Nigerians in the Diaspora have poured encomiums on Cyprian Emeka Uzoh for emerging as the Diaspora Professional of the Year in The Top10 magazine Excellence Awards 2023.

There has been an unprecedented flurry of congratulatory messages to the honouree before and since the conferment of the award by the organizers, The Top10 Magazine, at a colourful ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city on November 19, 2023. The US-based, Anambra state-born innovator and prolific inventor is one of the most prominent scientists and engineers in the field of semiconductor technology with 328 registered patents fully-issued in the US between 1978 and 2021. According to his citation, Uzoh was honoured by The Top10 Magazine as the Diaspora Professional of the Year “in recognition of his prolific innovations, development and implementation of innovations that have affected lives in so many ways by providing solutions to current and future troublesome and complex problems worldwide.”

In his message of felicitation, Emeka Nchekwube, MD/CEO, Emeka Tech., Inc, said it was an excellent choice at many levels: “it is a long overdue acknowledgment of a stellar intellectual achievement of a native son of Nigeria in the rarified and esoteric field of material science and microchip technology.

“Your contributions have resulted in over 350 patents in the United States alone. You were awarded inventor of the year in 2006 for the entire United States. Your invention was an enabling technology for the more sophisticated phones. Here in the US in some quarters, you are considered a national treasure.

“As the CEO of Emeka Tech, I have had the honour and privilege to collaborate with you on several inventions and patents. At close range, I was most impressed by your innovative and intellectual vigour; a keen observer of the physical world that only rewards patience and careful perception; that, I submit, is what makes you a genius. I extend my congratulations to my brother Cyprian Emeka Uzoh for a well deserved encomium.”

In his congratulatory message, Amadiebube Robert Mbama of MBAMA & Associates LLC extended his heartfelt congratulations to Cyprain Emeka Uzoh, “one of the rare scientists that the world produced” on his much-deserved award by The Top10 Magazine as Diaspora Nigerian Professional of the Year.”

Christian Elias, Gilroy, California, USA, in his goodwill message on behalf of the Elias family across the globe, congratulated Uzoh on his conferment with the Diaspora Nigerian Professional of the Year 2023 recognition. “Your vision, ingenuity, insatiable appetite for new technological discoveries and boundless energy to conquer the next scientific frontier has set you apart as a “Prolific Inventor” with 328 patents fully issued in your name in the United States, and 719 patents issued worldwide to your credit.

“An astute genius in your own right, your many contributions have “revolutionalised the semiconductor industry through innovative manufacturing process of an electrolytic interconnection structure on a chip of integrated circuit. This technological innovation resulted in the production of multi-layer semiconductor devices which are used in most of today’s electronics like phones, tablets, solar panels, and computers. It is also useful in military applications for lightweight sensors and flight electronics. Your series of patents set off global “arms race” toward the miniaturization of electronic devices, and consequently, a need for multilayer semiconductor devices. To keep up with your discoveries and patents, new multilayer devices must show that they can provide a matching, or an increased circuit density compared to conventional semiconductor devices.

“Your prolific inventions, as evidenced by your serial patents, demonstrate your unwavering commitment to advancing science and materials engineering and have been truly remarkable for the betterment and advancement of humanity.

“We celebrate your many accomplishments and salute you and your family on a well-deserved award. Keep changing the world.”

Amaka  Awogu CEO, Sikam Consult, said in her congratulatory message: “I have been hoping that you would win awards for your hard work as one of America’s top inventors and contributors, especially in the field of modern semiconductor technology where you invented the method and structures for forming copper films without defects in very small cavities. This invention set a place in semiconductor technology for devices like microprocessors, controllers, memory chips, and image sensors that are used in cell phones, desktops, laptops, data centres and more.

“Your award as Diaspora Nigerian Professional of the Year by The Top10 Magazine indicates your long hours of dedication to invention and projects that have impacted lives are recognized. Also, your unwavering contribution toward the development and general well-being of children (Ojoto Rising Star) and mankind was felt by all. Humble Dr. Cyprian Emeka Uzoh, this award is well deserved and you earned it. No one deserves this award more than you. I know how hard you have worked, and I know you deserve this award.

“We appreciate your dedication to research and development, and especially long hours you devote to your projects, toiling away in the background.”

On his part, Emmanuel Onyeador, Director, Computer Science Academy, while congratulating Uzoh said: “Your relentless pursuit of knowledge, endless curiosity, and creative inventions have always been a source of pride, and inspiration to many of us living here in California.

Your very humble beginnings at Enugu, humility and character consistently propelled your research work from CKC, University of Wisconsin, to IBM research labs, and here in the Silicon Valley, California.

“Your deep understanding of the molecular structure of materials with your effort and hardwork allowed you to contribute and make numerous ground-breaking inventions in semiconductor technology. This invariably powers creativity and technology solutions for the world most pressing problems.

“I am so proud of you and our Diaspora community will always respect and cherish your accomplishments and the inherent recognition it brings along on us all as a result.”