OLUWADEMILADE ADEPEGBA – Nigeria’s Top 10 Wonder Kids

The nine-year old all-round entertainer

OluwademiladeAdepegba, a.k.a. DemiladeSax, created a scene in church when he was two years old, which left those who could see beyond the ordinary what lay in future for the toddler.

The children’s choir was singing. Unknown to the entire congregation, and with nobody taking notice, the child who could barely run properly found his way to where the choir was singing and began to sway his body perfectly to the rhythm of the song. A new entertainer was born – in the house of God.

Before then, as a baby, Oluwademilade seemed to respond excitedly to the sound of music and singing, wherever it came from. All that he needed to hear to stop crying was the sound of music, or anything that sounded like musical instrument, like guitar, drum, trumpet, saxophone or flute. He was constantly exposed to the sound of musical instruments because his mother always took along when going for rehearsals in the church choir

By the time he reached four years, he was already good with the flute. His extraordinary passion for musical instruments encouraged his father to buy a piano and employ a music teacher for him. It did not take long for him to master the keyboard, and could play with perfection. He could also read notes and understand intonations very well, besides reading sights. For him, the keyboard is next only to food. He plays it before going to school in the morning; plays on return from school and plays before he goes to sleep.

Having mastered the keyboard, Oluwademilade set his eyes on saxophone, and promptly made a request to his father to get him one. The father obliged him the request and got him a saxophone, which he astonishingly started playing the same week it was bought.

Now nine years old, Oluwademilade combines his mastery of the saxophone and piano with his stagecraft in dancing to perform at important events such as school and church concerts, weddings, birthdays, and shows like Nnenna and Friends Kiddies Show, Super Smart Kids Competition. He has registered with MUSON, the renowned music school, to develop himself further in music. Nigeria and, indeed, the world, have yet to see what Oluwademilade has to offer from the depth of his being.