Oluwatobi Fakayode – Top 10 CEOs of 2021

Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode is founder and chief executive officer, Bossbus Technologies, a revolutionary tech-driven transport company that caters for the underserved areas of transportation in Nigeria. His mission is to provide innovative services that cover the gaps in all forms of transportation on land, air and sea.

The transport technology company offers electronic-charter service platform to ease the transportation system in the country. Users can choose rides based on price, location, length of days and other options on the platform.

The company takes upon itself the job of finding a suitable means of transportation to the destinations of customers, whether it should be by land, air or water and what form it should take, using its transport technology platform.

The platform therefore avails customers an aggregation of different means of transportation – cars, SUVs, buses, boats, helicopters, and private jets as options for people in need of these services to access them through the app.

“We go above and beyond to ensure we provide the best vehicles with high end features that make our customers feel comfortable and safe”, Fakayode assured.

It is a highly customised charter service system where a user is able to specify the kind of vehicle he wants to use for his movement, the length of time or days, location and still pick an option that falls within his budget range.

What the company has done is to aggregate vehicle rental and charter services for land, water and air in one tech-enabled platform. The operation employs the power of technology to transform the urban mobility industry by delivering integrated charter services and offering reliable, safe, affordable and convenient commuting experiences to customers.

The company launched out in 2019, evolving through different stages – from a bike hailing platform to bus hailing, then intra-state and finally inter-state transportation. It presently operates across major Nigerian cities, including Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Owerri, Warri and counting. The plan is to cover all Nigerian cities in the years ahead.

Fakayode has designed the platform to solve the various challenges faced by commuters and the platform can be accessed to book/buy tickets for rides online by downloading the app.

While transportation is a way of life the average commuter is often not sure how to get to his destination. Added to the troubles is the vexed issue of insecurity – people board vehicles and disappear.

Bossbus is creating an oasis of sanity, security and convenience out of the chaos through the application of technology.

The services are customized to meet users’ needs across market segments. “If you want a wholesale ride-hailing service perhaps because you have a lot to do and want a car and driver to be at your convenience for the entire time, you have a list of vehicles to choose what you want, the time and have it tailored to your needs.

“We also cater for business executives, travellers, tourists, people who want to visit another state but do not want to drive the distance. There are also high net worth individuals, SMEs and organizations that need these services on wholesale. With Bossbus, you can order exactly what you want,” Fakayode said.

Security is of essence in today’s movements and travels and Bossbus has figured it all out in its operating framework. It conducts a-know-your customer process on all participants to enhance security whether they be individuals or companies and whether they register as vendors or participants.

“Security is not something we joke with. We need to be sure of the customer coming on, just as we need to be sure of the driver too,” the company’s CEO said. In addition, there are check processes where the quality assurance officers check to confirm the quality of any car, bus, boat, yacht, or air jet engaged for service.

The company’s security system is further reinforced by a two-way rating system in operation where drivers rate passengers and passengers also rate the drivers. The measure, according to Fakayode, is designed to ensure that all parties are playing within the rules.

The company’s service platform is divided into two: charter services and ride-hailing/ride pooling platform. The chartered service platform aggregates the underserved segments of the transportation sector, focusing on vehicle rental and charter services for land, water and air.

Also included on the platform are air charter and rental services with helicopters, business jets, private jets and private jet pooling for all categories of clients.

Bossbus plans a long way to go to disrupt commuting and transportation in Nigeria and then in every major city in Africa.