The Winning Entry

By Dunu Iruoma

Until that fateful day I came across an article on blogging, I never knew I could earn a living by simply sharing my reflections, ideas and viewpoints concerning various topics on a website. Truthfully, my discovery of this amazing lady named Linda Ikeji was purely serendipitous. Linda Ikeji is Africa’s foremost media entrepreneur and leading blogger who has broken many boundaries. She has remained a role model for many, both within and outside the blogging industry.

Owning a blog, effectively managing your blog and generating income through that blog takes a long period of time and therefore requires a lot of patience and dedication. Creating various articles on different topics regularly, coming up with interesting ideas and generating traffic for your blog could be very tasking and time consuming. Nevertheless, reading up stories about Linda Ikeji and following her up closely has helped me to see the possibilities of turning my blog into a profound success.

Last month, I started a blog and through her, I have learnt patience and dedication. I have also learnt  to not seek quick gratification and I’ll continue to work hard till I eventually succeed. She has taught me that with hard work and dedication, success is inevitable. Her contribution to the Nigerian economy is notable because she opened up a previously underdeveloped sector of the economy and made it a resounding success. She has taught me that being the best in my chosen field is paramount. Through her women empowerment program, THE SELF MADE WOMEN CONFERENCE, Linda Ikeji has inspired me to strive to achieve financial independence.

Furthermore, Linda Ikeji is a strong and brave lady who champions Gender Equality and detests any form of discrimination or violence against women. She encourages young women to live decent and financially fulfilling lives through achieving their dreams and aspirations. Linda has helped a lot of young women to achieve their life long dreams through her program. I want to become successful through blogging, just as she became successful through it. I intend to go into broadcasting and host programs which would be a source of inspiration for the youth. I also want to partner with a like-minded company which would help me create a platform through which deserving young people would be empowered both intellectually, financially and morally. As I become more successful and exposed, I will apply everything I have learnt and will continue to learn from her. She’s a truly knowledgeable and remarkable woman who has fought so many battles and given God credit every time she had won.

Finally, Linda Ikeji once stated that, ”One of the  best things in life is hearing someone say to you~I didn’t give up because of you!~”. I agree with her totally. Being able to inspire people to continue to work towards actualizing their dreams till they become successful is not an easy feat. It’s a mark of true success and I intend to succeed. I look forward to the day I will walk up to Linda and say to her, “I didn’t give up because of you”. I equally long for the day someone would confess the same thing to me.

                                          By Dunu Iruoma