The Top10 Magazine Excellence Awards 2022:UBA bank (Global Financial Brand of the Year)

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is Africa’s global bank with a rich history spanning over seven decades. The bank which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the most recognised financial institutions to originate from Sub-Saharan Africa with thriving operations in 20 African countries – Republique du Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Congo Brazzaville, Congo DRC, Cote d’lvoire, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Tchad, Uganda and Zambia.

UBA also operates in the United Kingdom and France and it is the only sub-Saharan African bank with a deposit taking license in the USA. It officially opened for business in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in 2022.

UBA provides corporate, commercial, SME, consumer and personal (retail) banking services to more than 27 million customers, served through diverse channels: over 1,000 business offices and customer touch points with 2,669 ATMs, 87,223 POS, and robust online banking services. Additionally, UBA offers pension custody and related services.

The bank has proven expertise and capacity in key sectors of economies across Africa, especially in Oil and Gas, Infrastructure Finance, Agric, and Commodity/Export, and this positions it as a preferred partner for structured solutions to key governments and corporates operating in/into Africa.

UBA is Africa, representing the African dream; it is a bank with a story foretold 70 years ago, committed to continuous excellent customer experience as enshrined in its Customer-First (C1st) Philosophy. The bank remains a reliable financial partner through highs and lows to all its customers and stakeholders.

Irrespective of the challenging COVID 19 Pandemic which impacted industries, health services, educational institutions, commerce, lifestyles, religions and world economies at large, at a speed, scale and severity that no-one could have predicted, UBA has worked hard and stayed together as a strong team amidst adversity, operational challenges and security threats.  UBA remains well-positioned with a rock-solid foundation ready to meet the banking public’s financial needs and business challenges.

Uba operates in 20 African countries and in the UK, the UAE and the USA. We also have presence in Paris, France.

Its wide footprint across Africa and in London, Paris, Dubai and New York opens up opportunities for new and existing customers to enjoy its excellent services globally.

It is in recognition of its global presence and impact on the banking industry which have made it a pride to Nigeria that the Top10 Magazine has conferred on UBA the award of the Global Bank of the Year.