Top 10 CEOs of the year 2022 – Isikilu Soyinka

Mr. Isikilu Alade Soyinka, group managing director/CEO, Adeptal Limited, heads a fast-growing technical solution providing company that has braced up to fill the operational gaps in industries created by the multifaceted challenges facing the economy.

In the enthroned safety consciousness of the present time, the company’s services have assumed greater importance. Adeptal specialises in the supply and application of wide range of specialty chemicals for water treatment (domestic and industrial waste water), industrial plant cleaning and sanitation, commodity chemicals for industrial, municipal and domestic cleaning, treatment and disinfection as well as the application tools, equipment and accessories.

The company’s services also cover safety trainings and materials supply and environmental management services – including environmental auditing, air sampling, water analysis and waste management. The industrial and institutional range provides effective practical hygiene solutions for the control of micro-organisms to safeguard the public in their recreational, residential and work environments.

The company’s key promise on deliverables is to help customers minimize energy and water usage and lessen waste through process optimization, safer application and renewable products. It assures of high expertise of its technical team that works with customers to develop tailor-made solutions to specific requests for cost-efficient and improved quality standard.

Soyinka brings in the much-needed expertise in the area of water and wastewater treatment solutions, oil and diesel filtration technology, chemicals and cleaning solutions, legionella detection and rapid test solutions. His mission is delivering efficient systems and products for resolving critical challenges for operators on oil, diesel, water and wastewater, chemicals and legionella attacks across sectors and industries.

His company’s role comes quite timely to offer cost saving solutions where companies otherwise would have to spend fortunes on maintenance of machines and replacement of engine oils due to contaminations. Adeptal offers an alternative and efficient diesel and oil filtration technology to various types of systems where these assets are paramount with the objective of driving sustainability, cost savings, systems life span elongation, waste reduction and environmental protection.

The company promises robust capacity big enough to meet clients’ needs across the entire operational waterfront. These include industrial and housing water space, oil filtration technological needs of industrial, mining, power and maritime service providers, industrial chemicals supply and hygiene services and water risk analysis for hospitality and health care industries with the use of legionella rapid detection.

Soyinka holds his company out to a firm commitment to deliver exceptional values to clients with a combined knowledge of world-best technology solutions and partnership with some of the global technology providers. The company has a technical and commercial working alliance with domestic and global providers of various water treatment specialty chemicals, water purification equipment, commodity chemicals providers, hygienic chemicals manufacturer, safety and environmental engineers and consultants.

Adeptal assures the capability of its unique systems and products that integrate the best of technologies from global organizations such as C.C. Jenson -Denmark, Tech-Solutions – Denmark, Thermax Limited -India, and Hydrosense Limited -Scotland to offer solutions with after-sales support to customers.

The company has made great impacts in the Nigerian economy by delivering a number of critical projects in key sectors and activities of manufacturing, households, mining, construction, cement production, power plants and maritime operations.

These benefits derive from Soyinka’s extensive training and experience in environmental management and toxicology in Nigeria and overseas, including certification as occupational safety and health professional. He has over two decades of experience in environmental management, water treatment, chemical supplies, supply chain management and frontline customer service.

In the face of tough challenges of how to balance widening cost-income gaps facing business organisations, the Adeptal’s CEO has emerged a dependable advisory and management consultant service provider to industries on cost optimizations, productivity enhancement and high return on investments, bringing in his start to finish cost- saving analysis to meet specific needs.

The company’s products are designed to address specific needs of clients such as government for optimizing public safety in city parks and public places, high pressure machines and detergent for washing concrete sidewalks or street sweeping. To industries, it offers corrosion inhibitor, degreasers, cleaning detergents, HVAC cleaners, scale inhibitors, biocide and resin cleaners for maintaining machinery and mechanized equipment. It also offers corrosion, scale and microbes preventives and preservatives to maintain the functionality and lifespan of equipment.

The company has anticipated the increased need for specialised cleaning products by food service and beverage industries and now provides a line of food service chemicals designed to provide tailored cleaning and maintenance to equipment for the operators. For schools, the company provides chemical solutions for cleaning floors, degreasing cooking components and eliminating fire ants on playgrounds among other tasks.

Tailor-made products of the company are also available for correctional centres, hospitality industry, health and senior care and entertainment centres. Others are unique products for automotive care, agricultural activities, worship centres’ maintenance, retail shops care and janitorial supplies.