Message from the publisher/Editor-in-chief

Tony Iji
Publisher and Editor-in-chief,
The Top10 Magazine

We are delighted to announce the birth of our magazine, The Top 10. The Top 10 magazine is conceptualized as a monthly publication to celebrate the best 10 individuals and institutions that have excelled and distinguished themselves in their chosen fields.

We want to make it clear that we are not a news magazine but a plaform to celebrate excellence, using first top Ten as a benchmark.

In today’s saturated and competitive media market in Nigeria, where social media and traditional media outfits are battling for supremacy in the market place, the thought of additional title may be considered as unwise. But we remain undaunted by such impressions because we believe that there is still a lot of space and room for new entrants in the Nigeria media industry, depending on what you are bringing to the table. We believe that our offering, The Top 10, will not only add value and enrich the Nigerian bourgeoning media industry; it will provide a platform to inspire our people to aspire to be the best in their chosen areas of activity.

Every month, we promise to comb every segment of our human endeavour, from politics, economy, entertainment, sports academics, etc. to identify and celebrate individuals and institutions who have distinguished themselves as the ten leading lights in their chosen endeavours. We will be guided by merit in our selection process to ensure that only the best ten individuals, organizations, products or services are selected from every area of focus.

Apart from the top ten which is the main thrust of the magazine, we also have other interesting sections that will delight you, such as the Founder which will share stories of founders of successful organizations, Dynasty report which will focus on great dynasties from Nigeria and other climes, and Top 10 Trending on entertainment, sports, life-style, etc.

Welcome to new experience called The Top 10!