The Top10 Magazine Excellence Awards 2022:LORD ECHENDU FOUNDATION: (Humanitarian Organization of the Year)

The Lord Echendu Foundation, formerly known as Echendu Unify, is a globally minded and locally focused philanthropic organization whose vision is to become a global catalyst for discoveries that contribute to human progress and support the development of underprivileged sections of society through partnership, support and capacity building.

It was founded in 2015 by an African and European investor and philanthropist, Lord Echendu Ndubuisi, as a personal commitment to creating a new generation of entrepreneurs, through his investment company, the Echendu Group.

In 2015, the Foundation created the LEF Projects to assist prevent famine and malnutrition among the less fortunate, as well as to help children return to school, orphanages, and prisoners, as part of Lord Echendu’s goal to empower 5,000 African entrepreneurs over the next 15 years.

Through its philanthropic programmes, the Lord Echendu Foundation has trained, mentored, and funded over 1500 young African entrepreneurs, orphans, prisoners, and the less fortunate across the African continent, and through its digital networking platform, LEFORUM, it provides capacity-building support, advisory, and market linkages to Africans.

To support the street, Orphanage Home, Hospitals and the prisons 2016 to 2020, Lord Echendu has feed the street in Ghana, donated relief materials and cash to Hospitals in James town Accra, Orphanage homes across communities and also visited Ankaful maximum prison cape coast to donate relief materials. In the city of Peck Ham, United Kingdom, Lord Echendu Foundation has feed the poor through food bank.

To cushion the effect of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the Lord Echendu Foundation supported 221 Rivers State Youths with stipends to keep hope alive; he also donated relief materials and cash to West African countries, including Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cote D’Ivoire. The gesture went a long way in ameliorating the hardship caused by the global pandemic then.

Recently, the Foundation stood in solidarity with the people of the Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality in Ahoada East/West Local Government Areas of Rivers State who were hard hit by the 2022 flooding which ravaged their homes and means of livelihood.  Palliatives and cash were donated to them through their King and individuals to cushion the effect of the suffering occasioned by the disaster.

In its bid to support education, especially that of the girl-child, the Foundation offered tertiary education scholarship to deserving female students across Universities: River State University, University of Port Harcourt, University of Legon, Ghana; University of WA in Ghana and Universities in United Kingdom, including Anglia Ruskin University and University of Greenwich. This is to encourage female education because we, at Lord Echendu Foundation, believe that he who builds and trains the female child, builds the nation.

To better serve humanity, the Lord Echendu Foundation recently added people living with disabilities to empowerment programme by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cedar Seed Foundation. The MOU will help both organizations better serve their communities by empowering young people and promoting health through education, nutrition and exercise. The Lord Echendu Foundation will continue to serve and stand in solidarity with humanity.

It is in acknowledgement of its outstanding humanitarian service to humanity that the Top10 Magazine hereby confers on it the award of Humanitarian Service Organization of the Year.