Oladipupo Clement – Top 10 CEOs of 2021

Mr. Oladipupo Clement is founder and chief executive officer, Lifepage Group, a real estate investment company that began operations in 2012. At Lifepage Group, he has successfully created and managed over 23 projects across Africa and is in charge of an investment portfolio deals in excess of $20 million.

A global investor and trusted wealth creation & retention coach, Clement boasts a career spanning over two decades. He leads a group of investors/professionals comprising over 15,000 subscribers and realtors.

His diverse operations cut across sectors and industries where he is behind the springing of a number of companies. He founded Lifepage Property & Investments Limited in 2014 – which deals in real estate development and investments across the major cities in Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

In close to 10 years on the saddle at Lifepage Group, Clement has led the organisation to attain great milestones in business development and brand strategy and to make its mark in the real estate industry.

He is a principal co-founder of several companies operating in the construction, software

development, executive education and agriculture space. This includes Million Homes, which was launched in 2019 – a platform that provides access to real estate investment and home ownership.

Here the company is set on a mission to rebuild one million homes by 2041. The platform creates access to people of various income levels to otherwise capital intensive real estate opportunities by enabling subscribers to make gains through investments.

Lifepage are the owners and developers of a number of prime properties and residential estates in key Nigerian cities, including Lagos, Abuja, Ogun State, among others.

Clement champions the crusade for Africa-wide economic emancipation through platforms such as the Wealth Creation Summit and the Mega Housing Summit.

Through mentorship, he has enabled ordinary people to take up opportunities in real estate to escape from poverty into wealth by investing profitably.

This he does as a host of the Gameplan Masterclasses and The Gameplan on Radio which reaches millions of people weekly. He is an avid reader, an author and has to his credit several published and unpublished works.

He worked as senior manager/regional vice president, business development atAims Asset Management Limited – one of the foremost financial service groups in Nigeria.

He trained over 200 of the company’s workforce nationally during his tenure.

He was credited for strategically organizing and collaborating with senior executives of thecompany to develop new business trends and new services. He successfully executed and spearheaded internal and external business strategies to optimize customer relationships. Clement attended Faith Christian Theological Seminary & Central Christian University, Lexington, North Carolina, USA. He trained at Business School Netherlands where he obtained a Master’s degree in business.

He has been resident pastor, Calvary Bible Church, Gbagada in Lagos since 2018 – where he provides spiritual leadership to members of the church.

Clement is the author of a new book on financial freedom titled Financial Freedom Master Guide. The book, which has earned him credit internationally for giving the inspiration and the tools for transforming their lives, has extended further his credentials as a trusted wealth creation and retention expert, a seasoned financial coach and entrepreneur.