Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2022 -Munachino Obinna

Eze Munachino Obinna, chief executive officer, Muna Real Estate Limited and chairman, Millennium Group of Companies, is an expert in property investment and management. He conceived the vision of creating wealth across a network of operating entities in 2019, which birthed Millennium Group of Companies in 2021.

Millennium Group houses six main operating arms that include Muna Real Estate Limited, Millennium Trade Solutions, Millennium Concierge, Millennium Maestro Atelier, Millennium Entertainment and Millennium Couture (corporate fashion).

 The group operates across seven countries where its multinational real estate companies (Muna Real Estate Limited and Millennium Trade Solutions Limited) have established extensive operational footings in Africa, England and Wales, including major projects in Hong Kong.

The group has a presence in key sectors and industries, including private equity investment, architecture, tours and travels, real estate, construction and infrastructure development. It promises specialist services in sourcing, acquiring, managing, and maximising the potential of local and international property investments.

At Millennium Group of Companies, Obinna is bringing into reality the vision drawn from his educational background in architecture. He is a top notch expert in management consulting, real estate investment analysis, coaching and property analysis, sales and project management, among others.

Through the highly skilled role, he has acquired a solid base upon which he promotes a good number of profitable property investments on a continuous basis. He is well grounded when it comes to where to invest in the international property market. The game is paying off in terms of the number of people he has assisted to get on the track to financial freedom through innovative real estate portfolios he created to connect people to positive cash flows.

Millennium Group holds a rare record of having handled a large number of industrial, distribution, manufacturing, office, retail, recreational, healthcare and commercial projects across Nigerian states and across borders. These include major projects in Abuja, Enugu, Imo, Awka and Hong Kong.

Its mission to create wealth and financial freedom is accomplished by developing innovative and practical solutions for its clients. The company’s strategy is to create vital partnerships with clients focused on delivering value-added services. In every engagement, it is driven by the objective of exceeding clients’ expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance standard maintained across the group.

Obinna ensures that his able leadership of Millennium Group has a dependable support of a management team, which comprises highly experienced professionals, adequately equipped to anticipate clients’ needs and respond promptly and professionally on demand.

This provides the enabling platform for the company to build long-term relationships with clients sustained by excellent, high quality and timely services. The CEO’s team leadership that involves employees in the quality improvement process to ensure responsiveness and cost-effective work execution, is counted for him in management quality.

Obinna firmly believes that everyone can ride safer on the back of real estate investing into financial freedom than anywhere else. He is therefore sending out the message as loudly and widely as he can with the mission to set everyone on the path to financial freedom one client at a time.

“To have access to the best things constantly one needs to be financially
free. Financial freedom comes from passive income and the safest passive income source is real estate investing”, he said.

In his effort to pass on his message of financial freedom through real estate investing, Obinna has successfully hosted Real Estate Formula 1.0 Conference – the largest real estate conference in Africa. The conference, which brought together over 1000 international real estate billionaires from different countries of the world, was designed to enlighten, train and certify a large number of real estate investors for new impacts.

First-of-its-kind in Nigeria, the conference stands out as a major contribution by the Obinna’s Millennium Group to drive real estate investments in Nigeria as a counter cyclical force of growth and development, moving against economic difficulties and regulatory challenges facing Nigeria. It availed the nation a great opportunity for active professional networking and interaction, which is recognised as a vital ingredient for career growth in the real estate business.

The Group has launched a grand project in Enugu tagged Millennium City, which is championed by its subsidiary – Millennium Trade Solution Limited. The project sprang forth from Obinna’s study of Challenges Facing the City and the Urgent Need to Build a New City: A Case Study of Enugu.

The new city project has been inspired by his vision to add value to society and resolve housing and infrastructure problems in the south east of Nigeria. Following the manner in which United Arab Emirate turned a desert into a world-class city, Obinna has set out on a mission to turn the existing Enugu city into a more efficient and conducive living environment.

 His dream is a new Enugu City that is functional, free of its present challenges and desirable for people to live and work in. He explains that the need for a new and more functional city is to address the challenges of inadequate infrastructures, pollution, bad roads, insecurity, traffic congestion, lack of water and electricity, among others.