Topmost Diaspora Nigerian business icons – Ken Oguzie

Ken Oguzie is a dynamic and dependable International Trade and Business Consultant with more than 10 years-experience spanning 4 different continents in the areas of facilitating and promoting International Trade between regions. Ken’s client centred approach and personalised international business /trade strategy development expertise has built him a reputation amongst his clients globally, as well as strengthened his numerous partnerships with both private and public sector stakeholders.

Throughout his career, Ken has developed a track record in the areas of trade and business facilitation as well as Investment promotion. He has successfully facilitated numerous Trade and Investment deals across various continents and constantly strives to grow the Economies of regions where he operates in and between.

With his dynamic and can-do attitude, Ken has a knack for creating new opportunities and connecting businesses from various regions to partner and collaborate in a variety of ways. Ken also specialises in “holding the hands” of businesses looking to invest or set up new businesses in a foreign country and ensuring they feel safe and comfortable in the new country.

Areas of Expertise

International Trade Facilitation- Ken facilitates international business transactions between clients across multiple countries. He has successfully closed multiple deals and works closely with private sector and Government stakeholders.

Inbound and Outbound Mission- With a focus on Africa-Canada, Ken facilitates trade missions between regions and connects businesses together. His major strength is his extensive network of Government and private sector contacts globally.

Investment promotion- Ken sources for investors and exposes them to new Markets for investments across various sectors. His services are highly personalised and built upon providing a seamless experience for clients

Market Research/ Feasibility Studies- Ken conducts extensive Market

Research/Feasibility Studies for clients looking to access foreign Markets. He also develops International Market entry strategies for clients who decide to move ahead with the transaction.


Africa Canada Trade and Investment Venture Plc (ACTIV) is an organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a passion for promoting and facilitating Trade and Investment between Africa and Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, as well as the rest of Canada. Our primary purpose is to create Trade and business opportunities for Nova Scotian businesses looking to export and/or partner with companies in Africa, as well as opportunities for Foreign Direct Investments into Nova Scotia. We also partner with designated Government agencies and stakeholders, in the capacity of consultants, to organize inbound and outbound trade missions across between Africa and Nova Scotia as well as promote Nova Scotia as a destination for studies. Our trade missions are designed to connect stakeholders seeking Trade and Investment opportunities across both regions, and create long term, sustainable relationships amongst stakeholders. ACTIV creates the platform for relationship building, trade and investment discussions and for businesses in Nova Scotia to showcase their products and services and also attract Investments to Nova Scotia necessary for job creation and Economic Development

ACTIV is well positioned to substantially increase trade between Africa and Nova Scotia by leveraging our extensive links globally and local knowledge to encourage bilateral trade. Taking advantage of the recent growth of FDI and the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection (FIPA) trade agreements between Africa and Canada as well as the newly enacted Africa Free Trade agreement (ACFCTA), we identify this an opportunity for Nova Scotia to access a 1bn people market through export, and to attract Investors to the province.