Teniola Adesanya – Nigeria’s Top 10 Real Estate Disruptors 2020

Teniola Adesanya
Group Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Group Nigeria

Dr. Teniola Adesanya is group chief executive officer, Oxford Group Nigeria – a real estate conglomerate that houses fifty major subsidiaries and counting with over 700 business associates. He is a real estate mogul, a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach with versatile experience that cuts across finance, investment, insurance and real estate management.

He presides over a large real estate portfolio that boasts more than 24 estate locations across south-west Nigeria. The group’s operations cover sales of lands and properties, estate development and management, rent and leasing, construction, real estate investment products and more.

At Oxford Group, Adesanya aims at taking Nigeria’s real estate industry to a peak of excellence in every arm of the business where customers get minute details of what they want. Achieving the highest possible standards for the real estate industry and securing suitable houses for everyone across social classes and income levels are the central planks upon which his vision runs.

He applies a unique end-to-end approach that enables intending home owners move into their dream homes. This happens at top, middle and low ends of the market. His strategy to excel in the business is to have a promise kept always, increase his company’s land bank, expand client base and offer excellent services at affordable cost.

The mission is to exceed customer expectations of comfort, style and convenience based on global housing standard. The company also stands out as part of the solution to the housing deficit challenge in Nigeria.

The company’s services also come as investment products designed as saving schemes with features of flexible mode of payment. The objective is to avail everyone, irrespective of socio-economic status, an opportunity to become a property owner through subscription to the company’s products and services.

Adesanya holds a B.Sc. degree in micro biology from the Lagos State University and a master’s degree in real estate management. He was conferred an honorary doctorate degree in property management and estate management from the European Wealth of Dominica.

He started his career with Aims Asset Management Ltd, a fund management firm as executive marketer. He moved from fund management to insurance and from insurance to oil and gas.

Oxford Group started as Oxford Commercial Services Int’l Ltd in 2016 in Lagos as a real estate operator focused on reducing housing deficit in Nigeria. The company has grown rapidly since then to become one of the frontline real estate firms transforming the industry through innovation.

Last year, the company metamorphosed into a group of companies with 42 subsidiaries under its umbrella. Over the short time space, Adesanya has elevated Oxford Group to the league of the game changers in the real estate industry. The rapid advance up the industry leadership ladder was made possible by a large menu of premium, professional and flexible services his company has on offer.

Oxford Group provides an extensive list of properties for sale and development on a continuous basis. It also undertakes a full range of property management services. The company has grown rapidly in operating capacity and reputation with a large client base.

With a large number of subsidiaries, Adesanya has made a mark in job creation in the real estate industry. Oxford Group employs over 1500 business associates, who drive the company’s presence across its large service portfolio.

He is a renowned marketing and business accelerator who devotes his business development expertise to mentor and empower young entrepreneurs in their various fields of endeavour. A human capital development coach, he is eager to share the success tips that guide entrepreneurship development.

This is his contribution to the effort of raising Nigerians and Africans above poverty. Adesanya is an advocate of equal opportunities for young people to demonstrate their potentials, pursue their dreams and realise their ambitions.  His selfless service to humanity has earned him numerous recognitions for outstanding contributions towards youth empowerment in society.