Abayomi Awobokun – Chief Executive Officer, Enyo Retail & Supply

Mr. Abayomi Awobokun is chief executive officer, Enyo Retail & Supply – a fast growing downstream player in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, utilizing technology to simplify and optimize product retailing. The company presently supplies up to 2 percent of national demand for refined products in Nigeria.

He set up Enyo Retail and Supply in 2017 as a technology focused fuels retailing company to meet the growing energy needs of Nigeria. The company is leading the downstream market in the way of application of technology in service delivery. It has introduced automated fleet and fuel management solution called Velox – a wallet-based payment solution that offers customers the ability to control fuel and energy purchases.

The service is available to corporates and individuals through a dedicated card or sticker. It is designed to bring ease, transparency and control of purchases within Enyo’s products and services portfolio.

According to the company, the product has been tailored to fit each customer’s requirements as it offers customizable solutions, including when and how payments are made, ability to set consumption and credit limits as well as monitor consumption.

This is part of Awobokun’s contributions to hold up the nation’s economy through the lockdown. According to him the product features a ‘do-it-yourself’ portal on the Enyo website where customers can request for it by filling a registration form with bio-data, vehicle and payment details. Users will then select the nearest Enyo station where they would like to pick up their card in 24 hours.

In Velox, Awobokun is on a mission to apply technology to transform the downstream petroleum network in Nigeria. “We want our customers to be in control of the fuel purchasing process and their expenses as simplifying the customer experience is at the heart of our efforts” he said while launching the product at a virtual conference.

The innovative product was conceived leveraging a convenient and controlled technological solution to create a gateway to the company’s ecosystem of products and services. The company conducted a pilot scheme successfully last year – which affirmed the pertinence of the solution and the prospective value to customers.

In a year in which Nigeria and the rest of the world faced economic and health hazards, Awobokun moved on the contrary to create safety, simplicity and convenience in the market it serves. His company’s new product offering has opened a new way for users to manage not only fuel expenses but also spending on other products and services the company provides across the nation. The company assures that customers’ information and funds are protected from unauthorised access with the user’s PIN number providing an extra layer of security.

The Velox system is built to enable automatic communication between the user’s Velox account and the card at the Point of Sale as well as the dispensing pump. It therefore reduces human intervention in the transaction process to the minimum, thereby eliminating the chances for human error and theft.

With Velox, Enyo is promising a simpler and smoother transaction process to customers. Users can have access to all transactional information as required along with frequent invoicing and monthly statements either on the Velox platform or by emailed, according to the company.

As in a typical bank account, a user’s account on the platform contains a comprehensive transactions history such as vehicle details, type and quantity of products purchased and costs. Other details include the service station used, date and time of purchase and the odometer reading. The system provides alerts on any purchases that users have not pre-approved in their customised selections.

Users can programme their preferred payment options for Velox wallet funding, including bank transfers, USSD, debit card and internet banking. The company crowns the benefits of Velox with EnyoThankU loyalty points whenever a purchase of its products and services is made on or offline.

Velox is currently available at designated Enyo service stations across twelve states of the federation, including Lagos, FCT, Ogun among others. The company is working to deploy the solution across all its service stations in Nigeria.

Awobokun studied pure and applied mathematics at the University of Ibadan and also earned M.Sc. degree in international business from the University of Surrey in the UK. He began his career at the Lagos Business School in 2000 where he worked for as an IT analyst.

He worked as an area manager with Halifax Bank of Scotland before his return to Nigeria. He joined the Oando marketing team in 2005 as project manager in strategy & planning. He rose to become the CEO of Oando Plc’s downstream businesses in Nigeria, West Africa, Europe & the Middle East.

Awobokun has over 15 years’ experience in the oil & gas sector, more than 10 years of which he served at executive level.  He seats on the board of businesses in the agriculture, financial services and agro-allied industries. He is the founder of The September 20 Foundation (TS20F), a voluntary donor-funded initiative to support the operations of internally displaced person’s camps in Nigeria.

At Enyo, Awobokun makes a standing promise – to seek channels to improve upon and constantly innovate to ensure overall convenience and satisfaction for customers across Nigeria. He is counting on his team as his greatest asset to accomplish the goal.