Celebrating Nigeria’s Most Admired Business Leader

By Tony Iji

                Writing on Tony Elumelu, Chairman of UBA plc and Heirs Holdings, has always been a sort of dilemma to me. This is because of the difficulties of getting a fresh perspective on any topic about him as so much has already been written about him by both local and international media on virtually all aspects of his life.

But his recent emergence as Nigeria’s most admired business leader in a survey conducted by our publication, The Top10 magazine has provided us an opportunity to tell the story of Elumelu from a fresh angle, the perspective of the attributes that endear him so much to people from different backgrounds across the world.

In line with the tradition of The Top10 magazine of celebrating excellence in various fields of endeavour, we had recently carried out “The Top10 Magazine Most Admired Business Leaders Survey” to pick the most admired business leader in Nigeria. The survey which was conducted online on The Top10 Magazine website provided opportunity for members of the public to vote for their most admired business leader in Nigeria from among 12 nominees made up of accomplished frontline business leaders considered as the biggest players in the Nigerian economy.

The objective of the initiative was to gauge public perception of the business leaders on how they are being perceived by members of the public. After about one month of voting, between June 1 – June 30 2023, Elumelu came 1st. From the comments of respondents to the survey and independent research, there are many reasons why Elumelu is so much admired by Nigerians. These have been broadly categorized into 10 attributes.

The Top10 magazine has chronicled these attributes in a special 28-page report in this latest edition of The Top10 magazine to showcase Tony Elumelu as Nigeria’s most admired business leader.

It’s deep, incisive and educative.