THE TOP10 MAGAZINE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2023:Dr. Kabir Adamu, Managing Director, Beacon Consulting Limited, Security Icon of the Year

Dr. Kabir Adamu, is a distinguished expert in enterprise security risk management and intelligence as well as national security solutions. He is the Managing Director of Beacon Consulting Limited, a renowned Abuja-based firm that specializes in providing comprehensive security risk management and intelligence solutions in Nigeria and the Sahel region. With a sound academic background, considerable experience and an impressive track record, Dr. Kabir Adamu is recognized for his exceptional skills and leadership in the field of security and intelligence.

A dynamic and highly professional security and intelligence executive, Dr. Kabir Adamu has excelled in both the public and private sectors, including the humanitarian and development sector. His expertise extends to security consultancy and project management at the multinational level, supporting clients operating in volatile, uncertain, hostile, challenging, and complex environments.

At Beacon Consulting, Dr. Kabir leads a team of seasoned security professionals who share a commitment to professionalism and excel in delivering a wide range of security risk management and intelligence solutions. These solutions include National Security Sector Governance and Reform capabilities, Risk and Crisis Management, Security Investigation, Background Checks, Atmospherics, Security Intelligence, Security Escort Services, Journey Management, Real-time Incident Reporting, Intelligence Consulting, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and so much more.

Dr. Kabir holds a Doctorate degree in Strategic Security Risk Management, making him an authority in his field. He is widely regarded as the go-to expert for simplifying security challenges and offering practical, sustainable safety, security, and intelligence solutions. His approach is built on a foundation of professional integrity and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards. His dedication has earned him numerous accolades, licenses, permits, and accreditations from reputable organizations worldwide.

Currently, Dr. Kabir holds several esteemed positions and memberships, including:

Fellow of the Risk Managers Society of Nigeria (RIMSON)

Fellow of the Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Risk Management Institute (ECRMI)

Fellow of the International Institute of Professional Security, Nigeria (ISCA)

Member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International), the leading global organization for security professionals

Member of the Security Institute, United Kingdom

Dr. Kabir Adamu led the Security and Intelligence team at the Office of the President of the Senate in the 9th Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was part of the technical team that supported the Transition Committee in 2023 and is currently supporting the ministerial review process, mandated by Executive Order 13. His impressive career and profound impact in the field of security risk management and intelligence continue to shape and secure the future of Nigeria and the broader Sahel region.

The selection of Dr. Kabir Adamu as The Top10 Magazine’s Security Icon of the Year award is in recognition of his professional excellence and contribution to security and safety standards in corporate Nigeria.