Excellence Awards 2022


Chief Samuel Maduka Onyishi, Founder and Executive Chairman of Peace Group of Companies, takes excellence along with him anywhere he goes.

When he entered the transport business quietly as a student in the 1990s, he gave passenger mass transportation a new definition with innovations that took passenger comfort and safety to new levels. He gave operators of the existing luxurious buses a run for their money with the introduction of minibuses fitted with air conditioners, speed regulators and ambience.

The numerous minibus-operated mass transit lines in Nigeria today owe their origin to the pioneering work of the Peace Mass Transit (PMT) company set up by Chief Onyishi. Now, the business mogul is extending his trademark streak of uniqueness and excellence to Nigeria’s educational sector through the twin institutions he is bringing to birth in Enugu state: Sam Maduka University and the Maduka University College, Ekwegbe. The institutions were conceived to tackle the problem of unemployment by training and producing graduates with orientation for self-employment and job creation.

The twin institutions, located on an ever-expanding piece of land that currently seats at 400 hectares are a fulfillment of a promise he had made to God earlier on his career and a continuation of his father’s legacy. Onyishi believes in education as the most important and effective means of alleviating poverty in Nigeria.

Chief Onyishi had a very humble personal and business beginnings. He was born in Nsukka, Enugu state to a low-income family. His father, Ezugwu Onyishi, was a laborer at the university of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he collapsed and died on duty, an event that would shape his relationship with educational institutions for the rest of his life.

Onyishi attended Enugu Road Primary School, Nsukka, in 1976 where he received his FSLC. In 1981, he graduated from St. Theresa’s College, Nsukka. He suspended his tertiary education after the death of his father to help support his widowed mother. In 1995 and 1999, he earned a Diploma and a Bsc, in Social Works and Community Development at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

In 1994, having identified an opportunity in the road transport sector that was at the time controlled by luxury buses, Onyishi established Peace Mass Transit Limited, an answer to the unreliability issues and long wait time that was common with luxury buses. And over time, minibuses, which he helped popularize, would become the mainstay in Nigeria’s road transport sector. Today, Peace Mass Transit limited has over two thousand minibuses in its fleet and four thousand drivers and staffs on the road and in her various terminals across the country.

In 2006 he invested millions of dollars in the capital market and micro lending sector; however, these investments would prove to have come at the worst possible time, due to the 2008 financial crises that followed. Notwithstanding, things have stabilized since then. He is also a majority shareholder in Nigeria’s leading maritime logistics company, C&I leasing, and a significant shareholder in one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Onyishi served on the board of NITEL and as the Chairman of the NITEL Technical Committee Board in the early 2000s during the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. He served as the chairman of Rangers International Football Club Enugu during the administration of the former Governor, Sullivan Chime.

Onyishi is a philanthropist who has helped finance infrastructural projects and scholarships for universities through his foundation.

Through his foundation, domiciled at the Institute of African Studies, Samuel Maduka Onyishi African Entrepreneurship Foundation (SAMOAEF), he has granted N100milliom in scholarships to indigent and physically challenged students in Nigerian universities through his partnership with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

He has also donated N50 million to the construction of the new Institute of African Studies at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. In the first year of instituting the Foundation, five indigent students were sent to China for further studies. Today the first department of Chinese Language Studies are being coordinated by one of the graduates and beneficiaries of SAMOAEF.

Through SAMOAEF, he has succeeded in establishing the Annual Igbo Language Competition in tertiary institutions in Nigeria to preserve the structure and speaking of Igbo language in the country.

In 2008, he received the Best Inter-state Transport Company of the Year at the Abuja International Auto Fair. In 2012, Toyota Nigeria Limited recognized him as their No. 1 customer. He also received the Pillar of Development Award from Anambra State Development Foundation.

He received an Excellence in Business Award from the Igbo National Council, a chieftaincy title of “Oyi-Oha” given by Orba Community for his role in the NITEL Board; a Shining Star Award from the Nsukka USA Inc., and a chieftaincy title of “Onwa” by Amukwa Community and “Onwa Nsukka” by Nsukka Town General Assembly for success of Peace Foundation.

He received an honorary Doctorate degree in Communication Arts and Public Administration from the Institute of Journalism, Management and Continuing Education, Enugu; African International Fellowship award-AIF from (African Biographic Centre, Nigeria); Honorary Fellowship Award from Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu. He is a fellow of the Nigerian institute of Science and Technology; Fellow of the Federal Polytechnic, Unwana Afikpo; and Non-Resident Fellow of the Institute of African Studies, UNN.

It was in recognition of his outstanding contributions to growth and development of the Nigerian society that Chief Onyishi has been named as The Top10 Magazine Man of the Year 2022″

Tim Akano: Founder/CEO, New Horizons Nigeria (Champion of Youth Empowerment of the Year)

Mr. Tim Akano, an investor, entrepreneur, writer, author, mentor and life coach, is the founder and Managing Director of New Horizons Nigeria Limited. He saw the need to bridge the IT knowledge divide between Nigeria and developed nations and formed a strategic alliance with the US-based New Horizons International – the world’s number one ICT training organisation in the world in order to provide world class IT training to the people of Nigeria.

Akano trained in international relations at the University of Ile-Ife and proceeded to WITS University Johannesburg, South Africa, for advanced management programme. He also attended Institute of Management (IMD) Laussane, Switzerland – Senior Management Programme and Lagos Business School – Senior Management Programme.

After working for 17 years in three multinationals by 2005, he discovered Nigeria’s backwardness on ICT while on a training programme at IMD, the business school in Geneva. He decided to venture into IT with a burning desire to take Nigeria to the level of the rest of the world in the use of ICT infrastructure.

He realized, however, that bridging the digital gap requires first building internal capacity for trainers. “We realised at our start that for us to truly bridge this gap, we must prioritise empowering the next generation of solution providers”, he said.

In May 2004, New Horizons Nigeria was granted the licence as a franchisee of New Horizons world-wide to operate in Nigeria. The company opened its first office in Nigeria in April, 2005 in Lagos with a staff strength of five and less than ten students.

In a space of eleven years, the company emerged as the largest ICT training institution in Nigeria with over 300 ICT professionals on its payroll and rolling out over 50,000 candidates yearly in 15 partnering universities and 100 high schools.

Akano is fulfilled in seeing a great desire in ICT development come through where he adds value in the critical area of youth empowerment. His company pioneered the integration of ICT-certification based training into both the high school and university educational curricula in Nigeria. It sets up IT laboratories, making IT as a part of the academic programme as the science laboratories.

With the New Horizons Nigeria’s ICT-certification based training, universities began to produce graduates who combine their academic qualifications with at least four international ICT certifications before graduation.

This initiative has gone a long way to deal with the challenges most companies were facing in securing good quality ICT professionals and stemming high turnout of ICT workers in the financial sector and elsewhere.

Akano founded FABAAW, a mentoring platform for young people from over 50 African countries and around the world. The platform offers career coaching, investment guide, leadership training, governance and policy making, skills acquisition programmes and more.

Other youth empowerment initiatives of his organisation include an annual national job fair – which is designed as a veritable avenue for employers of labour and qualified job seekers to get to a meeting point.

Another of Akano’s major feat in the ICT development is the New Horizons/NYSC Job Fair, where finishing NYSC members are availed the opportunity of having job interviews by potential employers and to secure job placements at the end of the national service.

Also, New Horizons Nigeria pioneered the Under-17 ICT Competition with a view to bringing out the very best of Nigerian teenagers and putting them through quality training early enough to help them become wealth creators in future using the instrumentality of ICT.

 It also runs corporate training programmes that meet organisations’ training needs from a single source.

The company’s innovative ‘customized enterprise solutions’ equips corporate training managers to easily administer their learning programmes and track the progress of all participating employees.

The company also offers online training services with flexible training schedule that accommodates self-paced and virtual live training to individuals, corporate organisations and groups.

The outstanding role which Akano has played in youth empowerment through ICT skills acquisition within the larger goal of bridging the ICT gap between Nigeria and the developed countries is what has earned him recognition as the Top10 Magazine’s Champion of Youth Empowerment of the Year award.

BRIG. GEN. LONSDALE OLADEJI ADEOYE (RTD): (Philanthropist of the Year)

Lonsdale Oladeji Adeoye, a senior management expert, a retired Brigadier-General of the Nigerian Army, is a humanitarian service provider par excellence.

As a professional soldier, he has personally experienced and witnessed, firsthand, what it means to feel pain, physical and psychological, from injuries, illness and want. He has encountered the severest of pains in his family, at the battlefront and in the open society, all of which combined to strike a chord in his tender heart, making his entire life to revolve around humanitarian service and philanthropy.

“I have special passion for humanitarian services, keen interest in veterans wounded both servicing and retired, elderly and the youth. I been a victim of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after 35 years of meritorious service, going through hazards and operated in different crises, lost men and materials, while some are injured and others with health challenges,” he said.

Gen. Adeoye was a victim himself, having undergone surgical operations twice, one on gastric bypass due to stress, in India through self-sponsorship. “I had kidney-related cases for two years leading to transplant with half of the fund being raised personally and I have to now live with it for the rest of my life.”

His father died in active service as a Major; and his immediate elder brother who rose to the rank of a Colonel, also died of kidney complications, while some of his cousins and other relations in the military service lost their lives in war-related injuries and mental cases.

He said: “As veterans, we are deprived of a lot of privileges such as housing, medicare, health facilities, transportation, education, etc. That is why the Foundation for the Support of Nigerian Veterans was established and incorporated in 2016 to prevent other veterans from falling into such problems. The Foundation is set to take care of wounded military personnel both serving and retired, veterans, widows and people living with disabilities.”

As a scouter and Man ‘o’ War Bay President, Adeoye got involved in humanitarian services for the needy and people with disabilities. While in the Army, he was involved in raising churches and, on frequent basis, helped the poor and especially people with disabilities in the barracks and civilians outside the barracks.

On his birthdays for the past 15 years, he always celebrated with especially the blind, crippled and needy. During operations or crisis, he takes special interest in safeguarding the PWDs and assist disabled solders including their families.

He works for a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Some of these include: the Union of Persons Living with Disabilities (PWD) Multipurpose Cooperative Society as Adviser; Reality Nig Limited as Chief Security Officer; Faith Hill Help International (church NGO for PWD and the needy) as Coordinator; Nigerian Commercial Farmers Association (NCFA) as President, Federal Civil Service Staff with Disabilities Multipurpose Cooperative Society as Patron; Patron and Coordinating Chairman of FCT Physically Handicapped Persons.

Gen. Adeoye is also fully registered as Patron and Trustee for Visually Impaired People of Nigeria; Chief

Security and Intelligence Officer (CSIO) of World Trade and Investment Chambers of Commerce (WOTICOM) with a PWD blind chairman) as well as Peace Ambassador, United Nigeria Chaplaincy.

The list of organizations in which Gen. plays leadership and humanitarian service roles is almost endless.

A recepient of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa, from the European American University, Gen. Adeoye, from Mopamuro in Kogi state, also holds a Ph.D in Peace & Conflict Management from Freedom University USA.

The alumnus of University of Ibadan; Federal University of Technology, Akure; Nigeria Defence Academy;and Ibadan Boys High School has received numerous awards, honours and recognitions. Among them are the Life Saver Humanitarian Service Award by the Nigerian Police Force Chaplaincy; and the Award of Excellence for meritorious service and relentless contribution towards the development of shooting and sport in general in Nigeria.

Gen. Adeoye is hereby given the Philanthropist of the Year Award by the Top10 Magazine in recognition of his outstanding humanitarian services to Nigerians and humanity.

Chief Evergreen Jude: (Business person of the Year)

High Chief Evergreen Jude Ezeobi Onyedum (Onwa Mbosi) was born in the early 60’s in Umuezike village, Mbosi Town, Ihiala Local Government, Anambra State. He attended Abbot Boy’s secondary school in Ihiala Anambra State where he held a top leadership position. His journey to life started shortly after his higher education when he joined his senior brother in business and due to his display of excellent performance, he moved on to establish his own company, Bravo Products Limited (Bravo Foam) in 1991.

He later went on to establish Evergreen International Services Limited and Evergreen General Merchandise Limited and has foam depots, dealing with distribution and retail, located in most parts of the country. He also distributes for Mouka foam Limited and was the number one distributor of Mouka Foam nation-wide for eighteen consecutive years.  Chief Evergreen is a successful businessman with several honours and recognitions in the foam industry which is a testimony to his astuteness in business.

Onwa Mbosi, as he is fondly called, was rewarded with the title of “Onwa Platinum” of Lagos for winning the distinguished award of platinum for outstanding sales performances in 2014 from Mouka Foam Ltd.

He is a resilient family man who is admired and adored by his family. He is happily married to Chief Mrs. Ogechi Onyedum (Lolo Onedo) and their Union is blessed with children. He is a role model, a disciplinarian and a practising Catholic.

Onwa is a true son of the soil and has immensely contributed to the Igbo community in his hometown and the society at large. In 2003, he was conferred with his first chieftaincy title of “Onwa tibe n’azia” by the Igwe in-council and indigenes of Azia town. Owing to his big-hearted personality, he was again given the title of “Onwa Mbosi” by the Igwe in-council H.R.H G.M Onuakalusi, the Oluoha IV (4th of Mbosi) and indigenes of his hometown Mbosi. He received an award of excellence by Ohaneze Nd’Igbo in recognition of his outstanding contribution and readiness to demonstrate the true Igbo spirit. In 2016, he also received a Merit Award given by Bond 92.9 Fm Lagos for being a great supporter of Asusu Igbo di Uto. In 2017, he was given the title of Dikedioranma n’Isekke by the Igwe in-council, HRM Engr. Emma C.

Nnabuife Ezeoha II and the title of Ugoha of Nnokwa by the Igwe in-council HRH IGWE E.E Ajanma in recognition of his contributions to the progress and development of Nnokwa Community. In 2019, he was elevated to a High Chief Position by HRH Igwe Dr. Greg Nwokora with the title of “Owelle Mbosi”.

Chief Onyedum is a philanthropist who has been extending his personal and corporate generosity beyond the vicinity of his company to the larger society. This is reflected in the myriads of appreciation, recognition and Honours plaques adorning the awards gallery in his office. In 1997-2000 he was awarded the “pillar of development” by his hometown’s development union. He received an ambassadorial award from the symbol of hope foundation (NGO) in recognition of his support to the organization in 2014. He received the Federation of Mbosi Academicians (F.M.A) merit award in recognition of his enormous contribution towards Education & youth in 2016. He also received the Alimosho Ambassador Meritorious Distinguish Service Award (AAMDSA) in recognition of his Service to Humanity in the area of Community Development Supports and Human Capacity Building in Alimosho. In 2021, he further received a certificate of appointment as Grand Patron/Chairman, Board of Trustees of Alimosho Youth Empowerment Forum, to mention a few. Evergreen, as he is also fondly called, has k contributed immensely towards youth development, education and the society at large.

Onwa is a great leader and highly sociable and has been the president of various clubs and associations. He was the founding president of the prestigious G-21 committee of friends’ club, a position he held for over twelve years.

Despite his many achievements, Onwa believes he has only scratched the surface and has many more years of success ahead of him.

It is in recognition of Chief Jude Evergreen Jude Ezeobi Onyedum (Onwa Mbosi)’s contributions to the growth and development of the manufacturing industry in Nigeria, foam in particular, and his spirit of corporate social responsibility, that he has been conferred with the Award of the Business Person of the Year 2022 by the Top10 magazine.

LORD ECHENDU FOUNDATION: (Humanitarian Organization of the Year)

The Lord Echendu Foundation, formerly known as Echendu Unify, is a globally minded and locally focused philanthropic organization whose vision is to become a global catalyst for discoveries that contribute to human progress and support the development of underprivileged sections of society through partnership, support and capacity building.

It was founded in 2015 by an African and European investor and philanthropist, Lord Echendu Ndubuisi, as a personal commitment to creating a new generation of entrepreneurs, through his investment company, the Echendu Group.

In 2015, the Foundation created the LEF Projects to assist prevent famine and malnutrition among the less fortunate, as well as to help children return to school, orphanages, and prisoners, as part of Lord Echendu’s goal to empower 5,000 African entrepreneurs over the next 15 years.

Through its philanthropic programmes, the Lord Echendu Foundation has trained, mentored, and funded over 1500 young African entrepreneurs, orphans, prisoners, and the less fortunate across the African continent, and through its digital networking platform, LEFORUM, it provides capacity-building support, advisory, and market linkages to Africans.

To support the street, Orphanage Home, Hospitals and the prisons 2016 to 2020, Lord Echendu has feed the street in Ghana, donated relief materials and cash to Hospitals in James town Accra, Orphanage homes across communities and also visited Ankaful maximum prison cape coast to donate relief materials. In the city of Peck Ham, United Kingdom, Lord Echendu Foundation has feed the poor through food bank.

To cushion the effect of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the Lord Echendu Foundation supported 221 Rivers State Youths with stipends to keep hope alive; he also donated relief materials and cash to West African countries, including Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cote D’Ivoire. The gesture went a long way in ameliorating the hardship caused by the global pandemic then.

Recently, the Foundation stood in solidarity with the people of the Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality in Ahoada East/West Local Government Areas of Rivers State who were hard hit by the 2022 flooding which ravaged their homes and means of livelihood.  Palliatives and cash were donated to them through their King and individuals to cushion the effect of the suffering occasioned by the disaster.

In its bid to support education, especially that of the girl-child, the Foundation offered tertiary education scholarship to deserving female students across Universities: River State University, University of Port Harcourt, University of Legon, Ghana; University of WA in Ghana and Universities in United Kingdom, including Anglia Ruskin University and University of Greenwich. This is to encourage female education because we, at Lord Echendu Foundation, believe that he who builds and trains the female child, builds the nation.

To better serve humanity, the Lord Echendu Foundation recently added people living with disabilities to empowerment programme by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cedar Seed Foundation. The MOU will help both organizations better serve their communities by empowering young people and promoting health through education, nutrition and exercise. The Lord Echendu Foundation will continue to serve and stand in solidarity with humanity.

It is in acknowledgement of its outstanding humanitarian service to humanity that the Top10 Magazine hereby confers on it the award of Humanitarian Service Organization of the Year.

IBRAHIM O. SALAU, PH.D. (Diaspora Nigerian Professional of the Year)

Dr. Ibrahim Salau, the Nigerian U.S-based aviation expert, is a specialist in the design and manufacture of the best helicopters and airplanes.

He has worked for such aviation and related industries as B/E Aerospace in Jacksonville, Florida; Delta Airlines in Atlanta Georgia; Sikorski Aircraft in Connecticut, Atlas Air in New York and Bombardier Aerospace in Montreal, Canada. He has worked on Boeing 727, B737, B757, B767, B777, Blackhawk and Seahawk helicopters as well as the Bombardier Global7000 and all new CSeries 100/300 aircraft.

Dr Salau has his hands in the innovation and engineering marvels like the Blackhawk. He was also involved in the design and manufacture of the Seahawk helicopter, the helicopter that is used for medical evacuations in times of war and disaster. Other helicopters in whose design he took part include the CH53K heavy lift helicopter. Dr. Salau is not only involved in the Design and Manufacturing support of some of these equipment, but also in testing of the end product to ensure adequate structural integrity.

Currently, Dr. Salau works in Florida, USA, for L3Harris Technologies, a company that anticipates and responds to customers’ demands in space, air, land, sea, and cyber – driving a safer world and a more secure future.

Dr. Salau was born in Eika-Ohizenyi in Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State. He attended the then Igbira Local Government Authority School after which he proceeded to Federal Government College, Ilorin. Here he was exposed to schooling with Nigerians from other states of the country. There was excellent blending among members of all ethnic groups and religions and he never felt a need to belong to any region.

He attended University of Lagos where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Anambra State, he worked for Ajaokuta Steel Industries and with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) LNG Project before proceeding to France where he obtained a Doctor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nancy. He then moved to the US to work as a Research Assistant Professor in the then Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of University of West Virginia in Morgantown WV. After this, he joined the aviation industry.

Dr. Salau had the experience of running a non-for-profit, non-religious, apolitical Nigerian organization in USA as their National President from 2013 to 2017 called Zumunta Association USA, Inc. (www.Zumunta.Com). The Zumunta Association uses the strength of Northern diversity in the Diaspora to improve living conditions in Northern Nigeria. He is very passionate about Nigeria’s growth and development in general. The organization afforded Dr. Salau the opportunity of working with Chairman/CEO NiDCOM, Hon. (Dr) Abike Dabiri-Erewa on ways to making Nigeria a better country.

Dr. Salau’s membership of the National Democratic Party in USA, also gave him the rare privilege to introduce President Obama too during Oct. 2010 Mid-term campaign in Connecticut, USA. He was also privileged to be introduced by Simon Russell, the music mogul, at the political rally.

As a global comparing aerospace exert, Dr Salau has this to say about what operates in advanced countries vis-a-vis Nigeria in the aerospace sector. “All of these advanced countries have the capability to conceive, design and manufacture aircrafts and by extension have strong aircraft maintenance centers. As far as I know, countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Morocco have aircraft maintenance centers where you can accomplish the highest level of maintenance checks. I would like to see Nigeria rise to that level first of all, and be the giant of Africa in aircraft maintenance. The government, working with private entrepreneurs can come up with an aggressive five- or ten-year plan of having a made-in-Nigeria civil aircraft. The determination and focus have to be there because we have the natural and human resources to get it done.”

He describes the establishment of Nigerian Diaspora Commission, NiDCOM as a very good and noble idea and supports the call for Diaspora Nigerians to return home to develop their country. “I am all for diaspora professionals who feel they have achieved enough experience they desire, and have had his/her family situation taken care of to return home for nation building. No other person is going to do it for us but us. The advanced countries didn’t become advanced overnight. If they can do it, we can. On a personal level, am I at a point where I would like to come home and contribute my little quota to that nation building? The answer is YES. It is time for me to give back to the country that has given me so much.

In recognition of value of his professional expertise which he has deployed abroad to the pride of Nigeria and his passion for the development of his country, Dr. Salau is hereby honoured with the award of Diaspora Professional of the Year.

Daniel Moses: (Diaspora Nigerian business icon of the Year)

Dr. Daniel Moses, founder, Property Wealth Corporation, Property Wealth Education, Property Wealth Estates, and big-time investor in property income-generating businesses, is also an author, podcaster, property trainer, speaker and mentor based in London, United Kingdom.

Dr. Moses has built a business empire comprising a real estate portfolio, management company, Education business and a property investment company with a total value of over £7 million and served over 1,000 clients and counting across its Subsidiaries since its inception.

The Nigerian-born, British Resident property management expert is an acclaimed specialist in creating wealth through the property market. He specializes in creative strategies that is unconventional which allow many builds multi-million-pound property portfolios. 

Property Wealth Corporation, over the years has grown from a simple idea of wealth creation through property and helping others do the same. Property Wealth has over the past five years become an expert organization providing investment opportunities, professional training, and professional property services to the industry. The Corporation deals primarily in Property Management, Property Development, Property Education, Business Education, Property Investments and Partnerships.

The proprietor, Dr. Moses, is driven by a conviction that anyone can start in properties and make an exceptionally good business out of it. He brings in his vast experience in the industry to mentor a wide range of people, ranging from beginners with limited funds to working professionals, who want to make their money grow.

Moses has structured Property Wealth Education and its subsidiaries to deliver the mission of creating opportunities, developing people, and building generational wealth. 

His property portfolio service takes the stress and the headaches in acquisition of properties off those looking to invest or build wealth through property and helps owners create truly passive income while they wait for capital appreciation.

Property investors can, therefore, create tailored, profitable portfolios without having to go through the stressful and time-consuming process. The company’s approach takes into account the critical elements of timescales, financial considerations and individual objectives. 

Its competitive edge lies in its extensive network that enables it to source mouth-watering deals, which are not available to the general public – thus availing clients houses listed below market values. Its services also carry a distinctive feature of connecting investors with vast industry experts. 

Dr. Moses ranks properties as an asset class with one of the most secure forms of investment at a time where demand for housing far outweighs supply. He has been in the business of developing, managing luxury HMOs or living space market since 2017.

He traces the unique opportunity in the U K property market to the country’s growing population against a relatively small space of land – which sets property values constantly rising.

The company’s Property Wealth Education services sprang out of his discovery that many people who went into properties lacked a sense of direction, which made it difficult for them to succeed. In stepping out to bridge the knowledge gap, he has launched his brand to focus on giving clients clarity and direction through training, providing mentoring and other services to build mindsets and businesses in property that will generate wealth for all involved.

Under its Property Wealth portfolio service, the company undertakes real estate investments on behalf of clients, who are limited on time either to invest or to learn the ropes.

Earn and learn is another of the company’s property investment product – a unique offering that gives large portfolio investors a chance to develop property empires with minimal stress. 

Moses’ property management expertise covers the entire spectrum of the housing market – single-lets, residential homes, care homes, assisted living spaces, HMOs or serviced accommodation with a promise to deliver superior returns. 

He also has great values to add to existing property portfolios by professionally analyzing content to make the money invested go further by applying his buy, refurbish, rent, refinance strategic options.

With over £7 million in personal net worth and Multimillion pounds with his clients’ property portfolio under management, Property Wealth takes a firm standing as the savvy investor’s ideal partner. It boasts a wealth of industry expertise fitted for highly personalized services.

Dr. Moses is aiming much higher and he isn’t hoping to travel on the property wealth road alone but is fully persuaded to give anyone willing to ride along, the mindset it takes to hop in and stay on.

His message and his persuasion centre on the business he knows best – property and the fertilizing ingredient of success – mindset: “I am passionate about being able to create an outstanding wealth through property business in the UK. I want to reach the entire world with my message and my story.

In recognition of his leading and outstanding role in placing Nigeria on property business map of United Kingdom that Dr. Daniel Moses has been given the award of Diaspora Nigerian business icon of the Year by the Top10 Magazine.

Zenith bank: Diaspora Banking Leader of the Year

Zenith Bank Plc was established in May 1990, and commenced operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank. The Bank became a public limited liability company on June 17, 2004 and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on October 21, 2004 following a highly successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). Zenith Bank Plc currently has a shareholder base of more than half a million and is Nigeria’s biggest bank by tier-1 capital. In 2013, the Bank listed $850 million worth of its shares at $6.80 each on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Zenith Bank Plc has over 500 branches and business offices in prime commercial centres in all states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). In March 2007, Zenith Bank was licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom to establish Zenith Bank (UK) Limited as the United Kingdom subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc.

Zenith Bank also has Diaspora subsidiaries: Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited, Zenith Bank (Sierra Leone) Limited, Zenith Bank (Gambia) Limited. The bank also has representative office in The People’s Republic of China. The Bank plans to take the Zenith brand to other African countries as well as the European and Asian markets.

Zenith Bank Plc blazed the trail in digital banking in Nigeria; scoring several firsts in the deployment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure to create innovative products that meet the needs of its teeming customers.

The bank is verifiably a leader in the deployment of various channels of banking technology, and the Zenith brand has become synonymous with the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in banking. Driven by a culture of excellence and strict adherence to global best practices, the Bank has combined vision, skillful banking expertise, and cutting-edge technology to create products and services that anticipate and meet customers’ expectations; enable businesses to thrive and grow wealth for customers.

Zenith Bank Plc, founded by Jim Ovia in 1990, has since grown astronomically to become one of the leading financial institutions in Africa. Zenith Bank Plc currently ranks as the 6th biggest bank in the continent. The Bank grew its shareholder’s fund of ₦20million in 1990 to ₦704.50billion as at year end 2016. Today, the Bank continues to thrive on the strong values, brand equity, corporate culture of professionalism and service excellence which are the foundations upon which the bank was built.

Zenith Diaspora Banking is designed to enable Nigerians in diaspora take advantage of investment opportunities back home and perform financial transactions safely and conveniently from anywhere in the world.

It has introduced financial products and services tailor-made to meet specific needs of customers and non-customers in the Diaspora. These include the CBN Naira for Dollar Scheme, Home Remittance, Mortgage Banking Services, Advisory Services, and Medical Vouchers (Z-med).

The CBN Naira 4 Dollar Scheme enables a receiver of foreign currency transfers from abroad, through Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) earn ₦5.00 on every US Dollar each time her receives. The CBN Naira 4 Dollar Scheme applies to all remittance inflows.

 Zenith’s Mortgage Banking Services takes the stress off the users by availing them access to the bank’s diaspora mortgage loan and connecting them with estate agents and developers directly.

At Zenith Bank, exceptional advice is an enduring process. That is why over many years, the bank has enhanced and structured its offerings to reflect the bank’s clients’ needs.

The outcome is a unique advisory process that enables clients: view access to stock trading on the NSE/Capital Market; invest in money market instruments; invest in mutual funds; amongst other services.

Zenith Bank’s Medical Vouchers (Z-Med), gives vouchers (priced-to-service vouchers) which provide family members with access to Hospitals in Nigeria especially in cases of emergencies.

It is in recognition of Zenith Bank’s strong presence and the world standard services it provides through its diaspora subsidiaries and offices that the Top10 magazine has considered it worthy of being awarded the Diaspora Banking leader of the Year.

UBA bank (Global Financial Brand of the Year)

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is Africa’s global bank with a rich history spanning over seven decades. The bank which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the most recognised financial institutions to originate from Sub-Saharan Africa with thriving operations in 20 African countries – Republique du Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Congo Brazzaville, Congo DRC, Cote d’lvoire, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Tchad, Uganda and Zambia.

UBA also operates in the United Kingdom and France and it is the only sub-Saharan African bank with a deposit taking license in the USA. It officially opened for business in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in 2022.

UBA provides corporate, commercial, SME, consumer and personal (retail) banking services to more than 27 million customers, served through diverse channels: over 1,000 business offices and customer touch points with 2,669 ATMs, 87,223 POS, and robust online banking services. Additionally, UBA offers pension custody and related services.

The bank has proven expertise and capacity in key sectors of economies across Africa, especially in Oil and Gas, Infrastructure Finance, Agric, and Commodity/Export, and this positions it as a preferred partner for structured solutions to key governments and corporates operating in/into Africa.

UBA is Africa, representing the African dream; it is a bank with a story foretold 70 years ago, committed to continuous excellent customer experience as enshrined in its Customer-First (C1st) Philosophy. The bank remains a reliable financial partner through highs and lows to all its customers and stakeholders.

Irrespective of the challenging COVID 19 Pandemic which impacted industries, health services, educational institutions, commerce, lifestyles, religions and world economies at large, at a speed, scale and severity that no-one could have predicted, UBA has worked hard and stayed together as a strong team amidst adversity, operational challenges and security threats.  UBA remains well-positioned with a rock-solid foundation ready to meet the banking public’s financial needs and business challenges.

Uba operates in 20 African countries and in the UK, the UAE and the USA. We also have presence in Paris, France.

Its wide footprint across Africa and in London, Paris, Dubai and New York opens up opportunities for new and existing customers to enjoy its excellent services globally.

It is in recognition of its global presence and impact on the banking industry which have made it a pride to Nigeria that the Top10 Magazine has conferred on UBA the award of the Global Bank of the Year.

LANRE MESSAN: (Startups builder of the year)

He is one of Nigeria’s hottest heads in the start-up and fundraising circuit at the moment. A multi-talented entrepreneur, David Lanre Messan, a mass communicator by training, who started out as an idea strategist, has today acquired outstanding expertise as a digital enterprise strategist, startup advisor and angel investor.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of First Founders Inc., one of the fast-rising venture studios in Nigeria, is one of the most sought-after fundraisers in the tech startup ecosystem. David Lanre Messan, popularly known as DLM, has helped several early-stage startups to raise a total of over $10 million dollars from investors to build and scale their companies.

One of these startups is Syarpa, a Fintech company that is building the future of payments by leveraging digital assets solutions in Africa and around the world. In April, Syarpa closed a pre-seed round of $500k, with Messan and First Founders Inc. playing a significant role in that success.

Other early-stage companies that he has helped to raise investments for include but are not limited to, Ucard, a firm which is enabling digital commerce for offline retail markets.

He has over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business planning, ideas and strategy development, branding, marketing, operations, leadership and decision analysis. He has over 12 years’ experience in communications, marketing and executive business presentations in the private and public sectors.

DLM has spoken in over 50 conferences on key economic and social topics, major amongst them are the Grow Africa Forum, World Economic Forum on Africa, SHAPE Africa, etc. He has developed more than 100 thriving business ideas for companies, governments and corporations.

Messan studied mass communications at Lagos State Polytechnic. He also studied business marketing strategy at Nexford University, disruptive strategy at Harvard Business School and entrepreneurship and innovation at Scalable Global Academy.

Messan’s career development journey was one of weathering the storm to the top. He took to hawking gala in traffic and, later, teaching in order to raise money to buy internet night browsing time at cybercafés. His purpose was to explore the new world of information and opportunities, to understand leadership and to become an idea strategist.

He started out with a social project in secondary schools named Lifeguard Youth Concerns where he worked to inculcate the principles of abstinence, entrepreneurship and leadership in senior students. He enrolled for LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Programme in 2006 which also helped him to focus on his goal and pursue his dreams.

Messan has since expanded his service horizon to become a Community Organizer, scholar as well as digital and strategic political electioneering campaign manager.

As a scholar, he was recently selected as an academic visitor to the James Currey Society in cooperation with University of Oxford’s African Studies Center, a quest to hone a passionate career in creative writing, but this time, telling African Stories in the African way and manner.

As a Community Organizer, DLM serves as a community organizer for Harvard Business School Online. The school has published on its official website, an article on some of his works, recognizing his expertise as a strategist. His other international achievements include serving as a Scalabl Global Ambassador for Africa and International Partner and Senator for Nigeria with the World Business Angels Investors Forum. In 2011, DLM was selected as a pioneer global shaper of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where he served for five years and went on to become the community’s curator in Lagos and a member of the WEF on collaborations.

DLM deployed his expertise as a political campaign strategist during the 2019 Nigerian Presidential election, particularly in Atiku Abubakar’s presidential campaign. He also worked as a Communications Consultant for the Lagos State Government under Babatunde Raji Fashola’s regime.

Messan’s exploits on these projects earned him international recognition and got him connected with United Kingdom’s Dr. Dianne Regisford, one of the Oxford councillorship hopefuls. Messan became Regisford’s campaign manager, working in the capacity of a Director, Strategist Communication and Digital Content Management.

DLM’s outstanding multi-disciplinary track record has earned him reconitions and accolades across board. He was selected by MTV/Staying Alive Foundation in 2005 as a finalist and was rated one of the 100 best authors by the World Bank in 2006 out of 1,900 authors in the world for sharing his ideas on how he planned to solve community problems.

In 2007, he founded Green Yaggy, a project under his first company, Infinite Impact, through which he impacted the lives of over 250 youths directly and another 5,000 indirectly – an accomplishment that earned him a recognition as African Business Leaders Forum (ABLF) 101 Young African Leader in 2007. In 2008, he won the LEAP Africa Nokia Top 10 Youth Leadership Award.

In 2011, he was selected as a pioneer global shaper of the World Economic Forum (WEF) He has raised over $7 million for small businesses in Nigeria and Africa and has provided strategy for growth for over 250 businesses and start-ups in Nigeria.

He presently serves as international partner for Nigeria with World Business Angels Investors Forum (WBAF), Turkey; scalable global ambassador for Africa and a community organiser for Harvard Business School Online. He has explored the business world, the entertainment industry, the political space and more and has come to focus on helping people and businesses go digital.

The Top10 Magazine, recognizing Lanre Messan has deployed his multi-disciplinary expertise to building of start-up businesses in Nigeria and development of society generally, hereby confers on him the award of Start-up Builder of the Year.

TUOYO DUDU: Young Business Leader of the Year

Tuoyo Dudu, founder and CEO of Tudu Energy, is an inspiration to many young people in Nigeria. He is on a mission to light up Africa, create jobs and power industrialization by manufacturing solar systems, primarily to power SMEs and households.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria on March 16, 1991, Tuoyo attended Corona Primary School, Gbagada and Adesoye College, Offa, for his secondary school education. He holds a BBE degree in Financial Economics from Brock University, Ontario, Canada, and is a recipient of Intensive Solar Energy Design and Installation Certificate. He is an entrepreneur at business and a leader at heart who is very courageous with a keen sense of justice in decision-making.

Fondly called " Light of the World, he is on a journey to provide renewable energy for underserved African communities that would bring about development and provide jobs in abandoned places. He is Itsekiri from the Niger Delta hence he has decided to start with the riverine communities in his country, Nigeria, where Tudu Energy is supplying solar home systems to individuals and installing solar street lights. He is passionate about improving lives with clean energy and has over five years’ experience in the industry with a focus on off-grid and emerging markets.

While overseeing the affairs of Tudu Energy, the company has built a brand reputation for manufacturing quality solar systems to solve Nigeria’s overdependence on imported, expensive and substandard products as this continues to be a major concern fueling a mistrust for items such as solar systems and other solar products.

By making our products locally, Dudu said, we are building a Nigerian manufacturing base which will give Nigerians quality solar systems and products. For him, this is not a quick money-making scheme but a long-term project that will ensure solar availability and affordability for everyone especially Sub-Saharan African countries.

In recognition of his amazing work over the past few years, he was honoured with the Niger Delta Future Fest Prize Award for Young Person in Energy in August, 2022.

The Tuoyo Dudu Foundation is also building solar internet libraries in off-grid communities where children are currently lacking access to education. Here, those who are currently out of school are taught computer skills with access to up-to-date information. For him, this is a way to give back to his people as education is the most powerful weapon, we can use to change the world.

Tuoyo has always credited God’s guidance as well as his parents especially his mother for instilling in him love, hard work, courage and persistence which are values that have helped him achieve success in business and make impact in life. These characteristics have helped him stay focused over the years in attaining his dream of becoming a successful and innovative young business leader in the world.

The young business genius who is in his early 30s enjoys reading, exercising, travelling, playing and watching soccer and spending time with his family.

He is hereby recognized as the Top10 Magazine’s Young Business Man of the Year.

DreamCity Group:Real Estate Company of the Year

Mr. Benjamin D. Akhamere is the Founder and Managing Director of DreamCity Group, a conglomerate of companies with diversified interests in real estate development, civil works, manufacturing and hospitality.

 The group is structured to achieve integrated operations from specialized entities in the key segments of the business. These include Dreamcity Property and Investment Ltd, Stay & Homely Ltd and Substantia Construction Company Ltd.

With extensive knowledge in planning, building and civil engineering, amongst others, Akhamere has placed DreamCity amongst the leading and dependable real estate developers in Nigeria. The group is based in Abuja from where its estate development operations have spread to Lagos and and Warri in Delta State.

The group undertakes the development of both commercial and residential housing projects. It boasts of a number of housing estate projects, both completed and ongoing, that come complete with a promise of high-class infrastructure, satisfactory living experience and continuous value appreciation.

The company’s assurances of high-quality building materials, durability and low maintenance cost of its buildings comes as a result of its commitment measures that guarantees thorough supervision and accountability of their construction team.

Akhamere’s business prowess in the construction industry started under the auspices of Dibrom Engineering Company, a sole proprietorship enterprise he registered in 1993. This was followed by the incorporation of David Akhamere Investment Ltd in 2006.

His effort in propagating the enterprise attained a milestone in 2001 when he partnered with Same Global Systems Ltd (the first real estate development company to open up Dakwo District in Abuja) as their primary contractor entrusted with the construction of several housing units. These include duplexes and blocks of flats, all of which were successfully completed and handed over to the respect allottees.

For Akhamere, business successes led to new visions and bigger dreams, which found an expression in 2010 when he restructured the company for greater reach and bigger impact. He was prompted by a strong desire to fulfill significant long-term goals in critical sectors and industries, which include civil construction, real estate development, hospitality, production and manufacturing.

The insight gave birth to the brand name DreamCity Group, which has emerged as a conglomerate of companies and businesses with interests in sectors and industries that have enabled an integrated business strategy. The diversification has paid off in terms of an extended field of expertise and experience the Group has built in estate development (planning), civil engineering, mining (quarry) and electrification.

The company’s diversification strategy was to keep not only the real estate development as the core of the business but also to broaden the base of the operations across the real estate value chain.  By deepening the operating base, the group builds in considerable economies of scale benefits that position it to deliver wealth creating assets to its clients on a continuing basis.

Civil works form a major part of the company’s housing projects in respect of which a construction arm of DreamCity group – Substantial Construction Company and a sister company, Dreamcity Property and Investment Ltd – were formed. The two companies undertake all construction and civil works in DreamCity Projects.

It is in recognition of its vision and passion for and the development of the real estate business in Nigeria that DreamCity Group has been named the Real Estate Company of the Year by the Top10 magazine.

Ibukun Adebayo: (Chief Executive Officer, Rock Realty Limited)- Female Real Estate Leader of the Year

Dr. (Mrs.) Ibukun Adebayo is the Chief Executive Officer, Rock Realty Limited, a real estate development and advisory company headquartered in Abuja.

The company’s target market is middle income group where it employs the institutional support of National Housing Fund and other mortgage options to boost the ability of this category of people to own their own houses. All the company’s projects are structured along mortgage lines, tailoring payment options to suit earning patterns.

The company specializes in providing real estate solutions for people earning N3 million and above annually. “We focus on building and providing purchase structures that are tailored to the cash flows of middle-income real estate”, Adebayo said.

Rock Realty is one of the few real estate development companies in Nigeria that play actively in the world of mortgages where the biggest capacity for mass housing development resides.

Adebayo launched the company in 2016 out of her passion to drive that real estate market niche where developers offer products designed for middle income earners to own their own homes.  

Some of the company’s major housing projects include Bold Living Apartments located at Alpha Beach Road in Lekki, which is planned in two phases. Subscribers to the apartments can make use of the National Housing Fund loan, which is available at 6 percent interest rate per annum in structuring their payment plans.

Another of the company housing projects is Bronze Living Estate, which is located at Arapaja, Odona Kekere area of Ibadan. It consists of 290 units of affordable one-, two- and three-bedroom bungalows. The company offers flexible equity contribution options based on mutual agreement, which is spread over the construction period.  The project is also planned to avail subscribers the benefit of using National Housing Fund mortgage, which the company helps to process. In addition to functional infrastructures, central location and significant capital appreciation potential, it offers adequate security.

Adebayo plans to attain new milestones in expanding investment in the real estate market using mortgages as the driving vehicle. “Over the next five to seven years, we intend to construct over 1,500 affordable homes in Nigeria”, she stated. She is working on a Diaspora Real Estate Platform in conjunction with Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, an initiative which would work hand in hand with the newly approved Diaspora Mortgages by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. This provides a platform where Nigerians in Diaspora can invest in credible and safe housing delivery back in their country.

Adebayo qualified in medicine & surgery and practiced as a medical doctor for a few years before branching off into the world of investment banking, development finance and advisory services.

Her last place of paid employment before she launched her company is Infrastructure Bank, where she played an active role in major infrastructure development finance projects.  

Her focus on the middle-income market segment brought her face to face with an unyielding mindset of many middle-income earners – that they cannot afford their own homes yet, ruling out also the option of exploring any initiatives her company was offering for home ownership. Also, many people were skeptical about off-plan purchases on which most of her company’s offerings are hinged due to breakdown of trust within the real estate industry. 

Through a lot of advocacy and mind re-orientation, the Rock Realty’s CEO has changed the story. 

Rock Realty picks up the slightest buyer interest and works from purchase advisory, cash flow assessment to structuring payment plans that are fit for the client in consideration. This is the company’s distinguishing feature in the marketplace. “It is what endears us to our clients, especially those who just never thought home ownership was possible for them any time soon”, Adebayo said.

It is in recognition of her seamless transition from medical practice to leadership in real estate development where she is transforming middle income earners from being tenants to home owners that the Top10 magazine has named her the Female Real Estate Leader of the Year.

ADEPTAL LIMITED (Company of the Year)

Adeptal Limited is a fast-growing technical solution provider company in the area of water and wastewater treatment solutions, oil and diesel filtration technology, Chemicals and cleaning solutions, and legionella detection rapid test solutions. Their focus is on delivering efficient systems and products for various sectors of the economy to solve impending challenges on oil, diesel, water & wastewater, chemicals, and legionella attacks.

Adeptal Limited is filling gaps in industries in Nigeria where companies spend fortunes on the maintenance of their machines and replacement of engine oils due to contaminations. They offer an alternative and efficient diesel and oil filtration technology to all types of systems where these assets (diesel and oil) are paramount, to drive sustainability, cost savings, systems’ life span elongation, waste reduction, and environmental protection.

Adeptal Limited combines knowledge of world-class technology solutions in partnership with some of the global technology providers in its area of professional services to deliver exceptional values for its clients across the industrial and housing water space, mining, power generation and maritime. In addition, Adeptal’s other services include the provision of diesel and oil filtration technology, industrial chemicals supply, hygiene and water risk analysis for hospitality and health care industries with the use of legionella rapid detection.

Adeptal Limited assures the capability of its unique systems and products that integrate the best of technologies from global organizations such as C.C. Jenson -Denmark; Tech-Solutions – Denmark; Thermax Limited -Indian; and Hydrosense Limited -Scotland, to offer unparallel solutions with after-sales support to all customers.

Adeptal Limited has championed and delivered arrays of projects in various economic sectors, including manufacturing industries, households, mining, construction, cement industry, power plants, and maritime companies in Nigeria.

It is in acknowledgement of its leadership’s role in the area of water and wastewater treatment solutions, oil and diesel filtration technology, Chemicals and cleaning solutions, and legionella detection rapid test solutions that the Top10 magazine has honoured Adeptal Limited with the Company of the Year award.

Abiodun Michael. O. Olufemi, MD/CEO of REHOBOTH STANDARD INTERNATIONAL LTD.  (Electrical Cables Accessories Merchant of the Year)

Rehoboth Standard International Limited is the representative (Northern Area) to Nigerchin Electrical Dev. Co. Ltd which specializes in the manufacturing of electrical power cables. The pioneer manufacturer presently produces a range of electrical products, including Copper and Aluminium Conductors made primarily to British standard, Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), International Standard Organization, – ISO. These include:

Copper 600/1000v full range conduit wiring cable;

Copper 600/1000v full range surface wiring cable;

Copper 600/1000v single–core full range main cable;

Copper 600/1000v multi–core full range steel wire amoured cable;

Copper 600/1000v multi–core up to 60 cores amoured & unamoured;

Copper 1.9/3.3kv multi–core steel wire amoured cable;

Bare Annealed copper;

Aluminium 600/1000v series entrance cable;

Aluminium conductor steel reinforced; and

Copper 450/750v single and multi- core cross linked XLPE insulated, Mica Taped, Sheathed and non-sheated cable.(0.6/1kv).

Rehoboth also sells foreign, special cables like signal cables, cat5 and 6. It has proven expertise in the manufacture and sale of major special cables like XLPE medium and high voltage, including marine power cables of various sizes and specification among other electrical materials.

The MD/CEO, Abiodun Michael Olufemi, is a graduate of Accounting from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. He is a result-oriented leader with exposure to business development with ability to leverage skills and capabilities to participate in electrical cables sales activities. He is an exceptional leader, a marketer per excellent with a talent for selling design, quality, service and value for price. He is adept at B2C sales and negotiations with decision makers at many levels and has demonstrated ability to build new territories and expand opportunities within existing client/customer base. He is outstanding in relationship building, training and presentation skills, intelligent, articulate and driven to success.

In recognition of the rapid growth and rising profile of Rehoboth Standard International Ltd in cable marketing under the dynamic management style of Abiodun Michael Olufemi, the company is hereby honoured by the Top10 Magazine as the Electrical Cables Accessories Merchant of the Year.

Dr. Mark Akhabue: Managing Director of Jendol Superstores (Integrity Business Person of the Year)

Dr. Mark Akhabue is an astute entrepreneur, seasoned resource manager, administrator, and philanthropist with a heart for the development of talents and the growth of the Nigerian economy. He is the Managing Director of Jendol Superstores, a fast-growing retail brand operating eight (8) grocery stores across Lagos; and Jendol Petroleum, a downstream Oil and Gas company with filling stations in Lagos, Nigeria.

He began his career in the year 2000 as Finance Manager at Rail Ad Limited. In 2005, he joined Virgin Nigeria Airlines and rose through the ranks to the office of Head, Treasury. As the Head of Treasury, he initiated and implemented effective cost management strategies that helped Virgin Airlines achieve 5% MoM reduction in aircraft maintenance costs. He joined Advantium Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited as Group Head, Finance and Admin in 2009. He contributed significantly to lowering tax and administrative costs by 14% and helped raise $170,000 (N110million) through his business development efforts. In 2012, he joined Hygiea Nigeria Limited (Lagoon Hospital) as Chief Accountant, rising to become the Financial Controller where he led treasury and investment management to deliver satisfaction to investors.

Dr. Mark Akhabue’s multisector experience has significant influence on his business interests in Retail, Petroleum Downstream and Bureau De Change. When he disengaged from full time employment in 2016, he dedicated his time to oversee Jendol Petroleum, and to start Jendol Superstores which has now grown into eight grocery stores with a regional expansion plan to launch 20 new stores over the next five years across Southern Nigeria. Over the last 6 years to date, Jendol Superstores has grown its capital/Assets base to over 5,000% from its initial startup capital of about N62m in value, from startup work force of 26 employees to over 950 employees and operating all eight grocery stores on a cumulative land size of approximately 25,000 sqm.

Jendol is a world-class, multi-location grocery headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. We are the bridge to basic household needs, and we maintain a conducive shopping atmosphere as we pay attention to customer expressions.

Jendol was founded in November 2016, and has built a reputation as a world-class grocery store that consistently leaves shoppers with a smile.

 Jendol Sperstores sees its shoppers as members of one family as it places premium attention on satisfactory customer experience daily. This has earned it customer loyalty. The Company’s people-friendly operational policies have resulted in high staff retainership, an unusual accomplishment in an industry where high attrition is the norm.

Dr. Akhabue’s entrepreneurial acumen has had significant impact on the growth of Jendol Superstores current staff size of 950 and this is expected to be over 1100 employees with the opening of the newest branch in Ogun state December 2022. Staff strength is projected to grow to over 5,000 in the next 10years of planned expansion.

Dr. Akhabue also sits on the board of several organizations, and volunteers as a Trustee at Communion of Kindness Foundation. He is Co-founder of Mark & Kemi Foundation, a nonprofit organization that improves the lives of people and communities. He served as Director, Public Relations, Edo State University Accounting Class of 1997 Alumni. He is a member of Lagos Country Club and a serving deacon in The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), playing a critical role in her Global Mandate as Board Member, TREM Global Vision Investments Limited.

He also sits on the board of Floodgates Insurance Brokers Nigeria Limited. Kema Travels Nigeria Limited and Keose Ventures Nigeria Limited.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Ambrose Alli University (formerly Edo State University), and an MBA from University of Calabar. He was conferred with an honorary doctorate by the European-American University, Commonwealth of Dominica in 2020.

He is an FCA Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria; Associate of Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria; Fellow, Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management & Policies, Ghana; and Fellow, Institute of Chartered Administrators and Researchers of Nigeria.

Dr. Akhabue is married to Mrs Oluwakemi Akhabue and they are blessed with beautiful children.

For the high level of integrity which Dr. Mark Akhabue displayed in his professional accounting career which he brought to bear on his personal business which is impacting the lives of thousands of shoppers and staff, he is hereby honoured by the Top10 Magazine with the award of Integrity Business Person of the Year.

AYODEJI MEGBOPE Founder, MD/CEO NO LEFT-OVERS NIG LTD (Champion of women empowerment person of the Year)

Ayodeji Megbope is the Founder, MD/CEO of No Leftovers Nig. Ltd., a business that started with a takeoff capital of N1,000 with the sale of local bean cakes known as “moin-moin” but has grown the venture into a thriving catering outfit.

Ayo was one of the first women worldwide to benefit from the 10,000 Women Initiative in 2007, sponsored by Goldman Sachs- a programme set up to empower 10,000 underserved women worldwide with formal business skills and education.

Today she is an ambassador of the 10,000 Women Initiative; she has graced numerous local and international platforms and thus become an inspiration to many.

Ayo is a graduate of the Enterprise for Development Centre (EDC) where she completed her Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management Programme.  She is also a graduate of the Manchester Business School where she earned a Diploma in Business Administration. She is committed to spreading and sharing the importance of women empowerment and inspire others on the possibilities and advantages of starting small and growing big.

She was a speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York with world leaders in attendance and has also addressed the Annual General Meeting of Goldman Sachs in New York, both in 2009.

In December 2011, Ayo was invited by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey for the Second Global Summit on Entrepreneurship to speak on the panel session titled “Global Entrepreneurship Revolution.”

In April 2013, she was one of the three women nominated to represent Nigeria in the Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Programme — a partnership which connects talented, emerging women leaders from all over the world with members of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Leaders for a month—long internship programme in the U.S.

In March 2014, Ayo was invited to speak at the White House in celebration of International Women’s Day. In June 2016, Ayo was invited as a Panelist at the United States of America Women Conference Summit where she spoke alongside Mr. Warren Buffet on her journey as an entrepreneur. She was also privileged to deliver an address at a State House Dinner in Washington DC where she welcomed the First Lady of the United States of America, Mrs. Michelle Obama.

In January 2019, Ayo was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur.

She continues to use her different platforms to preach the gospel of Christ in Nigeria and all over the world, proudly sharing the fact that she is a woman who has been mightily helped by God, raised by God and proudly thrives in God.

Having experienced tremendous success from building her business from bottom to the top to deliberately engaging in continuous Personal Development, she has become a Conference Speaker both locally and internationally. She is the Convener of the “What Next Conference”, an annual gathering of Women that focuses on challenging Women to keep striving for more, regardless of their achievements of the past or the limitations around them.

Her passionate commitment to see women lifted, empowered and live fulfilled, balanced and productive lives inspired her founding the Grace Ladies Business Fellowship in 2009. This is a platform where women, especially entrepreneurs are inspired, mentored, and guided to live their lives to the full, build sustainable businesses, grow to impact others and ultimately be all that God has ordained for them to be. In 2021, she was appointed as the President of the Association of Business Women in Commerce and Industry (ABWCI) Nigeria, a global virtual chamber of Commerce and Industry whose home country is in India. 

Ayodeji is one of the founding Trustees of Mercy Jet Foundation (a benevolence organization) and the author of a Bestseller “Lifted at The Gate”, a book that talks about her journey from the streets to the stage. Her rare dedication and selflessness have impacted and still impacting lives globally.

Ayo continues to grow No Left-Overs and has also become a sought-after Public Speaker locally and globally and is always bold to talk about how she has been mightily helped by God. She is very happily married and blessed with two children.

For translating her personal business acumen into a tool for the empowerment of women globally through her role as a Public Speaker, Ayodeji Megbope has been honoured with the award of Champion of Women Empowerment Person of the Year.

Prince Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State (Governor of the Year)

Since he was inaugurated as the Governor of Ogun State in 2019, Dapo Abiodun has been passionate about the development of transportation infrastructure, having recognised the need for an efficient public transport system.

He started off by inaugurating an interim committee on transport sector. The following year, based on the committee’s recommendation, a full-fledged Ministry of Transportation was created to replace the Bureau of Transportation, charged with the mandate to provide safe, affordable, accessible and comfortable multimodal transportation system that will stimulate continued development of the state.

The Governor went ahead to inaugurate the Ogun State Transportation Master Plan and also launched the Mass Bus Transit System, which are air conditioned, Wi-Fi-enabled buses. The transport policy takes into consideration the short, medium, and long-term approaches to the development of Ogun State’s transport sector and covers road, rail, water and air transportation plans. The multimodal transportation master plan of Governor Abiodun’s administration stems from the comprehensive and well researched Urban Transport Policy and Strategic Transport Intervention Plan. The buses recently launched in the pilot phase of the transport master plan are being used to transport commuters within Abeokuta for now, but will expand to other cities soon.

In the next phase of the mass transit, the route will be extended beyond the state to Lagos. This arrangement will allow Ogun State-owned buses bearing passengers to use the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes in Lagos and back, through Abeokuta, Mowe, Kara, Marina, as well as Ifo and Ado Odo-Ota axis.

In the area of water transportation, efforts are being made by the state government to provide free movement for water transport operators by clearing sea weeds on Ogun water ways and making them navigable for commercial operations. This will improve socio-economic activities and standard of living of operators and the people.

Convinced that both the inland and coastal waters running through Ogun State offer huge and promising business opportunities for several communities which have been isolated due to lack of water transportation system, the Abiodun administration is set to facilitate private investment in water transportation in other to connect several communities in Ipokia, Ado-Odo/Ota, Odogbolu, Ijebu East and Ogun Waterside Local Government Areas laterally and also vertically with Badagry, Iba, Ibeju Lekki and Epe in Lagos State for rural socio-economic integration.

The government also plans to invest in jetties and ferry services which will commence very soon as promoters are already signifying interest. Also, in the multimodal Transport Master Plan is the airport project which is at Iperu-Ilishan. Although conceived by a previous administration, it has been incorporated in the transportation master plan of the Abiodun’s administration and is under implementation.

In a matter of months, commercial activities are expected to start taking place and planes will start landing and loading and taking off at the airport. When it starts operations, it will be the first truly international cargo airport in Nigeria. It will probably be the fastest built airport anywhere and it is much more than a cargo airport. The airport is strategically located and its functionality is embedded in its location within the Special Agro Processing Zone. It is estimated that the Agro Cargo Airport will provide means of livelihood for 25,000 people.

In the area of rail transportation, Govermor Abiodun has been working hand-in-hand with the Lagos State and the Federal Governments to extend commuter railway services to Ogun state. Consequently, the Lagos Blue and Red rail lines will commence operation between the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of 2023.

It is already confirmed that the 31-kilometre red line passengers’ rail service from Oyingbo in Lagos State will navigate through Lagos mainland, Ikeja in Lagos West and berth at Agbado station in Ogun State.

Also in the pipeline is another rail line, the blue passengers’ train that transverses from Apapa to Okokomaiko, but plans are afloat to stretch its services from the University town of Ojoo to the Nation’s industrial hub at Agbara industrial estate in Ogun State.

Ogun state also plans to latch on to the initiative to extend Redline train services beyond Agbado to other parts of the state such as Ijoko and Kajola, among others. Ogun and Lagos states are already taking advantage of the significant investment of the Federal Government through the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) along the Lagos/Ibadan standard gauge railway infrastructure to ensure transportation is effective and efficient to serve the economic needs of Lagos and Ogun as the commercial nerve and industrial hub of the nation, respectively.

The transport sector in Ogun is just one of the numerous examples of how meticulous Governor Abiodun has been in the conception, plan and implementation of his policies towards shared prosperity. His massive road construction policy feeds favourably into the transport policy, which is aimed at opening up those hitherto neglected border corridors, so that, socio-economic activities can flourish and the state and its people can further prosper.

It is in recognition of Governor Dapo Abiodun’s extraordinary vision pursued with collaboration, sincerity of purpose and the interest of the people as the ultimate goal, demonstrated in the transportation sector that he has been honoured with the Governor of the Year award by the Top10 Magazine.

Capital Luxury Group: (Luxury company of the year 2022)

Capital Luxury Global Resources is a multifaceted prestige company with a commitment to providing unlimited professional and luxury products and services around the world. The company and its ramifications proudly identify with unwavering leadership and hard work to transcend its customers’ satisfaction and expectations.

In 2020, it expanded Capital Luxury Group to the shores of Nigeria from its US international headquarters, with other subsidiaries, including Luxury Automobile, Real Estate, Logistics and Transportation, Record Label and Private jet Airline recently launched in November,2022.

In the two years that it has been in business in Nigeria, the company has assembled a team of young professionals from the industry and has acquired internationally developed cutting-edge technology that continually gives it an edge over its competitors.

Capital Luxury Global Resources has been in the business of offering exceptional luxury products and services to huge number of corporate organisations, celebrities, business elite, and government at a reasonable price. The company routinely delivers positive customer experience at any given time. Over a million customers have expressed their satisfaction through positive reviews online.

With eight subsidiaries in the country, Capital Luxury Global Resources currently maintains its international headquarters in the United States of America, with regional and branch offices dispersed throughout the country’s major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom and the rest.

Each one of its subsidiaries presents a special and unique opportunity to staff and customers, leading a pleasurable luxury lifestyle and facilitating a pleasant environment.

Capital Luxury prides itself on providing a one-of-a-kind professional luxury service, making service to customers its top priority.

Since the launch of the brands in Nigeria, Capital Luxury Global Resources has continually invested in building state-of-the-art terminals, automotive showrooms, homes and villas, hotels, and many more luxurious facilities across the country, and globally to further enhance clients’ luxury experience.

The architecturally iconic branch office buildings erected in the heart of the State capital, Uyo offers tech-immersive elements and luxurious customer-centric features that transform the luxury retail experience. These buildings consist of automotive showroom, bus terminals, restaurants, VIP bar/lounge, car wash, car service centre, spare parts shop, shopping mall and CL Aviation facilities,

As an international conglomerate, Capital Luxury Global Resources has developed eight business subsidiaries in Nigeria within the first 2 years in business. These are:

(1) Capital Luxury Auto: This subsidiary provides automobiles and parts sales and service as a certified dealership in the United States, involving brand new and pre-owned sports cars, trucks, and SUVs from all of the leading brands, including Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, MercedesBenz, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Lexus, Land Rover, and many more luxury brands.

(2) Capital Luxury Transit: – a first-generation transportation solution (FTS) that has pioneered several innovative technologies to guarantee safety, timely departures and arrivals.  Its services include first class and business class.

(3) Capital Luxury Logistics/Express: is a renowned, efficient, reputable and well-organized Courier, Haulage, Freight and Logistics company with a fleet of modern-day delivery bikes with 250cc engine capacity, cargo vans, articulated trucks, and trailers.

(5) Capital Luxury Music: A global iconic record label focused on world music, Pop, Pop/Rock, and Pop/R&B music artists.

(6) Capital Luxury Realty/Homes: is an innovative, residential and commercial contemporary luxury real estate development firm in Nigeria and United States which manages top-of-the-line properties across the globe.

(8) Capital Luxury Air:  provides private jet charter service for corporate organizations and individuals living a luxury lifestyle, helping them to find the best aircraft to match every trip.

For its innovation and commitment to in bringing luxury from automobiles, hotels, entertainment, transportation, real estate, music or foods under one roof to serve the Nigerian and global luxury market, Capital Luxury Group has been recognized by the Top10 magazine with the award of Luxury Company of the Year.

First class Citizen (Garment and Branding Company of the Year)

First Class Citizen was founded in 2014, and has accomplished so much over the years to create a world where providing companies and organizations with quality branded uniforms and promotional garments has always been the goal.

Its founder and CEO, Mr. Larry Chuchu Okeme was inspired to start the company by his desire to help businesses maximize their marketing and public communication, coupled with his background in fashion and garment making.

The services provided by First Class Citizens include branded uniforms solutions, apparel supplies, garment outsourcing, brand communications, amongst others.

Its vision is to become the foremost branded uniforms company in Africa.

First Class citizen is the trademark company of Khokmak & Chuchu, a fully integrated apparel and branding solutions company, under the name Khokmah & Chuchu Limited, which provides branded apparels for other businesses and companies as well as other branding services.

Khokmah & Chuchu Limited which is led by Larry Chuchu also operates a premium retail fashion brand trade marked as Larry Chuchu, a sophisticated men’s wear apparel and related merchandise.

Larry Chuchu is also the active creative lead and founder of Disruptiiv Media, a full-service new media and marketing startup, that delivers content marketing for businesses; and consulting with brands/companies on telling their stories with an aim to optimizing leads.

It is in acknowledgement of its leadership role in the   provision of branded garments and apparels for other businesses and companies as well as other branding services that the Top10 magazine has honoured First Class citizen as the Garment and branding company of the year.

Dr Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, Deputy Governor, Lagos State (Most complementary Deputy Governor of the Year)

Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat (Deputy Governor of Lagos State, has blue blood running in his veins. But he does not allow his royal and elitist background go into his head. Where many with his upbringing would display pride and arrogance, Hamzat chose to be humble in life and diligent in service. The path he chose to thread has, unarguably, contributed immensely to the height he has attained today as the Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Nigeria’s leading state in virtually all the positive parameters.

Dr. Hamzat was born on September 19th 1964 in Lagos to Late Oba Mufutau Olatunji Hamzat, Olu of Afowowa Sogaade. His mother is late Alhaja Kehinde Hamzat, who is from Iga Egbe in Lagos Island.

Dr. Hamzat attended Odu Abore Memorial Primary School, Mushin, Lagos State and Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo State in the southwest region of Nigeria. He proceeded to the University of Ibadan where he graduated with a B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering (1986) and a Masters in Agricultural Engineering (1988). In 1992, he graduated from Cranfield University, England with a PhD in System Process Engineering, becoming the first student in the department to complete his doctorate within three years. He is also an alumnus of the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Programme.

Dr. Hamzat’s career has seen him work in both the private and public sectors with experience in organizations such as RTP Consulting Services, City of New York; Columbia University, Merrill Lynch Inc, Morgan Stanley and Oando Plc., as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Group Head, IT Strategy of Oando Plc, Lagos.

Dr. Hamzat’s arrival into the public service from an illustrious private sector career, was announced by his appointment as Commissioner for Science and Technology during the tenure of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in August 2005. He was seamlessly retained as Commissioner for Science and Technology when Governor Babatunde Fashola took over from Tinubu in 2007 because of Hamzat’s comprehensive rollout plan of designed initiatives that permanently changed the face of data and record keeping in the State. Within the administration, he introduced and championed the automation of government processes. This helped change and improve the way public servants carry out their operations in the State, as well as eradicate State ghost workers through the implementation of enterprise resource planning.

In 2011, Dr Hamzat was appointed Lagos State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, a position he held till May 2015. As Commissioner, he was responsible for many civil and construction works in the State. His notable achievements are, but not limited to, the completion of the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge linking Admiralty Way to Bourdillon Road, Nigeria’s first cable-stayed bridge and the construction of the Lekki Expressway with the upgrade, expansion and maintenance of approximately 50km of the Lekki-Epe Expressway (Phase I), and construction of Yaya Abatan Road, Cemetery Road in Ajeromi Ifelodun, Expansion of Lagos Badagry expressway with a rail (blue line) and other infrastructures across the State.

For his extraordinary performance and technical abilities, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Minister for Power, Works and Housing appointed him as his Special Adviser Technical.

In this advisory role, which he occupied from January 2016 to August 2018, Hamzat was Adviser to the Honourable Minister on roads and other infrastructure assets. In addition to this, he also served as Consultant to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on public infrastructure such as Architectural designs, Structural designs, Quantity surveying, Mechanical and Engineering devices.

He had tried to succeed Fashola in 2015 as Governor but narrowly lost the ticket to Mr Akinwunmi Ambode and as a true democrat, he had forged ahead waiting for another opportunity.

In 2019, he also contested for the Governorship position, but had to step down during the primary election for the eventual winner, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu who picked him as running mate.

As a Deputy Governor, particularly one dealing with intense pressures, he relies on many things, perspective and context; and strategic counsel and courage of conviction. But chief among them is loyalty. And in a word, that strengthens Obafemi‘s relationship with his bosses, peers and underlings.

A strong and dedicated leader, he brings clarity of thought and purpose to his work. He is a good listener who comes to the table not with some preset notion of distrust but rather an open mind; he asks tough questions and tries to find solutions.

In today’s climate, where people avoid blame instead of finding common ground, the qualities Obafemi brings to his job are rare. That only makes leadership like his more valuable.

Despite the tempestuous tides of the political space, Obafemi continues to navigate the storms with a sturdy and solemn resolve to remain atop and afloat.

He has no doubt in the last three and half years been a very trusted ally and dependable partner in the quest of Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu to make Lagos State a true centre of excellence in all sectors.

Unlike the stories of betrayal, mistrust and frosty relationship that usually characterise the office of the Governor and Deputy Governor and thereby making governance to suffer, Dr Hamzat has remained his unassuming self, doing all that are within his purview to ensure that Lagos State prosper the more.

Interestingly, no less a person than Asiwaju Bola Amed Tinubu, Hamzat’s former boss, National Leader and Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), was full of praises for the Deputy Governor for the complementary role he has played in Sanwo-Olu’s administration so far.

Tinubu said at a party stakeholder meeting in Lagos: “We have a brilliant Governor at the helm of affairs, who is supported by his Deputy to build an unbreakable team that has raised the bar of excellence in governance in Lagos. I specially thank Dr Hamzat, who has been a very good assistant and a pillar of support to the Governor.” He added: “Sanwo-Olu with Hamzat has raised an impenetrable team. I commend both of you and all members of the cabinet. You have all done wonderfully well and I must say that I am very proud of you.”

In recognition of the exceptionally supportive role Dr. Hamzat has played as Deputy to Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos state for over three years, he has been honoured with the award of the Most Complementary Deputy Governor of the Year by the Top10 magazine.