The Top10 Magazine Excellence Awards 2021: Cornfield Group – Most Innovative Company of the Year

For both product/service provider and the client, Innovation is the bulwark against competition and mother of sustainable growth and success. Cornfield Group of companies is doing so well because it has made innovation its cornerstone.

Cornfield Group is a diversified business conglomerate with strong passion for identifying unique problems, developing and deploying solutions tailored to best fit its clients’ needs. The company’s interests span across various range of sectors, including education, information technology, manufacturing, Agrofoods,

Media, Entertainment, security, amongst others.

Companies in the Cornfield Group includes: Media Concepts International Limited, Botosoft Technologies Limited, Cornfield Transnational Limited and Cornfield Foods and Beverages. Each of them provides products or services that are a bundle of innovations. Take

Media Concepts International Limited (MCIL), for example. The company which was incorporated in 2005 is a multimedia

company which specializes in ICT and digital solutions for both private and public organizations. It specializes in the production of highest quality interactive CDs and DVDs as well as the manufacture of Set-top boxes in partnership with KAON Media in South Korea and develop various IT solutions for organizations.

Its workforce is fortified with professionals of vast experience that are able to develop, design and implement creative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Cornfield Transnational Limited, another member of Cornfield Group of Companies which was incorporated in 2006 is a manufacturing company with focus on

manufacturing wide range of products and services that improve life’s experiences.

Customer-driven and highly effective service oriented, the company

manufactures and provided value added products and services that cut across Agro-foods, Media, Entertainment, Education, and Information Technology.

Botosoft Technologies Limited, another member of the Cornfield Group which was incorporated in July 2011, operates in Europe and Africa. It supports organizations with security solutions needed to drive up performance while they

focus on their core business. It develops solutions that help solve challenging problems with the use of cutting edge

technologies and has gone on to develop valuable solutions in the following areas: Brand Protection, Identity Management Systems, Government-to-Citizen solution and document security.

Through successful working relationships with its global partners, the company has evolved to become an award-winning leader in security solutions. Some of them include:

• CIVAMPEMS is a complete Identity Management enterprise solution developed for examination bodies for the management of candidates’ identity, attendance marking and malpractice reporting in real time for post examination management.

It has the capacity to capture and store attendance records, as well as record malpractice in a secured database operating with the deployment of contact-less RFID smartcard with HID SEOS® technology and mobile handheld terminals for identity detection and verification.

•Botoseal is the world’s most secure Anti-counterfeiting technology. The solution replaces traditional adhesive

stickers/labels/hologram currently used to protect documents and products. Botoseal is a secure holographic label, with a microchip embedded in it. As a result, documents and products have been made smart and their authenticity can be confirmed by placing a smartphone on the label. This solution is currently being piloted with some universities and pharmaceutical companies around the globe. However, their name cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreement.

Botoseal identifies counterfeit items through smarter packaging and the seamless process of verifying genuine


• Botosoft Parcel Monitoring System (BPMS) is a product designed to secure parcels from unauthorized access. It tracks the location, monitors and reports all activities from the point the parcel is securely packed till the point it is accessed/opened at its final destination.

The ability to report occurrences in a timely manner is critical for all organizations and helps to make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

• E-Presence is an innovative solution that presents all e-assessment providers a tool to efficiently, effortlessly and effectively supervise and monitor its examinations. It is a real time solution that is cost effective, robust and easily adaptable.

A complete revolutionary solution that delivers not just greater efficiency but better assessment. e-Presence captures the test taker’s biometric information before entering the test environment, and likewise, intermittently captures the face all through the test period to ensure that the test taker is actually the one sitting for the examination.

• BOTOVERIFY is an image verification solution uniquely designed to verify images at a glance in order to guard against duplication and blurriness of uploaded images for a flawless record keeping and data management.

• The KAPEK® Scientific Mathematical Instruments (KSMI) is a mathematical set with a complete math set tools and a calculator that has all the basic mathematical functions, formulas and

symbols for fast and easy computation.

It is a gadget innovatively designed and

manufactured for everyday use and

especially for people who have to carry

out computation related task. Over two million units of KSMI are manufactured and distributed nationwide yearly for candidates writing exam to help curb examination malpractice yearly.

• The KAPEK® School Kit is a learning toolbox that comes in different shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Cornfield Transnational Limited manufactures school kits for different subjects and purposes ranging from kindergarten and nursery, primary and secondary and universities.

The product is designed and manufactured in partnership with individuals, organizations and institutions that want to make impact in the lives of students in order to aid their learning abilities.

• One of the uniquely designed security product is the Police Badge. Cornfield Transnational in partnership with Nigerian Police force designs, manufactures and distributes an identification badge for the Nigeria Police Force to uniquely identify and decorate officers of the Nigerian Police Force. It is designed with an embedded microchip for identification, authentication and tracking purposes.

• Police Biometric Central Motor Registry (PoliceBCMR) is a technological means of attaching automobile owner’s special and unique biological characteristics (biometrics) and personal data to their vehicles for authentication, protection and crime prevention & control purposes using smartcards and mobile handheld card reader.

PoliceBCMR is also an enterprise solution for centralization and validation of vehicle documents in order to create and authenticate the database for security agency’s operational use and management nationwide.

• KAPEK® Set-Top Box is a licensed brand in the manufacturing and distribution of best quality Set-Top Boxes (decoders) in the digital switch over programme in Nigeria for the National Broadcasting Commission. The set-top box, which converts analogue TV transmission to digital visual for the Nigerian TV consumers. It ensures consumers get the best quality and dependable digital box (decoders) for quality entertainment.

• Examinations Ethics and e-brochure on video compact disc (VCD) is a solution that ensures that candidates are well educated and informed about the rules guiding the conduct of the examinations before examination dates.

Cornfield Group is hereby recognized with the award of the Most Innovative Company of the Year in recognition of its continuous deployment of outstanding innovative solutions in addressing today’s basic needs of the people.