#Biz Idol Challenge (5.0)
The winning Entry

By Okonjo Victor

Across the Nigerian social political divide comes a visionary Icon who has earned great success in his endeavors – Dele Momodu. He has a remarkable and unique history in the political, business and media domain. A true son of the soil who showed great strength and ingenuity in his life formation. Dele Momodu like many other average Nigerians got is educational qualifications in Nigeria.

The success story of Dele Momodu has expressed the evidence that we do not have to travel abroad for educational pursuit to become successful. It shows that even in our dear country Nigeria with all her political, social and economic complexity, we can still succeed in our careers if and only if we are determined to take the bowl by the horn. This is what Dele Momodu’s life story has taught me hence, why he is my business idol and role model. Furthermore, his venture into various spheres of life pose a good lesson for me and every other youths in Nigeria who have viewed life with a monopolistic mindset.

Now, we have to reset our mindset to get a broader and divergent view about life and career to get desired goals and long term fulfilment. Dele Momodu was able to craft out a career for himself outside what he studied in school. Unlike the mindset of some youths who are pressured with the notion that they must get thier source of livelihood from their academic discipline, which negative the appraisal of entrepreneurship. However, we now know that our skills and talents can also be a source of livelihood for us.

Today, Dele Momodu is the founder and publisher of Ovation International established in 1996, London, United Kingdom. It important to note that Dele Momodu established the Ovation Magazine while on political exile in the United Kingdom in the then military regime. From this context, we understand that there is no limit to success in as much as we are alive. When we are faced with the storms of life we should not fumble but rise to the challenge and make a positive gain out of it. In addition, he built on the growth of Ovation International by creating the TV version – Ovation TV.

Ovation Magazine tends to correct the wrong perspective that the world has about Africa. It is now one of Africa’s most popular celebrity magazine. Interestingly, Ovation Magazine is recorded as the only Bi-lingual magazine in Africa available in both English and French. This clearly shows his zeal for creative thinking and industrious mindset. Dele Momodu did not just fly to the top as a successful Media Mogul and Publisher, he began from somewhere. He worked as a private Secretary for a one-time Deputy Governor of Ondo State after serving as a library agent in his NYSC. He became a motel manager before getting a job at African Concord Magazine where he worked as a Staff Writer, Literary Writer and a News Editor all based on promotion. He ventured into business as a bread distributor and later opened a public relations business.

From his work profile stated above we can point out some lessons. Firstly, we should learn to take one step at a time in what ever we do as a successful ending always have a good beginning. Secondly, it good and wise for us not to restrict ourselves from learning new skills and work experience as it will add up to our knowledge and could be useful in our life journey. His involvement in politics at the age of 22 tells us that even at young age we should have started taking steps towards achieving our desired goals.

Although he lost the 2011 Presidential election, his demonstration of courage and firm stand contesting for such an exhaulted office is well appreciated. He has taught us to know that what ever ones aspirations may be either in business or other careers, weather the conditions are favourable or not, we should always be brave enough to go after our desired dreams and hold on to our aspirations until it is fruitful. Finally, in all truth, Dele Momodu, founder and Chairman of Ovation International and Ovation TV should be an inspiration to me and every other youths in Nigeria who wish for the best.