#Biz-Idol Challenge (1.0)

Star Entry that came second


Tony Elumelu is a social economic personage that anyone who is determined to achieve success and fulfilment should look up to. Each time I come across the biography of Tony Elumelu and his emergence in the world of business and economics, I get the conviction of something; IMPACT. Impact has always been the goal of Tony Elumelu in his quest to make a positive and historic difference in the economic life of the youth populace in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large.

Therefore, it is on this basis I proclaim with honour that I am a recipient of the Tony Elumelu impartation driven by sense of purpose and creativity. Coincidentally, we are from the same state and I have a good sense of admiration towards his success stories, which have always been a driving force for me in my career pursuit. Ethical values must go along with knowledge acquisition to make one an original product of positive transformation.  In addition, in the words of the 32nd President of the United State of America Franklin Roosevelt “you cannot prepare the future for the youths but you can prepare the youths for the future”.

This is clearly demonstrated and epitomised in the life of Tony Elumelu the business juggernaut and an economic colossus. He has dedicated his life to concrete human capital development especially in Nigeria and across the African continent; grooming and developing young entrepreneurs to build a solid foundation towards a formidable future for the present and upcoming generation.

Honestly speaking, I share in this core purpose and so having Tony Elumelu as my business idol was never a mistake but an encouragement. Although I am a student specialised in computer engineering technology, I hope to harmonise the lessons gained in the life of my business idol Tony Elumelu with my frontline vision in my career. It is my believe that someday just as Tony Elumelu achieved a fulfilled life in his business career so will I in my generation.

Indeed! Tony Enumelu is my business idol.