Hon. Uriel A. Ezeh (ILM) is the Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of UR9 Group. A multi-talented business tycoon, he has overseen the growth and expansion of the UR9 brand into one of the foremost premium luxury brands in the country. A graduate of Business and Management from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom, and a dual Master’s holder of Management and Leadership, Global Management, from the prestigious Regent’s Business School, London, Hon. Uriel has shown himself to be a serial entrepreneur with the gift of discerning times and seasons; a gift from God he acknowledges as one of the foundations of success of the UR9 Group.

UR9 Group is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate with vibrant operations in Nigeria across a wide range of sectors including beverages (liquor), real estate, agriculture, technologies, transportation and asset management. Their main business focus is to provide value-added products and services that are centered on luxury, elegance, quality and excellence – attributes for which they are well known in their spheres of operation.

Hon. Uriel believes in practical experiences and practical knowledge rather than just theoretical work. He has, in one way or the other, gained substantial practical experience in all aspects of operation of the UR9 Group. These experiences were acquired from Evolve Hospitality, London, where he developed interest in the hospitality industry as well as the beverage industry, and Aulic Nigeria Ltd, where he developed a passion for human development and management. He also worked with esteemed organizations such as The British Red Cross in London, REAL Fundraising in London and Harrods in London, to name a few. His wide array of experience, desire for innovation and passion for excellence are driving factors in his style of leadership.

 ‘UR9’ was the name Hon. Uriel was fondly called by his close friends while in London. The ‘UR’ is the first two letters of his name and the ‘9’ was his jersey number while playing semi-pro football. An avid football fan, his passion for sports has led him to nurse the dream to one day contribute directly to the growth and development of the sports industry in Nigeria by owning a football club in Nigeria.

Hon. Uriel is an exemplary leader and a highly sociable figure within the Nigerian business space who has been conferred with many titles and awards in recognition of his strides and achievements thus far. Despite all these, he firmly believes that he is just at the starting block of success and has many more years of achievements and success to look forward to.

The Top10 Magazine’s selection of Hon. Uriel Ezeh as the Entrepreneur of the Year award recepient is in recognition of his pragmatic leadership in piloting the affairs of UR9 Group as one of the emerging successful diversified conglomerates with tentacles in key sectors of the Nigerian economy.