King Moh Odeh Adah in the eyes of the youths

Selected Entries for The Top10 Magazine #Biz-Idol Challenge (Unedited)

Topic: Why I would like to choose King Moh Odeh Adah as my Business Idol

Olayera Ifeoluwa

I have great respect for King Moh Odeh Adah the founder of Ochacho Real Homes. However, I respect his success and the hard work and talent, and good luck that helped him to achieve what he did. With all his grandiose actions and achievements, he represents an aspiration for my business and this will give me the encouragement to keep fulfilling my business till it reaches the peak. His humility and modest will probably make my business to embrace the same qualities he has which will produce lots of consumers for my business ends meet. He really is an inspiration. Love him or hate him, he has mastered his own authenticity and has been able to create a massive following and also going to move his audience to my business action which willl make it becomes the best version of all business in the whole world.

Chiamaka Egbusiri

    A “Business Idol” is someone who is admired and respected very much in the business world while a “role model” is a person that is looked up to by others as an example worthy of emulation.

   Those who are deemed to great in life are first subjected to several obstacles in life which serves as a stepping stone for them and prepares them for greatness in the future and they set the pace for others to follow. The road to success and greatness isn’t rosy, nothing good comes easy and life is not a bed of roses.

   Today in the business world, I have found a business icon and a great source of inspiration to me and to the entire world; King Moh Odeh Adah, an Idoma- born Billionaire Real Estate Mogul and the founder and Chairman of Ochacho Real Homes Limited , and the OyameK’Otukpo and he also doubles as the Wakili of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Abuja.

   King Moh Odeh Adah is a legendary who was deemed to achieve greatness in life and he refused to dwell in the streams of self pity but rather he was deemed for success and greatness in life and he planted seeds for achieving these success and greatness in life, and he has now charted the pace as an exemplary for others to follow.

   A distinctive feature that made me idolize King Moh Odeh Adah is his desire to achieve greatness, his selfless services to humanity as King Moh Odeh Adah’s foundation – Ochacho visited Otukpo community in a move to revive and reposition the dilapidated infrastructural state of the major community school in the Ewulo and Okete axis of the Local Government. King Moh Odeh Adah while addressing the mammoth crowd at Upu stated thus “The present state of this school is not conducive for learning as it is but as far from tomorrow, I’ll change that story. I’ll make sure it gets to a standard where the elites can confidently bring their wards down here to school without shaking. I just want to see my people living and doing well in their respective homes. All I need is just prayers from you to continue to do more for our home town” , He said.

  He also effortlessly illuminated Otukpo town by providing street lights and jobs for the youths on a daily basis.

   Another remarkable feature that got me mesmerized about the unique personality of King Moh Odeh Adah is his personal life. King Moh Odeh Adah is married to his adorable wife, Mrs. Ramatu Mohammed Adah and their marriage is blessed with four lovely kids – 2 sons and 2 daughters, however , it baffles me on how despite been a busy business tycoon, he is still able to carry along and cope with his business career and still be able to successfully play his roles at home to his children as a loving father, to his wife as an adorable husband and to his community (Otukpo) as a leader and a great source of inspiration and hope.

  King Moh Odeh Adah spurs out my innovative abilities , I admire his courage, strength, selfless services to humanity and all- round success both in his business, family and community and thus, I haven’t found the perfect words to portray my feelings as I have been spurred to soar higher for greatness despite the prevailing challenges and obstacles that I may face , and King Moh Odeh Adah has left an indelible mark in the innermost part of my heart and he also inspires me to motivate myself to leave an imprint in the sands of time, and his rewards awaits him greatly in heaven.

  King Moh Odeh Adah’s desires to achieve greatness in life, his excellence, creative mind, selfless services to humanity and all- round success in his business career, family and community (Otukpo) are the reasons why I idolize him and choose him as my role model and business idol, because I see him as someone who is a leader in all ramifications including in the business world and a role model worthy of emulation.

Gift Agwaze

It is said that the beauty of a man can be seen through his bride, and for King Moh Odeh Adah his bride is Ochacho Real Homes, which is a pure reflection of extreme creativity and sound ideas.

Ochacho real homes, can be likened to a catalog of exquisite innovations that showcase classy homely designs. It is an establishment that puts it’s client in their comfort zone.

Having an epitome of ideas as King Moh Odeh Adah as a model, would challenge me into unlocking and harnessing my creative abilities to its fullest. Also it would give me the opportunity to explore different levels of advancement, thereby upgrading my innovative level from shallow to world class.

His impeccable contribution to the property development industry has shown his undiluted love for what he does. His love for what he does contributed immensely to Ochacho real homes becoming a leading player in the property industry. Also such love should be accompanied with a motive, a motive to dish out values. King Adah’s laudable motives of improving housing conditions in Nigeria is one of many reasons he is my choice of business Idol.

The Ochacho foundation has also touched a lot of lives, providing jobs for youths among other things. indeed, an entrepreneur does not only exist to make profit but also to make impact. His actions have taught me that in life success comes from effectively contributing to the growth of other people and that service to humanity is the best work of all. What I’ve learnt from Moh Odeh Adah is to be innovative in ideas to enable me stand out and unique and also to always have others in mind even in my big plans, everyone deserves something extraordinary.

And with dedication, perseverance plus focus I would be able to be that child that would make the father proud always

Rebecca Benjamin Omale

In these times of uncertainties and global downturn of events with its ripple effects in all areas of individual life, families, communities and nations at large, the easiest thing to do, which many people have since embraced and are daily doing, is to sit back and blame God or Satan for the unprecedented nature of current happenings, brood over the anomalies and losses, and eventually get swept in the high current waves of mediocrity the situation at hand so easily initiates.

In the face of this torrential wave which has caused and facilitated the downfall of many (world economy inclusive), we however see substantial progress on the shores of Idoma born Benue philanthropist and business magnate, The King Moh Odeh Adah- My business idol of the week.

King Adah is an artful entrepreneur whose understanding of the magic of clarity of purpose and consistency in the pursuit of a passionate defined course, which he has displayed over the years, endears him to me and make him stand out.

Unlike many people who start-up businesses for the sole aim of amassing wealth, King Adah started out with a mission to impact and help better the lives of people around in any way possible. To this end he identified an area of deep pain and interest in Nigeria and of course globally which is housing. Consequently, Ochacho Real Homes was birth. This as a result of King Adah’s Visionary and People driven mindset, has grown to and is poised to becoming Nigeria’s and of course Africa’s largest provider of quality and affordable real estate development.

A blend of a human nature and tactfulness on the wings of foresight, has always been King Adah’s winning formula which is not ending anytime soon, as a critical look at his life and progress made with projections for more reveals nothing short of this.

Worthy of note is the fact that King Adah’s life does not preach the Gospel of reserved success for the few elite aristocrats, but presents a proven path to greatness for as many as would dare to stand out and impact the lives of people around. Coming from the heretofore neglected middle belt region with little developmental progress, King Adah’s rise to Nigeria’s top list of influential personalities, tells us that a background no matter how rough, cannot stop a determined soul who creates and maximizes opportunities.

King Adah inspires greatness not by some sort of ‘hard to do’ motivational speeches, but in clear and practical ways. He reiterates and amplifies the message that we grow our influence when we seek to meet the needs of others and become solution providers. For these reasons, King Adah will always be my business idol and role model.

Onyekachi Ayanwu

Good morning The Top 10 Magazine.Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Why i would like to choose King Mohammed Odeh Adah, A public figure, real-estate mogul, philantropist and chairman of Ochachorealhomes as my role model is because of his exquisite appearance and top-notch Business ideas.He started the Ochacho yearly Carnival and as a philantropist has given millions out to the needy.He is a man-of-the-people and also a son-of-the-soil of Benue State.Being a real estate mogul he has contributed immensely to the Realestate housing sector.I hope to imitate him someday.Asi have interest in going into real estate housing. Thanks for receiving my entry

Tachi Agatha

I would like to choose King Moh Odeh Adah,founder and chairman of Ochacho Real Homes , one of the Nigeria Real Estate companies as my business idol because his a man with a very roaring appetite to start business , he enjoys new challenges , his marketing strategies attractes lots of media attention. His an icon I would love to emulate in matters of business as a young lady starting up a business. Kind Moh Odeh Adahs life is one that inspire someone to expect more out of life. I choose him as my business idol because his one of the appreciated and laud one of the successful business man in the world today. His is a man every person not only those who are interested in business can draw alot of inspiration from. Many people are inspired by him and by speaking about him . I choose him as my business idol, he is an idol any business student would love to dine with , leave alone emulating .

Uche Susan

King Moh Odeh Adah is the chairman of Ochacho Real Homes.

I started following King Omoh. The journey so far has been all about Learning, unlearning and relearning. I learn Everyday from him.

King Omoh is a well disciplined business tycoon.

“Business Opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming”

The way this brand grows every minute shows,  everyone on this track is on the right track.

And I won’t say there weren’t challenges,theywere,from the time he worked as a labourer,to the time he  took the step of having his own , for every stage, there is a challenge.

King Omoh is “The little boy Jesus Raised from nothing to something”

Having him as a role model is a huge win on it’s own. Getting him to look into my business, advise me and see me through is a massive and huge winning…

I will make this Decision a ten thousand times.

King Omoh has passed every stage I find myself in today, he knows better than I do.

True Models are those who posses the qualities and skills that we would like to have and those that inspire us to do our best.

King Omoh is a leader, a Role model is recognized as a leader, someone who demonstrates confidence, someone who has made his mark, someone who is not afraid to go his own way, a very humble and excellent communicator and most importantly a man of God.

He is a well disciplined and principled leader.

King Omoh has changed the narrative of big business owners,he didn’t just bring light to but he has she’d off the dark part in entrepreneurship,

 King Omoh has given me reasons never to stop, rather to put n more efforts even in the face of challenge.

King Omoh is the typical example of a Business idol and Role model. It will be a bliss to have him as mine.

All this Characteristics and more are reasons why I have chosen him and I’m still choosing him, his keen eyes on the market is what every entrepreneur should learn.

I still stand on it that He is and Remains my Business idol and Role model.

Faith Obasi

The fear of the obscure tomorrow has made youths like me frustrated and completely out of option on the way forward. The unresolved issues facing Education, business in Nigeria as well as the handicapped economy has left us in a dilemma of what exactly we should do to make our tomorrow better and brighter. Ruminating on this issue and the adage ‘tomorrow’s victory lies in the choices made today’ necessitated my look out for a business Idol and role model who through the principles he/she has applied to his life and business,achieved success particularly the kind of success that I yearn for.

Therefore,serving as a motivation for me in these turbulent times. Luckily, I came across a sophisticated real estate tycoon, A man that depicts love and light in and outside his field. A positive, determined, and visionary man ‘King Mohammed Odeh Adah’ popularly known as “Ochacho”. The CEO of ochacho real homes limited and the OyameK’tukpo of Benue state Nigeria.

King Odeh Adah is a man of great potentials, who has not only developed it but found love in his talent.He obviously love what he does. His impeccable contribution to the property development industry has shown his undiluted love for what he does. Hence, sending a message to every youths out there that doing what we love should be our priority while starting out as an entrepreneur or even in our career path. His love for what he does contributed immensely to ochacho real homes becoming a leading player in the property industry.Also, such love should be accompanied with a motive, a motive to dish out values. King Adah’s laudable motives of improving housing conditions in Nigeria is one of many reasons he is my choice of business Idol.

His unselfish innovative attitude is another feature that has kept me filed to King Odeh Adah. It is one thing to desire something outstanding for oneself. It takes a liberal heart to want such tremendous thing for others and if possible everybody.His great taste has made ochacho real homes stand out and stand tall.Building an edifice equipped with new technology that saves time and stress, high grade home gadgets, green energy that integrate renewable & storage energy resources at the consumption premises and of course a pollution free environment expresses nothing short of elegance,which is provided for all at an affordable price. For me, he has taught me to be innovative in ideas or technical know-how to enable me stand out and unique and also to always have others in mind even in my big plans, everyone deserves something extraordinary.

Furthermore, King Adah’s act of patriotism is one to reckon with, his selflessness towards others especially to his community Otukpo in Benue state is second to none.He has transformed Otukpo community secondary school, providing necessary building materials to revive the dilapidated infrastructural state of the school. He went further to providing street lights thereby illuminating Otukpo town.

 The ochacho foundation has also positively touched lives, providing jobs for youths among other things. He does not only give fish but also teaches how to catch fish. He is a man who has his people in mind as he continues to put smile on the faces of the people of his homeland. Indeed an entrepreneur does not only exist to make profit but also to make impact. His actions has taught me that success in life comes from effectively contributing to the growth of other people and that service to humanity is the best work of all.

King Adah’s success and high turn over from the company he started in 2001 and coming from a place that is insignificant and unrecognized to become a game changer in the business world has taught me that where you come from doesn’t determine how far you go and that a determined soul indeed has a dazzling future.

Evelyn Torkwase

My name is Gundu Torkwase Evelyn, a 21-year-old student and entrepreneur with social media account names as follows;

King Mohammed Odeh Adah has over the years carved a niche for himself in the world of entrepreneurship, worthy of emulation. His diversification strategies and choice of businesses have made him standout among entrepreneurs, especially those of Benue origin. He ventures into businesses which not only generate income for him but also impact positively in the lives of common Nigerians. A good example is Ochacho Real Homes which provides decent accommodation at affordable rates, thereby solving/catering for one of the three basic needs of man.

It is pertinent to mention that his determination, hard-work, dedication, and sustainability has made him a very successful businessman. Being a philanthropist by nature, he gives back to humanity through various means which are but not limited to, the Ochacho Foundation, provision of infrastructure like roads and streetlights. It is germane to state that, he has also made personal efforts to take entertainment to the doorsteps of his people as seen in the Ochacho Road Carnival held in December, 2020 which attracted the likes of Davido, Seyilaw, Ada Ameh and a host of others to Otukpo, Benue State.

As a young entrepreneur, it is only wise for me to aspire to be like entrepreneurs who are unique, successful, philanthropic and life impacting. King Mohammed Odeh Adah has proven to be such an entrepreneur so I wish to adopt and learn his entrepreneurship style, and also attain great heights, then give back to the society just the way he does.

Otozi Jemima .A.

It has always been my dream to own and manage a business that will be beneficial to me and to others around me, also my dream to help develop my community as a child. When I was little, I could remember traveling to the village following the dusty and untiled road that leads to my fathers house, there, many children are still lacking educational value due to incapable hands to teach them, no school building and Parents complaining of lack of money to send their children to school. It always touches me and a times I would gather some kids and teach them with the little time we would spend for holidays.

So “life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others and  to overcome poverty is not a task of Charity but and act of justice mostly to the needy.

I always want to do more for them, my community, my people and also as many that suffer same fate, my dairy contains unfulfilled hopes and dreams but there’s a man behind the curtains a man in the bush drumming a sweet sound of hope and inspiration for me.

When I look at you and satisfied and I look closely to my future, he is King Mohammed Odeh Adah an Abuja based Real Estate Mogul Tycoon, a positive game changer in many respect The CEO and Chairman Ochacho Real Home Ltd.

King Mohammed Odeh Adah the Oyame K’ otukpo has rendered a selfless services in many occasion for his people, he revive and reconstruct the dilapidated infrastructural state of the major community school in the local areas mainly Ewulo and Okete axis.

What a man of purpose, a man of his word never procrastinating, King Mohammed Odeh Adah is a personality to behold so reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to be a helping hand to the needy is the core heart beat to me, He own the Ochacho Foundation for the Needy which he uses to give a fresh breath to people in need, of which we all can testify to his philanthropic gesture and I never fail to follow per se in making a better dream to my people. Just like Naskar A. Said; “Do not sit and wait for a savior to come be the savior for the people in despair” you have been a savior to many.

Not only are you a humanitarian, but the joy that follows your satisfied work is incomparable both for you the doer and to the people you have helped, he has Received many awards,  applause and millions of prayer from those he wiped their tears which is the greatest sacrifice, helping humanity or should I speak of your Amazing attitude and eagerness to stick tightly to deadline, People marvel and have confidence in any work or project that is being entrust in your hands.

Ochacho Real Home is a Real Estate development company with corporate headquarters in Abuja, his business has won many mortgage awards and got many certificate since 2001-2019. The business is built on the foundation of innovation and their numerous services in the real estate sector have a track record of consistent and high quality delivery to client Which have earned him an unrivaled reputation as a major player in the property development industry. His business mind is truly professional from architects to building engineer and every skill needed to make sure the client are satisfied.

Ochacho’s impeccable personalised service has the best fully functional, and interactive website that is currently being upgraded to incorporate e-commerce functionalities, a platform which will help you multiply your business.

You are not only a business tycoon but a visioned Man for Success.

Ochacho Carnival is not left behind, just as described is the biggest show in the whole of North Central Nigeria in 2020. In this platform King Mohammed Odeh Adah being a gifting hand to many shows his benevolent attitude to many that performed mostly to a 13 year old dancer who gets scholarship to university level and also a cash price. You are really a rare breed and a blessing to people around you, who apart from development, still entertain his people to make them happy and have a sense of belonging.

Most times I think I can’t make my dream come through, but your picture keeps ringing a “You can do it bell” in my heart, am honored i came across you, am always ready to raise after seeing your foot match. Let me be the woman of my words, the reason for development to my people, a business guru like you, and let me be the hand that helps the needy. I appreciate your effort so far, you are my role model and I choose you as my Business Idol.

Idanwojo James

When a person has reached success they’ll usually know, factors that would determine a person has reached, it is when they are happy and content with life, completed all major goals and are comfortable. King Mohammed Odeh Adah was an entrepreneur who was able to reach success by being the founder of the Ochacho Real Homes Ltd and the OyameK’Otukpo who also doubles the Wakili of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja. Even though he came from an upper middle class family he was no exception to obstacles and overcame all the obstacles and attained a great success in his entrepreneural pursuit. A never-give up attitude, and a willingness to work hard and determinedly on any task. The “prodigy” King Mohammed Odeh Adah was born on 25th August.

Vision and dedication are the key factors of being a successful entrepreneur and these skills were present in King Mohammed Adah from the beginning. He has got the skills to identify the most suitable employee for recruitment.

The real Estate mogul and Tycoon has been giving his fortune to charity organization, educational sector and entertainment industry with his hard earn money he acquired, he has contributed immensely to some Nigerian citizens especially in Benue State and Nassarawa State. He visited the Otukpo community in a move to revive and reposition the delapidated infrastructural state of the major community school in the Ewulo and Okete axis of the Local Government.  In his statement, “I just want to see my people living and doing well in their respective homes. All I need is just prayers from you people to continue to do more for our home town.” He said. He cares a lot about people’s well being, he has a golden heart, a rare gem, a giver with one heart and one mind, an icon, a hero, a motivator, an inspirator.

The man who is effortlessly illuminating Otukpo town by providing street lights and jobs for the youths on a daily basis also donated a million naira cash to residents as transport fare back home.

I chose King Mohammed Adah as my business idol and role model because the success story of King Mohammed Adah is highly motivating for all the upcoming entrepreneurs, lecturers, workers in all firm or industry, business men/women, politicians etc

His hard work, dedication and self-confidence helped him to earn everything he has. He is a simple man and slightly conservative in regards of money although he is one of the richest people in Nigeria.

The youths and elderly can take inspirations from the life of King Mohammed Adah by emulating his lifestyle, doing the right thing at the right time, contributing to the welfare of the masses, helping the less privileged, contributing to charity organizations etc.

Ikuesiri Akpokiniovo

A world without heroes is just an empty world without great stories. A hero take steps with the vision of bringing the eyes of men into reality for them to come to a certain realization. Today, I talk about my business Hero KING MOHAMMED  ODEH ADAH.

      He is the founder and CEO of Ochacho Real Homes Limited, a top real Estate mogul and Tycoon who has set a pace in the business world. One who refused to bow to the storms and has mastered the art of repeating success patterns and overcome failure patterns!!

     I idolize him for he is a distinguished youth, a man of valor whose ways are worhty of emulation. He has hit the rock bottom, faced challenges that comes with business but still bounced back up and didn’t let the challenges to cripple his visions. He is a mindful leader who has become a great yardstick to this generation, natured minds, provoked thoughts and has given us reasons to reason, showed people the essence of life and has cleared the path for people to take their journey and epitomized true heroism!!.

       Another quality I admire in him is his heart for humanity,he is a product of grace, lifting people out of bondage and the shackles of fear and poverty. *GREATNESS LIES NOT IN RULING A PEOPLE, IT LIES IN BEING THE CAUSE OF HAPPINESS IN THEIR LIVES!!*

    King Mohammed Odeh Adah is a true definition of *’When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’* . He is a great inspiration and motivation to me, to keep moving and take that bold step today, to envision where i want to be, and with determination, hardwork, persistence and grace, MY LIMIT IS BEYOND THE SKY!!!!. This is why I choose King Mohammed Odeh Adah as my business idol

Okonjo Victor

Positive transformation is the aftermath agenda of any qualitative and quantitative investment propelled by a motivated purpose to satisfy societal needs. Shelter is one of the many needs; in fact, one of the major needs of the society, that has caused development experts to map out strategic solutions to rescue such need through direct investment in housing and landed properties. One of those development experts that has consistently championed this cause is King Moh Odeh Adah, the CEO Ochacho Real Homes Ltd. He is a real estate development expert whose investment in the housing sector paved way for positive transformation of life and society.

In my emulation of King Moh Odeh Adah’s business orientation, I have been inspired to channel the energy of my planned investment to address major confronting quagmire or to advance already existing way of life in my immediate society. In my case as a computer engineering student, tolling on the exemplary initiative of King Moh Odeh Adah, I may have the interest to invest in Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T) in a direction that will contribute to a sophisticated combat of insecurity bedeviling our country.

After close scrutiny on the deficiency of quality and affordable housing in our society, King Moh Odeh Adah established the Ochacho Real Homes Ltd to provide a platform of opportunity for people across board to have access to standard and affordable homes for habitation. With this initiative, he continues to contribute to the housing development in Nigeria through the maximization of modern technology and knowhow. As a strategic investor, he opened multiple widows of job creation both for skilled and unskilled labor.

In other words, his investment does not only address the major concern of housing deficit but provides a chain of employment opportunities. This is one of the many reasons why I idolize King Moh Odeh Adah as my business idol and role model. His investment footprint has broadened my horizon with the right orientation to invest wisely. This means, if I am to invest, my investment must be targeted in proffering solution to a particular concern of society not one that is ambiguous and inconsistent. One very important attribute of King Odeh Adah is that he is a community man. He has shown on many occasions that the essence of wealth creation is not only for personal gain but also to meet up with the common good of our local communities, which indeed is a take home for me. This is evident in his magnanimous provision of numerous projects in his local community Otukpo, Benue State, and his candid gesture earned him the title OyameK’Otukpo. It is an honorable course for one to remember and assist with the socioeconomic needs of our local communities as this amongst many is a productive way to manifest positive transformation in the society.

From the charitable act of King Moh Odeh Adah, I have learnt that we need economic advantaged individuals or groups who have a good understanding on the injunction that there is dignity in even distribution of wealth than hoarding hence, the common good. The positive impact orchestrated by the life works of King Moh Odeh Adah incited my choice to choose him as my business idol and role model

Rita Uchechi

A man who is effortlessly illuminating towns,A man that provides job opportunities for youths on daily basis,A man that represents an inspiration ideal,Aphilanthropist,A real estate tycoon,The brain behind the OCHACHO REAL HOMES LTD AND OCHACHO FOUNDATION.

King Mohammed is a man that is committed to do whatever he can to make his people happy,his great passion for good works, exceptionality,and excellence has made him ahead of many,it has also made him a role model within and outside the business world

He serves as a source of motivation to young ones,he serves as a source of hope to the less privileged,he has brought joy and light in various societies, especially the OTUKPO COMMUNITY SECONDARY SCHOOOL where he made materials available for the revamping of the school environment,this is because he believes that the youths are the great future of tomorrow,He inspires and mentors young people to achieve their potentials

He organised a foundation called OCHACHO FOUNDATION which is solely to help the needy and the less privileged,

He made the reconstruction of the OTUKPO maternal child clinic possible to increase the quality of health services given to children

King Mohammed Odeh Adah is a man that cares so much about the youths,and their unshaped future,he is a man that has the society as a whole at heart.These reasons are why I chose King Mohammed Odeh Adah as my business idol and role model.

Abosede, Oyinlola Samson

Sometimes it gets so dark one can hardly imagine the possibility of stars being suspended in the skies. Still that doesn’t null the fact that somewhere beneath the depressing curtain of darkness, the stars do exist. When I first saw the theme of this challenge, I was torn between disbelief and worry. Here was a challenge that requires me instead to put spotlight on an Idoma-Born Billionaire, Real Estate mogul and Founder of Ochacho Real Home’s Ltd, a man who is effortlessly illuminating Otukpo town by providing rays of hope for the youths.

One excellent characteristic on why I chose this great achiever as my business idol is his fulfilment of being a blessing to the people. In a time like this in the country when youths are migrating to other countries in search of a promising and conducive atmosphere for education and innovation, one cannot dig too far in the philanthropical world of a pace setter and trail blazer who with his numerous contributions created a movement to revive and reposition the dilapidated infrastructural state of schools in major communities of Benue state.

I strongly believe no leader is worth that name if there is no legacy that stands as a testament to the

leader's impact in the society.

What about the love for humanity King Odeh displayed by reuniting two legends and ex-bandmates in the music industry -2Face and Blackface? What about the scholarship he offered to a13yr old young boy who displayed mind blowing talent at an event organised by the Ochachofoundation? The list is endless. King Odeh is a game changer, role model, powerful voice ofmoral conscience, and a source of great inspiration not only in Nigeria but in Africa diaspora.I couldn't resist touching on what I called the 'Odeh Magic'; the street lights, new project

alert of providing employment opportunities for the people which he had consciously put on a

steady-path renewal. This rare gem inspires, motivates, and evokes the entrepreneurial spits

in me. Indeed, the hallmark of a successful life is taking responsibility in reproducing

achievement in others in the society. I was swept off my feet, in an interview with him, when

he said “I just want to see my people living and doing well in their respective homes.” When

it comes to strengthening family ties, the influence of a good home cannot be

overemphasized, this was one of the humanitarian services that the Ochacho’s foundation

portray; an investment that pays ultimate dividend. King Odeh ignites the leadership

potentials in me and has set a leading example in Nigeria by proving that beyond the broken

pieces, great men can still build edifices of hope. All these are one of the many reasons why I

would choose him as my role model and business idol. I see the stars. Do you?

Precious Ushang

South African cleric and theologian, Desmond Tutu, once set the standard of giving back. He opined: “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Scores of the world’s wealthiest and philanthropic people have taken to his philosophy, donating their riches to noble causes. Africa has its own share of this gesture with numerous charitable organizations helping the less fortunate in the society.

Today, I find it logical to appreciate and laud one of the most successful business men and philanthropists in Nigeria, King Mohammed Odeh Adah aka ‘Ochacho’,an Abuja based

Real Estate mogul and the CEO of Ochacho Real Homes Ltd, a top Real Estate firm in Nigeria, which has provided accomodation for Nigerian top celebrities; (Davido, Dbanj, etc). His benevolence knows no bounds, as it has formed into a humongous benefit to humanity.

He is a quintessential philanthropist who gives unconditionally to the indigents, and helps the underprivileged in the society. He set up the Ochacho foundation as a support system in transforming and improving the lives of the vulnerable populations in the areas of women empowerment, students empowerment, feeding the vulnerable, health support, youth and community development. These few aforementioned good gestures he is doing have overwhelmed a lot of people. He is not a politician and has not in a way shown intentions for politics, so I am not blowing his trumpet for any political reason. 

For a man who is a real estate tycoon as well as titan in various spheres of human endeavours, what has endeared him to all is his humility, effulgent spirit, love for humanity and amiable disposition together with his great sense of humour. His monumental achievements have propelled him and accorded him the respect and recognitions, which he rightly deserves as a rare gem. 

King Moh is an icon I would love to emulate in matters of business. He is a man every person, not only those who are interested in business can draw a lot of inspiration from. Why I choose him as my business idol is because I feel inspired by his success story, which is one of the most invincible types of motivation that drives me to succeed.