Top 10 CEOs of the year 2022 – Adaralegbe Akintayo

Mr. Adaralegbe Akintayo is managing director/CEO, T. Pumpy Concept Ltd, a real estate development company that deals majorly in sales of lands and estate plots. The company sells and develops all types of estate lands for residential, educational, commercial and recreational purposes.

The CEO has demonstrated his great commitment to making his utmost contribution in progressive property development across all categories of Nigerian citizens seeking land and housing solutions.

The company operates over 60 estate units spread across Nigeria located in Abuja, Ekiti, Oyo and Ogun States with recent expansions to Lagos State and other parts of the country. It has proven track records in design and high-quality standards in its complete line of estates by which it has made great impacts in the housing industry.

Akintayo leads a team reputed for providing industry-acclaimed off-site home design and construction. He holds his company out to a commitment to deliver to specifics of home buyers in design and quality construction whether they choose personalized prototype homes or innovative modular designs. The building prototypes include duplexes, bungalows and penthouses.

The company is dedicated to impacting the housing ecosystem in Nigeria by catering to individual needs by offering affordability, optimized care, speed, ease and technical know-how for ordinary people to become landlords. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to keep its growth momentum advancing, reaching new highs with new impacts despite the economic and operating difficulties of the 2022 fiscal year.

Through the provision of affordable and good quality housing for all, T-Pumpy Concept pursues a great mission of improving the welfare of Nigerians. It is committed to driving the real estate market in Nigeria with as large participants as possible, employing high skill, expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

It wants to be the real estate development company in Nigeria that will provide the highest number of decent, accessible, comfortable and affordable houses to the largest segment of society while achieving global housing standard.

The company’s initiatives to reach all segments of the housing market include affordable pricing, flexible payment plans and regular promotional price slashes. Its payment plans are structured to provide flexibility that enables customized financial plans for buyers.

In its counter cyclical response to the high inflation of the 2022 fiscal year, the company organised a price slash of 40 percent in all its estate lands across the country. The move is aimed at keeping prospective land and home buyers empowered to invest in real estate despite the negative impact of rising prices on consumer purchasing power.

T. Pumpy Concept also boosted its capacity in the real estate industry in 2022 by bringing new estates on stream such as the Airport Modern City Kyami, along Airport Road in Abuja, which commenced sales during the year.

The new estate comes with the price slash, which makes it possible for a plot of land with certified C-of-O in the prime location to sale as low as N6m, according to the company’s statement. Also, under the sales promotion programme, a government-certified estate plot of land can be bought in other locations across the country with as low as N550,000.

In line with the strategy of enabling as many people as possible to own landed property, the company had earlier launched a mass land sales campaign tagged Abuja for All. The programme was aimed at making lands affordable and accessible to all Nigerians who wish to own a property in the nation’s capital irrespective of class or status.

Another unique land sales programme of the company is a 70 percent price discount targeted at making children land owners in the Federal Capital Territory. Under the promotion exercise, a 300 square meters of land located in Kwali area of Abuja with certificate of occupancy, which was valued at N400,000, was offered to children at the price of N120,000.

Adaralegbe explained that the gesture for the huge discount for the promo is to mark Children’s Day, celebrate the Nigerian child and build a better future for the nation’s children.

The exercise allowed parents to sign on behalf of the children while the title passes automatically to them at the age of 18. Under the arrangement, even a day-old child can own land through their parents, Adaralegbe said.