Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2022 -Emmanuel Udechukwu

Chief Emmanuel Udechukwu, is founder and chairman, SDD Properties and Roxbury Leisure Homes Limited, where his vision of building one of the most reputable real estate brands in Nigeria and beyond, has spanned over 11 years with great accomplishments.

He is counted among real estate developers, who have shaped the burgeoning real estate industry in Nigeria. He is in charge of a firm that provides high quality but affordable real estate services in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Rivers and other parts of the country.

“My focal point and vision is building, expanding and investing in lives of people by ensuring that affordable and comfortable housing is available for the less privileged and low salary income earners,” he said.

Udechukwu, who hails from Anambra State, is acknowledged for leading the biggest property developing company in VGC, Lagos State. He is honoured in his home state for his commitment to put in his best in addressing the problem of housing deficit in Nigeria.

“I think it is a thing of pride to our people that an Igbo man from Anambra state is developing the biggest estate in that area (Lekki)”, he said.

He is honoured in the north for his nationalist orientation that earned him the reputation of a detribalized entrepreneur. He is respected for his firm belief in the Nigerian economy, which is evidenced by his investments in almost all the key sectors, creating jobs with his group of companies and shaping the future of young people through mentoring in the real estate business.

His accomplishments have earned him the reputation of a trailblazer and a successful entrepreneur whose giant strides in the real estate industry are read as an indication that Nigerians can prove their mettle in any endeavour they choose to play in.

Roxbury Leisure Homes offers a full range of real estate consultancy services to both private and public clients. Udechukwu stated that in the 11 years of his company’s operations in the real estate industry, “we have sold over 1500 properties and still have about that number waiting to be disposed of and still developing new projects across the country”.

A real estate guru and philanthropist, Udechukwu, has over the years shown outstanding leadership qualities in elevating the quality of living homes and environments of an average person in Nigeria, breaking boundaries and contributing a huge quota in finding a worthy solution to a national problem of housing deficit.

At Roxbury Leisure Homes, Udechukwu is driving the vision to offer full range of real estate consultancy services to both private and the public clients such as real estate development, property management, estate agency, asset valuation, facility management, feasibility & visibility studies, among others.

He assures of innovative solutions that redefine luxury and lifestyle in living homes and environments. Operating from Ikota mixed development area along Lekki-Epe highway in Lagos State, the company stands its ground as an experienced real estate/property development force that features the best residential and business properties on offer.

Udechukwu heads a dynamic team of professional developers with proven technology, rich resource of experience and unique insight into property market, through the sheer volume of properties available for lease, let and outright purchase.

Roxbury Leisure Homes makes a commitment to its clients to stand continually on the foundation of trust, take every step necessary to understand its clients’ housing needs and deliver high quality services from conception to execution.

It counsels that investing in property is the way to go because it is an investment that beats inflation and naira depreciation, with a chance of reaping up to 70 percent return.  The company is out in search of people desirous to build their dream homes and is offering its payment planes to help take them to the world of luxurious leaving.

The company maintains a track record of serving its clients with professional, cost effective, dependable as well as efficient physical infrastructure systems as it strives towards its goal of being a world class real estate development firm.