Top 10 CEOs of the year 2022 – Chukwudi Ezenwa

Mr. Chukwudi Ezenwa is chairman/CEO of General Site Solutions (GSS Group) a construction and consulting company, specialized in the delivery of integrated architectural, engineering, procurement, security and construction services within and outside Nigeria. The young architect and entrepreneur stands as an example of a youth who refused to be deterred by economic difficulties but rather braced the odds and has proved his mettle.

GSS is a conglomerate operating from its head office in Awka, Anambra State through subsidiaries. These include GSS Real Estate and Investments, GSS Security (Private Security), GSS Production and GSS Construction.

The company’s services include project conceptualization, architectural design, building materials supplies, real estate development, construction, project management services and more. It proffers site solutions to clients from land purchase to the final finishing of projects.

GSS Group assures of its commitment to cost-effective solutions in executing projects to the satisfaction of clients. It offers top notch real estate services for both residential and commercial purposes. Its construction works cover civil engineering, road and drainage construction, building and utility construction.

Other services of the group include supply of security guards and gadgets, electronic security, cyber security and special security operations. The group is also in food textile and fashion industries through its subsidiaries – GSS Food Production, GSS Textile Factory and BIGBEN Fashion respectively.

The route to entrepreneurship is usually adorned by high risks and high stakes and Ezenwa settled it in his mind that it is the route to follow for those who desire to make a mark in the space of life and time. His aim is sky high – creating out of Nigeria a major entrepreneurship hub. He believes the big dream is possible because the nation is endowed with the youth and by empowering them, they will transform the nation and the world.

In every step he takes in business, he is quite eager to show people something great to learn from it. He considers challenges and failures inevitable in the business landscape but out of them he wants people to develop the spirit of learning great lessons of upcoming successes.

His entrepreneurial journey has had a number of hiccups but some failures in some of his ventures have not hindered him from exploring new ideas. This is what he wants people to learn – that failures constitute the learning curve and growth boosters.

GSS Group is structured in a manner meant to create and distribute opportunities for public participation and shared prosperity far and wide. The group’s real estate subsidiary – GSS Real Estate and Investments, is a typical case in point where the company is creatively and passionately enabling all strata of clients to take bold steps forward to make visible impacts in the world.

The real estate firm offers rare opportunities for people to invest in a much-reduced risk environments for decent returns. One of such projects is the company’s Dubai Estate, its premium housing project located at Awka, which sold out in record time.

The transforming value of the project reflects the pool of investments by a large community of stakeholders to create a major destination for economic, residential, leisure, sporting and other social activities with multiplying property values for the investors. It is counted in community development such as the construction of a 2-kilometre access road with drainage to gain access to the estate.

The value to society also reflects in the doors of opportunities opened for thousands of people and businesses directly and indirectly for jobs and supplies all the way from land acquisition through development and construction to finishing, maintenance and management.

GSS Group has also made a great contribution in addressing the security challenges facing the nation, which keep increasing from year to year through its security service subsidiary – Graylincs Security Services (GSS Security). The high-tech private security outfit is registered with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps and manned by highly specialised and skilled experts using intelligence and innovative approaches to deliver effective security of lives and property.

GSS Security also offers cyber security services, protecting equipment and systems, networks and programmes from digital attacks. Its services have given an air of relief to the people in the south-east cutting across private individuals, worship centres, schools, hotels and tourist and entertainment places, among others.

Ezenwa advocates education as a driver of national development, which informs his various forms of educational support to university students. While educational development suffered in Nigeria in 2022, the GSS Group boss has something to offer university students that they aren’t likely to learn from school.

“While in school, acquire basic skills, sharpen your USP and look for side hustles that would help sustain your journey in the university. Learn to be different in whatever you do and the sky would be your springboard,” he assured while presenting one-year scholarships to 10 students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University recently.