Taiwo Oluwadahushola – Chief Executive Officer, Green Eagles Agric Solutions Ltd

Mr. Taiwo Oluwadahushola is chief executive officer, Green Eagles Agric Solutions Ltd –an agro enterprise engaged in research and development in collaboration with agricultural research institutes. Its purpose is to create innovative solutions that enhance profitability for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain from the farm to the table.

It also facilitates easy and profitable entry for small holders into agriculture. It manages the whole value chain of agriculture on behalf of investors from primary production to sales of farm produce to pre-arranged buyers.

At Green Eagles Agric Solutions, Oluwadahushola is set on a goal of empowering Nigeria and Africa to achieve economic diversification and sustainable food security. The vision is to drive economic diversification, sustainable wealth creation and continent-wide food security for Africa’s 1.2 billion people.

He has identifies the gaps in terms of challenges and opportunities within the agribusiness and has keyed in with innovative solutions to bridge the gaps end to end. His company operates thriving businesses in the primary production sector – crops and livestock farms in south west, north central and north west Nigeria.

The secondary production operations deal on food processing. These are processing of palm oil in the south east, rice in north west, fish in south west Nigeria among others.

Tertiary production activities cover logistics and marketing of the agribusiness industry. The company is backward integrated into input production such as agrobiotics and organic fertilizers.

In his response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Oluwadahushola has set Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions as a creative restructuring and innovation vehicle for enabling Nigeria reach its agribusiness potential. With loss of external earnings, economic recession and soaring inflation, food insecurity has become pronounced. The decisive action needed to bridge the local deficit in the production of critical food and cash crops is the focus and pursuit of Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions.

Looking ahead, Oluwadahushola sees food insecurity hitting a flashpoint with severe loss of production in most sectors of the economy and a huge loss of purchasing power among Nigerians. Considering the extremity of the challenge that Nigeria is up against, he considers it not only imperative to creatively restructure the agricultural industry and diversify the economy but has set out in pursuit of these goals.

The company found from its research that agribusiness alone has the potential to contribute up to N402 trillion to the nation’s GDP if key innovations, industrialization and commitment are introduced at national scale. This, it said, is ahead of the annual GDP of N365 trillion the country needs to lift every Nigerian above the poverty line.

The company has set out to put into practice its research findings by creatively restructuring the nation’s agribusiness space to achieve the goal of shoring up the nation’s GDP through agriculture.

Setting the ball rolling, Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions launched the GreenWealth Project in August 2020 to drive agricultural productivity, stimulate economic growth and ensure the attainment of food security in the country. The project is designed to draw new investments into the agricultural sector, enhance profitability for stakeholders across the value chain. It offers a profitable platform for individuals and organisations to invest in the sector.

This is Oluwadahushola’s strategic and innovative response to a situation where food insecurity has become a more serious issue than ever. “As a nation, we must bridge the local deficit in the production of critical food and cash crops to avert a major food crisis,” he said during the launch of the initiative in Lagos. He assured that his company is set to spearhead the creative restructuring and innovation required to achieve Nigeria’s food security goal with the launch of the GreenWealth Project.

The Green Eagles Agribusiness Solutions’ CEO is driving a grand, decentralised operation across the country to reach his goal. “In achieving this goal, we will facilitate the establishment of integrated farm estates in 774 local government areas across the federation to drive a rapid increase in crops & livestock, which is produced round-the-year at significantly lower production costs, until we achieve equilibrium of demand and supply at consistently lower prices,” he said.

The massive project is planned to be rich in job creation content. It is projected to provide sustainable livelihoods for millions of rural dwellers and unemployed youth as well as providing sustainable returns for investors. The project is expected to stir up unprecedented economic prosperity in and around rural communities across the nation.

The first phase of the project is geared towards realising the goal of national food security while the second phase is planned to facilitate the attainment of export prominence in crops where Nigeria has agro-ecological advantage.

The project promises an annual return of 30 percent on investment to sponsors. Investments are made on cycles and a sponsor may request a rollover or repayment of principal at the end of the cycle. The agric-tech company offers an opportunity for people to create wealth by investing in the agricultural sector without directly involving in farming activities.