Chiedu Nweke – Top 10 CEOs of 2021

Barrister Chiedu Nweke is managing director/CEO, Periwinkle Residences Limited, where he oversees the design, development, construction and administration of a wide variety of major premium and luxury housing developments and residential complexes in Nigeria. Crossing over from the courts to building castles, he drives the vision to build the most trusted brand in the real estate business in Nigeria.

He brings to the company’s leadership three decades of experience and expertise that cut across law practice, real estate development, investment, transportation and logistics, oil waste management and regulatory services.

Periwinkle Residences specializes in the development of premium, luxury residential properties, applying innovation and creativity to create long-term value for investors and partners. Its mandate is to provide secure housing and investment solutions to clients.

Nweke founded and shaped the company to run on the path of honesty, trust and customer satisfaction – which has paid off. In a space of four years, the company has become a market leader, setting the standard in Nigeria’s real estate industry.

His focus is the premium market in line with the conviction that providing clients with life-changing experiences is more important than building homes. In line with the market focus, Nweke established a subsidiary company – Periwinkle Condos Limited with the mission of providing luxury homes and investment opportunities to clients.

The results are stunning, which have distinguished him as a disruptor in the real estate business where his group controls a large share of lifestyle estates market.

The company’s Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate is a lifestyle community with magnificent structures designed to match the highest expectations of comfort and luxury. Its Oxygen Apartments are the newest development in the exclusive lifestyle and serene water view of Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos.

Ixora Homes present unique residences that combine class, style, quality and innovation – all in the bid to match taste and style of the high end market.

Other development projects include magnificent villa homes designed to achieve perfect homes for elite living. The Chateau D’Avenue is another signature project located in the exclusive Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate.

From the onset, Nweke set out on a clear mission to create a ‘live, work and play’ environments in reference to which ‘Lifestyle Estate’ was named. The idea is that residents don’t have to go far to get to a shopping mall, church school or playground. He designed everything to be within easy reach.

“I imagined that people who will live here won’t need to go too far to do their jogging, bicycle riding or whatever recreational activity they want. We’ve provided everything within the estate,” he said.

Nweke refers to himself as a project man in reference to his passion for creating new developments. That precisely is what led him to cross over from law to real estate.

His landing place was dredging business – where he made his mark as one of the pioneers of massive dredging in Lagos. His final cross over point was Lakowe Lakes in 2009 where he was hired by Golf Estate developers for dredging.

He recalls that “when we were about to conclude the Lakowe project, the beauty of it all, I told myself that this is an opportunity for me to do something in real estate in Lagos. And that was how we applied to the Lagos state government for a concession that led to Orange Island, then Periwinkle.”

His Periwinkle Estate emerged from reclamation of waste land with lots of shanties that nobody imagined could become the Periwinkle of the present day. According to him, Orange Island and Periwinkle emerged from the backwaters of Elegushi, Ikate water logged shanties, marking a turning point that led to the development of a multi-billion naira prime real estate that stands today as a choice destination.

The estate, he said, has afforded his company the opportunity to express itself in terms of infrastructure, structural construction and the style of buildings on display.

Periwinkle Residence has a number of ground-breaking real estate projects to its name across Nigeria. Nweke is promising that many more are in the process of roll out.

His focus remains the provision of premium and first-class residences that feed clients and investors with premium smart homes in upscale neighborhoods crafted for the ultra-modern lifestyle.

Nweke holds a degree in law and also obtained a Master’s degree in law LLM from Lagos State University. He advanced further to a Ph.D. programme at the University of Nigeria.

Prior to venturing into the real estate industry, he was managing director/CEO, West African Waste Management Limited, an oil waste treatment company servicing major oil and gas companies. He was also a key contributor to both Shenker Shipping Limited and Lintel Shipping Limited.

He is a member of several professional bodies and sits on the board of several multinational companies.

He is quite optimistic about sustaining growth and prosperity of the real estate industry well into the future. However, he considers government’s role quite critical in terms of providing the necessary conducive environment for sustained investment inflow into the industry.