Sijibomi Ogundele – Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2020

Sijibomi Ogundele
Managing Director/CEO, Sujimoto Construction Limited

Mr. SijibomiOgundele, heads a commercial real estate development and hospitality firm on a quest for excellence. He is managing director/CEO, Sujimoto Construction Limited, a company he started in 2013. That was after a few years he spent in partnership in venture capital business.

In five years, he had become one of the biggest and youngest property owners in Nigeria with real estate transactions in excess of N45 billion and business offices in Lagos, Dubai, Riyadh, Accra, Paris and Madrid.

Ogundele’s market focus is in luxury real estate development covering the pre- and post- phases of construction. He has expanded operations into facility management, providing services to high class real estate investors interested in iconic structures. His clients include major international oil companies, international investors, banks, insurance companies, top government officials, royalties, Nigerians in Diaspora and other high net worth individuals.

His company’s scope covers residential serviced apartments, offices, hotels, interior decoration and designs, landscaping, civil engineering consultancy, facility management, integrated construction solutions and related services.

A number of prestigious highbrow addresses bear the Sujimoto signature, including the dutifully finished Medici luxury terraces in Lagos – a development that has earned the company accolades in the industry. Other outstanding developments include  Lincoln  Avenue in Accra Ghana, the upcoming Lorenzo super luxury serviced apartments – the tallest residential building in Lagos as well as the Grand Melia Hotel in Abidjan. 

Ogundele is on a mission to bring significant changes to the real-estate industry in Nigeria. His aim is to propel his real estate development firm into a 21st century property development outfit of repute.

The company has already taken a firm root in the development of luxury structures in Nigeria. Bringing into the market new concepts, new comforts and conveniences are the key factors that have combined to place him on the path of a great success.

His objective is supported by his innovative practices, passion for the work, attention to details and an international network. Looking back, Ogundele considers his accomplishments as a dividend of hard work and more so the lessons he learnt from exposure to leaders of different multinational companies, involving a number of transactions across Europe and the Middle East.

Ogundele studied law in the United Kingdom and has international real estate experience in the Europe, Dubai and the United States. Equipped with knowledge and experience, he came back home to put them into work.  The results are the Medici Luxury Terraces in Ikoyi, the Loenzo apartments in Bourdillon, Lagos, the Anantara apartments in Banana Island, Frith Hill Heights in Ikoyi and more within and outside the country.

Sujimoto Construction is organized into property development, renovation and facility management arms. Its property development unit provides services in real estate and property development for the company and for its clients. It undertakes various projects from the planning stage to completion. Its expertise is in the development of luxurious buildings of unique architecture and other facilities.

The renovation arm specializes in adding quality, taste and comfort to various property developments. It promises high quality finishing works that match international standards. The facility management operations of the company cover corrective and preventive maintenance and refurbishment services to its clients. Beyond these, the company also engages in other support services that permit premium lifestyles in the buildings under its management.

Ogundele is a typical example of a young entrepreneur who has broken free from Nigeria’s difficult economic situation to emerge an achiever in society. His winning formula is entrepreneurship drive blended with a legal background and a wealth of experience as a venture capitalist and investment strategist.

He is poised to spur a change in real estate development aimed at bridging the gap in the provision of luxury residential and office apartments in Nigeria and beyond. He continues to break new grounds in pursuit of a vision to transform man’s living environment, redefining luxury living to satisfy and to delight people with new standards in quality and comfort.