Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2022 -Peter Elendu

Mr. Peter Elendu, an accountant with over 10 years experience in the real estate business in the

United States, leads the management team of Kerae Homes as managing director/CEO.

An expert in real estate development and management with solid accomplishments in Nigeria

and across a number of sub-Saharan African countries, Elendu is ably set on a great mission of

helping people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to develop, acquire and own the most exotic

properties around.

He promises good news to people who want to undertake high quality building projects, those who want to buy lands and homes with authentic verifiable documents and people who are keen for topnotch customer service.

“The best news about working with Kerae Homes is that you won’t have to search hard to get the best options for your dream home and no matter where you are coming from or where you are looking to end up, Kerae Homes real estate company is there for you; from the point of finding or designing your dream property, to finding out the best management structure that is perfect for you. The fact is that we will serve you with the best in class luxury properties,” Elendu assures.

His vision is set on the real estate market segment made up of people who have class and taste that are beyond the ordinary. Kerae Homes’ residential estates are therefore located in high brow areas of Lagos and Abuja. The objective is to bring families with shared value systems from all spheres of life together to live in a community settings shielded from confused value perceptions in today’s urban living.

The company’s estate development projects take a customer partnership approach. It personalizes home ownership by taking in customer preferences to customize residential homes from project site, floor plans to cabinets and counter-tops.

Once the design is agreed, the company deploys its construction expertise that is guided with minute details of master craftsmanship. “We explore the virgin dimensions of architecture, giving Nigeria a reputation among other African nations when it comes to luxurious and vintage homes. We take the vision, which comes from our dreams, synergized with thought and we apply the magic of engineering and architectural prowess, building you a heritage out of our profession”, Kerae Homes assures in its corporate profile.

The company also boasts highly experienced technical manpower fitted to its mission to be the leading luxury homes developer for families in all spheres of life. “Our shared interdepartmental network of skilled artisans, engineers and surveyors has deep insight into the future and they have the ability to project that which is clear to the most resonant chambers of the mind giving us an epitome of a beautiful home”, the company said.

With the level of experienced industry hands at its service, Kerae Homes lays claim to be in charge of the real estate powerhouse in Nigeria.

Elendu launched out with Kerae Homes from the company’s Abuja office in December 2016 equipped with 10 years of experience in real estate industry in an advanced market setting. His vision is to give Nigeria the reputation of the most luxurious and classy homes imaginable in Africa when it comes to home delivery. 

Since launching out, the company has built varieties of apartments, terrace duplexes, detached and semidetached duplexes in its estates. These include prime estates in Lekki Free Trade Zone such as Hamlet Apartments being built on 10.5 hectares of land within the neighborhood of Lacampine Resort, Lekki International Cargo Airport and Dangote Refinery, among others. The estate, which is planned to be delivered in two phases between 2022 and 2023, is Kerae Homes’ contribution to reducing housing supply deficit in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos State.

The company has also developed full service luxury homes in Bayline and Sereno Estates in the heart of Lekki Epe Highway, Lagos within the neighbourhood of Pan African university, Lekki Freezone, Lekki Deep Seaport, Lekki golf course and Private International airport, Ibeju Lekki – a territory that is set to become the industrial, logistical and I.T hub of the African continent.

The company described its Bijou mini-estate at the heart of Sangotedo, behind Novaro mall as inspired by over two thousand years of great architectural works from Greece and the founder’s love for vintage home designs.

Kerae Homes offers investment plan for people who seek rewarding investment opportunities in real estate. The company has at its command professionals that provide thorough analysis of the housing market, providing insights into different instruments' performance, which enables it to achieve consistent revenue and earnings growth.

The company speaks of its robust competitive advantage that permits delivering high quality houses are fair prices. This underlies its ability to deliver a range of 15-35 percent return on investment in a period of one to two years depending on the investment features selected.

The company’s high return target is to provide a dependable platform for people to meet their financial goals, create wealth by staying ahead of inflation. The key to achieving these is the company’s low risk strategy through due diligence and proper land documentations.

Kerae Homes offers a four-step building schedule that delivers a classy home in four to six months. The first step is to pick a home site, floor plan and exterior elevation under an expert guide.

The second step is to pick models, elevations and upgrades, which includes everything from appliances and cabinets, paint colors and counters to flooring and light fixtures approved with the design. Step three is the building springing with every detail of the design coming to reality. The final step is the moving in, which is accompanied by fixing any post construction issues that might arise.