Freeman Osonuga – Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2020

Freeman Osonuga
Chief Executive Officer, Adloyalty Business Network

Dr. Freeman Osonuga is chief executive officer, Adloyalty Business Network, known to be the first and the biggest independent real estate network marketing platform in Nigeria.He is a medical doctor turned multi-award-winning real estate entrepreneur, an avid public speaker and an ardent humanitarian.

The network boasts over 23,000 registered real estate brokers, 7,000 clients across 35 estates. It is reckoned in the industry circles to be the largest network of billion-dollar property sellers in Africa. It is essentially a real estate brokerage firm with a track record of prompt delivery of houses and allocation of lands to investors.

Osonugaestablished the network in his quest to make a mark in the effort to close the housing deficit in Nigeria. The company has grown to become the biggest platform empowering and connecting enterprising people to Nigeria’s multi-billiondollar real estate industry. He has created opportunities that have made hundreds of ordinary individuals millionaires through property selling.

It is a mission accomplished for Osonuga in creating wealth by empowering enterprising individuals through real estate. In the process, he has created gainful employment opportunities through which many people have charted independent fulfilling careers in real estate brokerage.

Adloyalty Business Network was created with a vision of being the number one brokerage firm in Nigeria, making real estate investments and home ownership easy and accessible. Osonuga’s key success factor in the business is the foundation of integrity, innovation, team spirit and technology on which the business runs.

What he has in place is a model that has made home ownership easy, accessible and affordable to clients home and abroad.Osonuga is keen to fish out development partners that are innovative in building good homes at affordable prices with flexible payment options.

The network partners with credible real estate developers that meet the mark of impeccable track record of delivery of affordable homes and property investment. It painstakingly scrutinizes housing development schemes and admits only the credible ones to its platform. 

In this way, the company has built trust and confidence that have given clients and consultants peace of mind in building their real estate portfolios. The network offers a win-win situation for clients, real estate consultants and for real estate development companies – which get an advantage of its multi-level real estate marketing system.

Osonuga has a clear focus in the business – which is to provide affordable homes and investment opportunities for new aspiring home owners and investors. He engineered a business model that empowers an army of realtors with 7-figure income commission payments, life changing sales incentives such as SUVs, all-expense paid vacations abroad, home appliances, shopping vouchers, spa treatments and many other emoluments.

The firm is out to identify and empower enterprising individuals through capacity building trainings and seminars on a continuous basis. By providing genuine properties with the right set of title documentations that they can sell on commission, Osonuga is continuously opening up the opportunities within the Nigerian real estate industry to a large and growing number of people. His company’s goal of reducing youth unemployment rate in Nigeria is being realised.

He is leading people to believe in the beauty of their dreams and to work courageously to achieve all that their hearts earnestly yearn for. “With faith, hope and perseverance, every young person can fulfill his dreams irrespective of colour, tribe, nation, sex, background and ethnicity,” he said.

Osonuga has a great desire to advance the course of humanity such that humanitarian activities constitute a major part of his life’s purpose.  Prior to his foray into real estate, he was a frontline medical doctor in the fight against the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

He volunteered for the Africa Union Support to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and he was on a six-month medical humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone – a service that earned him a Presidential award from President Bai Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone.

He established an NGO named Heal the World Foundation Nigeria which focuses on caring for children with disabilities, orphans and the less-privileged. The foundation aspires to be the leading organization working with global partners to eradicate poverty from Africa.

He is set on a mission to save the world from the lurking danger of climate change. He initiated a global climate care advocacy programme as his response to the emergency of depleting earth’s resources.