

Copper 600/1000v full range surface wiring cable;

Copper 600/1000v single–core full range main cable;

Copper 600/1000v multi–core full range steel wire amoured cable;

Copper 600/1000v multi–core up to 60 cores amoured & unamoured;

Copper 1.9/3.3kv multi–core steel wire amoured cable;

Bare Annealed copper;

Aluminium 600/1000v series entrance cable;

Aluminium conductor steel reinforced; and

Copper 450/750v single and multi- core cross linked XLPE insulated, Mica Taped, Sheathed and non-sheated cable.(0.6/1kv).

Rehoboth also sells foreign, special cables like signal cables, cat5 and 6. It has proven expertise in the manufacture and sale of major special cables like XLPE medium and high voltage, including marine power cables of various sizes and specification among other electrical materials.

The MD/CEO, Abiodun Michael Olufemi, is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. He is a result-oriented leader with exposure to business development with ability to leverage skills and capabilities to participate in electrical cables sales activities. He is an exceptional leader, a marketer per excellent with a talent for selling design, quality, service and value for price. He is adept at B2C sales and negotiations with decision makers at many levels and has demonstrated ability to build new territories and expand opportunities within existing client/customer base. He is outstanding in relationship building, training and presentation skills, intelligent, articulate and driven to success.

In recognition of the rapid growth and rising profile of Rehoboth Standard International Ltd in cable marketing under the dynamic management style of Abiodun Michael Olufemi, the company is hereby honoured by the Top10 Magazine as the Electrical Cables Accessories Merchant of the Year.