CEOs of Flying Doctors, NASENI, DICON, Lifebank and others named as top ten covid-19 innovators.

The Top10 magazine, Nigeria’s foremost monthly publication has released the list of Nigeria’s top 10 covid-19 innovators contributing to the fight against coronavirus pandemic in the country.

In the latest edition of the magazine which looks at innovative solutions in support of the fight against covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria, the magazine lists the top 10 innovators and innovative organizations leading the pack of innovators in the forefront of inventing home-grown innovative solutions to aid the fight against coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Leading the pack of these innovators are Ola Orekunrin Brown, founder of Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Group, M.S. Haruna, Executive vice chairman, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure [NASENI], Maj. Gen. Victor Ezugwu, Director General, Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria [DICON], Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong, founder of 54Gene and Mrs. TemieGiwa-Tubosun, founder and CEO of LifeBank. Others are, Cyprian Orakpo, Managing Director of Transgreen Nigeria Limited, Dr.  Wale Adeosun, Co-founder ofWellvis Nigeria, Joel Ogunsola,Founder and head of Partnerships and Sustainability, Technology for Social Change and Development Initiative [Tech4Dev], Babs Ogundeyi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer ofKuda Bank and Alex Akpa, Ag. Director-General of National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA).

Mr. Tony Iji, publisher of The Top10 Magazine, said in a release that, “In line with our tradition of celebrating 10 leading lights in every sector of the society, this edition of the magazine is dedicated toNigerian innovators that are ahead in evolving innovative solutions in the fight against Covid-19 and in resolving other coronavirus-related problems in the country”.He said the major criteria for selection of the top 10 is the relevance and efficiency of solutions being offered by these innovators.

He stated that the publication is a chronicle of critical roles put forward in tackling Covid-19 pandemic and the people and their institutions driving the innovative solutions in Nigeria’s most critical period in history.

“Our purpose is to place on the table a reference mark of honour to these great people and institutions in a special publication that projects to the world Nigeria’s home-grown capacity in addressing Covid-19 challenges”, he stated.

He said that the initiative behind this edition is in response to the continuous strategic important role of these innovators who have risen up to the challenge of the pandemic by displaying their innovative talents to aid the fight against the pandemic.

He stated that “the ability of these innovators to come up with different solutions within a short period of time to support the fight against covid-19 is a major demonstration of Nigeria’s capacity to deal with the challenges confronting the country, hence our decision to dedicate this edition to celebrating them  for showing the way in local capacity”.

He said that “celebrating this army of covid-19 solution providers is to encourage others to come up with further relevant innovations that can aid the fight against the dreaded coronavirus pandemic in the country.