Top 10 CEOs of the year 2022 – Wale Adeyipo

Mr. Wale Adeyipo is group managing director/CEO of CWG Plc, a Lagos-based ICT conglomerate with operations in four countries. The proficient technology enthusiast with extensive experience in strategy, management and leadership, is actively deploying these qualities to enable technology advances in Nigeria as in the rest of the world.

His role in strategic initiatives has become of greater importance in achieving dynamic work design that organisations everywhere need to simplify rigorous processes and procedures in the workplace, bringing about efficiency and enhancing productivity in today’s challenging world.

Operators in both public and private sectors need the diverse angles of technology-driven innovation for revenue generation, market penetration and cost minimization of which Adeyipo ably leads the way. He has established a reputation across the sub-Saharan Africa in the application of technology as an enabler for business growth and expansion.

CWG is a systems solutions provider that specializes in a wide array of IT services, including communications and integration, infrastructures, managed and support operations, cloud services and software. It operates an established partnership network that connects businesses, governments, customers and consumers, utilizing value-added services to help them drive processes efficiently and improve deliveries across their respective activities.

The company’s contributions to the growth of the ICT sector, guided by its global best practices culture, have made visible impacts in the Nigerian economy and are still making greater promises. CWG is a principal actor in the ever-advancing technology-driven modernization of banking operations and customer delivery services of the present age.

The company’s records show that it has implemented more than 14 core banking initiatives, handled over 10 million daily financial transactions and serviced more than 30 million accounts with over 20,000 users in over 2000 branches across leading financial institutions.

In a step to build capacity for meeting the challenges of e-commerce, CWG recently has set up Fifthlab, a fintech company focused on driving the next phase of development in providing solutions to the challenges of e-commerce and business operations in the digital space.

The company has provided critical support that is powering Nigerian financial services companies into the new age of seamless end-to-end digital financial platforms, providing the capability to transform the way these organisations engage with their various customers.

There is a continuing crucial need for banks and financial institutions to adapt quickly to dynamic changes in how financial products and services are delivered and consumed on the digital space. The necessity has been heightened by the massive entry of fintechs worldwide with their innovative financial services that are affordable and easy to access regardless of location.

CWG is leading banks and financial institutions in the way of developing appropriate competitive responses to defend their markets and stay relevant in the future. It provided the much needed support for these institutions to develop the agility and flexibility they need to customize financial products and services easily in simple configuration, cost saving steps without the need for long processes of development. The objective is to develop new channels for financial service companies to deliver services easily across any digital channel whether it is through a mobile application, web application

USSD or ATM and get it all done in real-time and channel agnostic. This provides the fastest time to the market with digital products with minimal implementation time and minimal cost. The platform helps the operators scale up their businesses and expand across multiple markets all from the same deployment.

By leading the way to digital finance, CWG is enabling financial services companies to exploit the potential of affordable, convenient and secure banking service possibilities in today’s world to reach the poor and hitherto excluded individuals across the country.

This has added a lot of stimulatory force to the economy, as access to financial services, including digital lending, becomes as simple as having access to mobile phones, computers, the internet or cards linked to a secure digital payment system.

CWG has partnered with VERICASH to offer complete digital Omnichannel PLUS transformation of financial services across all channels delivered remotely and instantly to customers. Through digital channels, customers can create bank accounts for onboarding through VERICASH and third-party technologies involved in digital identity management.

VERICASH platform integrates and aggregates financial services from different service providers and aggregators allowing the customer to browse, search, mark as favorite and set schedules and reoccurrences for these payments from one centralized marketplace.

Adeyipo, who oversees the integrated management system at CWG, assures of the high sense of responsibility involved in the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of his company’s business continuity and information security management systems.

He understands that adversity is part of business and how people and organisations try to overcome it is the defining factor for business success. His role is an intervention set in place to help businesses overcome disruptions, protect themselves against it, prepare for and reduce the likelihood of being affected by it, respond swiftly to it and recover faster than others from disruptions when they arise.

CWG has added to its records of helping organisations weather internal and external storms from the global financial crisis of 2008, through Occupy Nigeria of 2012, End SARS and the global pandemic of 2020 to the global inflation of 2022. Adeyipo said proactive strategy is the key to the success of the company’s responses to these prominent disruptions. One of the company’s latest accomplishments is in respect of cloud computing where it partnered with Zadara to eliminate data sovereignty, thereby bringing the cloud closer to Africa. 

This is in its commitment to power impactful solutions that position Africa to maximize the future, keep users abreast of the security and cost implications for cloud services. CWG is therefore leading the way forward to localize networking and storage solutions to power the needs of modern businesses.