Noah Ibrahim – Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2020

Noah Ibrahim
Managing Director/CEO, Novarick Homes and Properties Limited

Noah Ibrahim, managing director/CEO, Novarick Homes and Properties Limited, is in charge of a real estate development company dedicated to providing remarkable housing and investment solutions across the real estate spectrum. He has taken Nigeria’s real estate industry one step ahead into the future by building estates that run on clean and renewable energy. His purpose is to make a considerable impact in making the world around us a better place.

Ibrahim was in search of an opportunity to give value that elevates people into real wealth and in turn, receive value – which he found in the real estate industry. He identified real estate business as a solid avenue to generate wealth when he heard the story of his friend’s father whose six plots of land in Lekki phase 1 purchased for N30 million multiplied to N400 million in 20 years.

His next step was charting the course of how to give value to others in order to build value for himself.  For him, it’s all about value giving and value taking and real estate is a great place to make it happen. “I chose real estate because there is a lot of value addition in this sector and one of which is helping people invest in the future”, he said.

Value is created when a solution is found for a persisting problem in society. Ibrahim tackled headlong one of the major challenges to the real estate industry – electric power. He set out on a mission to provide customers with a unique service through the development of green environments of affordable homes with good infrastructures for people to live in.

His vision is big, which is to build the most successful real estate development firm in Africa through the provision of green, sustainable and smart real estate solutions. He is focused on bridging the housing gap in Nigeria by offering affordable and eco-friendly communities to the country’s fast growing young population. “We want to be the pacesetters for green and clean communities and other innovative solutions across the continent”, he said.

Tackling the problem of electricity supply gave Novarick Homes and Properties a unique entry into the real estate industry in a fashion shaped for the future. Switching over to renewable energy is progressively becoming the way forward for the world and Ibrahim is setting the pace for Nigeria to run along with the rest of the world.

He has saved his clients from the health hazards arising from using power generators and the noise pollution by creating living environments that have eliminated completely the deadly machine.

The company operates in subsidiaries in property development, property investment, property procurement and advisory, joint ventures and facility management. Outside real estate, it also operates subsidiaries in energy, agriculture, communications and construction.

The innovative solutions the company has brought into real estate development are going a long way to redefine the narrative in the industry. Novarick Homes has successfully increased the choices available to home owners and residents in the marketplace. Investing in real estate has been simplified considerably and the room for inclusion of the low end of the market has continued to widen.

On the other hand, dubious real estate companies are progressively coming to the end of the road, as intending home owners get increasingly enlightened.

Before setting up his own real estate company, Ibrahim worked for two different companies as an affiliate consultant selling lands. One of the jobs involved selling skyscrapers at Eko Atlantic, a tough task to get people put down a part payment in the region of N25 million for buildings yet to be completed. Meeting people and gaining lots of experience were the building blocks to his eventual setting up of Novarick Homes.

For Ibrahim, the journey into success has no arrival hall. His definition of success is the ability to solve problems with the resources at hand. In a human society, this is a continuing challenge, which makes consistent problem solving a solid path to success.

He is raising the stakes and setting greater goals ahead. The Novarick Homes’ chief executive is looking ahead to advancing the role and impact of his business in shaping the future of the real estate industry.

He plans to hit a record of building a thousand units of affordable houses for families using prefabrication technology. He is positioning his company to become the main destination for people seeking affordable housing and to become the company of choice for foreign investors seeking to invest in Nigeria’s real estate industry.

He is consolidating his company’s position as the primary promoters of clean energy in property development in Nigeria. He wants to advance the course of building green communities across Nigeria and to keep power generating sets permanently off the living environments.